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Chapter 1: chapter 1

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Athena pov

I had just gotten in a argument with Artemis about giving up my maiden vow and Let's just say she was not ok with it. and as I was sitting on a rock by the ocean I looked up to see sea green eyes looking at me. It was Poseidon my "rivel". I looked at him and all I could think about was how handsome he was.Flashback 6 years ago"Why would you want to give it up" Artemis said.

"Oh I don't know arty maybe because I found someone" I said. "yea some imaginary person" she said "wow is that really what you think" I told her with tears getting ready to fall down my face and I ran out of Artemis's palace and ran to the one place I know no one would find me. I ran all the way to the ocean and sat on a rock and just let the tears fall.

flashback ended

"Poseidon what the Hades do you want" I spat at himPoseidon sat down next to me "hey I just wanted to make sure you were okay" he said and wiped away a couple of tears and as he said that I looked at him "oh Poseidon she hates me she hates me so much right now" I said not sure what to do."who hates you Athena" he said as he started to pull me into a hug "artemis" was the only thing I said and even more tears started to fall. "hey thena it's ok don't cry please don't" Poseidon said and I stopped crying enough to say "Poseidon why are you being so nice to me we are supposed to be rivels aren't we" and when I looked up at the sea green sea God he was leaning in towards me his lips so close to mine and I knew that I wanted to kiss him and so I closed the gap between us.

Poseidon pov

when I heard her crying I went to see if she was ok and she had said that her and her favorite sister had gotten in a argument and I knew that I didn't want to see her cry anymore so I leaned in towards her and she closed the gap between us I pushed my lips against her soft lips and put my hand on the back of her head to bring her closer to me not wanting her to start crying again and Athena yanked on the shirt I was wearing to pull her self closer to me. That's when I remembered that one important thing she was a maiden goddess. and with that thought I pulled away and when I looked at her her grey eyes looked like a stormy shade of grey. "why you do that" she said and to answer her " because I didn't want you to start crying again and because I wanted to kiss you for so long" I said truthfully

"really you wanted to kiss m-me"she said getting ready to start crying again and I lifted her chin up and said "yes of course I did Athena but your not supposed to do those things because of your vow" "what if I were to say that is why artemis hates me because I wanted to give that up"she said and she leaned in and her soft lips touched mine and I put my arms around her waist pulling her closer to me not wanting to let her go and Athena pulled back "everything ok" I said "I love you Poseidon" she said "I love you too Athena" I said and I leaned her against my chest and started to move her hair.

Athena pov

as I was laying against Poseidon I knew I had to go get the vow removed I just had to and I sat up and looked at his sea green eyes "hey I should probably get going " I said "yea you should" Poseidon said as I went to stand up I pecked Poseidon on the lips and took off to find Zeus. as soon as I found zeus it had already been a few hours and now it was really late "yes Athena what do you need" Zeus said "father I would like to no longer be a maiden goddess"I said hoping he would approve Zeus looked at me and said "I hope that brother Of mine makes you very happy" and with that I went off to find Poseidon.

I went to his palace and he wasn't there and then I checked camp half blood because maybe he went to see Percy and no he wasn't there either and Percy and Annabeth were in his cabin "hey Percy do you know where your father could be"I asked "I think he was going to help my mom with something" Percy said and off I went to Sally's and Paul's house and when I got there I noticed that Paul wasn't there and I knocked on the door and I hoped that Poseidon was there and when the door opened I looked up to see the bright sea green eyes of the guy I love "Athena what are you doing here it's late"

Poseidon said and the way he said it just stung me and my eyes started to tear up "oh ... I just wanted to let you know of something" I said " well could it have waited till the morning I'm a little busy " he said and with that the tears let loose and Poseidon noticed and he wrapped his muscler arms around my waist "I'm sorry Athena it's okay don't cry please don't" but it was already to late the tears were not stopping "hey you want to tell me what happened" he said and I nodded my head and Poseidon pulled me into Sally's and Paul's house "hey Poseidon who was at the door" Sally said coming back into the living room from the kitchen I looked at her "Sally it's Athena annabeth's mom"said Poseidon

"oh is everything ok with them two" she asked me " yea Sally there both ok I just needed to talk to Poseidon about something"I said and Poseidon pulled me into a room that looked like a teenagers room" you ok Athena?" Poseidon asked and I was looking all around the room

"Athena you ok " Poseidon asked again and got my attention "yea I'm fine " I said and Poseidon picked me up and put me on the bed " so what you wanted to tell me" he asked and I leaned in towards him and kissed him it was a deep and loving kiss "I love you Poseidon so much" I said.

"I love you too owl head" he said " what I wanted to tell you was I'm not a maiden goddess anymore" I said and yawned "hey why don't you get some sleep" he said "can you stay in the bed with me" I asked "of course thena " he said he then put his arms around me protectively and my head was on his chest and with that we both fell asleep.

Chapter 2: chapter 2

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The next day

Poseidon pov

when I woke up I looked at Athena and tried not to wake her up when I got up to move.

As soon as I got up out of the bed I went downstairs and Paul and Sally were up and they were talking about something. Then they looked up at me and they said"good morning" "good morning" I said "so how is Athena doing" said Sally "she doing good " I said

five minutes later

there was a knock on the door and Sally went to the door and when she opened it she saw Zeus "oh Lord Zeus do you need Poseidon and Athena"she said "yea but I also wanted to let you and Paul know that we are going to have a family summer at camp half blood"Zeus said "that is very nice we will be there Lord Zeus why don't you come in"Sally said " thank you Sally" Zeus said and with that Zeus came in and Athena woke up just a little bit before he got there "I know I know we need to go" Athena said

a hour later at camp half blood

flashback ended

Athena pov

Sally, Paul, Poseidon, Athena, Zeus, Frederick chase, Helen chase, Bobby and Matthew chase, Aphrodite, Tristan Mclean, Percy, Annabeth, Piper, Jason and Thalia ,Ares and Clarisse were in the mess hall waiting for the other demigods and all of a sudden Zeus, Ares, Aphrodite were arguing over who's kid started the Titan war Zeus blamed Aphrodite's daughter Silena Beauregard for starting it while Aphrodite and Ares blamed the prophecy of the big three. "oh Aphrodite don't blame it on the prophecy if your daughter Silena hadn't sided with Luke then Kronos would never have raised and there never would have been a war" Zeus said and as he said that Aphrodite started to get tears and before Tristan or any of the other mortals could see her cry she took off and everyone watched Aphrodite run off "wow Zeus that was low really low "I said "what the hell were you thinking "Ares said "that's the point Ares he wasn't he never is "I said "what the Hades are you two going about "Zeus said and before looking around Thalia, Annabeth, Clarisse were hugging each other "damn your such an idiot" I said and then started to take off but just as I was leaving Zeus said "you do not talk to your father like that" "what father you just care about yourself "I spat at Zeus and took off after Aphrodite

Percy pov

after Athena took off after Aphrodite I tried to calm Annabeth and Thalia down as Ares tried to calm Clarisse down and the mortals were so confused "um Silena was one of Aphrodite's daughter that was really close to Thalia and Annabeth but way closer to Clarisse "Ares said "what happened to her "Matthew said

and "she died trying to protect us " Thalia said and started crying and Jason went and sat by Thalia "hey you never said anything about that " Jason said

Athena pov

after finding Aphrodite at the ocean side I walked up to her "hey aph you ok " I said " thena I miss her so much " Aphrodite said crying "hey hey hey it's ok he never should have said that "I said and after I said that I hugged her "hey why don't we go back and u sit down with Piper ok "I said " thena I can't sit down with Piper she reminds me to much of Silena" Aphrodite said "come on let's go"I said and we headed back to the group when we got back to them Aphrodite at on Ares lap and I sat down by Poseidon and saw Jason hugging Thalia Ares by Clarisse Percy hugging Annabeth "hey she going to be ok"Poseidon asked for everyone"yea she should"I answered after everyone relaxed there was a loud noise coming from the barrier "oh come on this has to happen now"Clarisse said and Percy,Jason, Thalia,Piper,Annabeth, Clarisse all had their weapons out and prepared and then finally the barrier went down and Thalia, Percy, annabeth, Clarisse felt a tap on their backs "what the Hades was that" Thalia said and the monster that was coming though the barrier both Thalia and annabeth saw that it was the same one that attacked them when they were first coming to camp "not this time Thalia"annabeth said "what you mean this time"Jason asked "we'll explain"Thalia said and Percy and Clarisse and Piper were already near the cyclops "Nico" Thalia yelled and Nico appeared "here"Nico said and just has it looked to the mortals that this was a normal thing that all of them were used to fighting with each other. and just as they were going to finish the cyclops off something invisible took the cyclops down for them. "who are you"Thalia asked " damn glad you guys remembered who we are"said the figures and the figures made themselves appare to the group and Poseidon, Aphrodite,ares, Clarisse, Percy,Annabeth, Thalia, and I all gasped when they saw the two "Luke beckendorf"Thalia and Annabeth said "yep you two"said Luke and beckendorf and after that both Aphrodite and I tackled beckendorf down to the ground and they let him get up and we hugged him tightly as Annabeth and Thalia hugged Luke

"ok thena and mom will you two let me go"said beckendorf "oh sorry"I said and Aphrodite wouldn't let go and I geuss he understood because he just hugged her back "you want me to get her off you"I asked beckendorf "thena no she's fine"beckendorf answered and Aphrodite pulled away from him and everyone could tell she was crying "wait did he just call you mom" Piper asked "yes Piper he did " Aphrodite said "um ok well can one of you guys explain to me and Jason " Piper asked and beckendorf saw Aphrodite was crying" yea she is my mom but just not the same way as she is to you"beckendorf answered and Annabeth went to him and hugged him "so half siblings"Jason asked "um more like step siblings I'm guessing you are related to Thalia"beckendorf said "you mean Hephaestus is your dad "Piper and Jason asked "yep exactly "beckendorf said as he held back tears "Charlie yes he's related to me"said Thalia still hugging Luke "wait Charlie is your name "Piper asked" yep that's it "Charlie said "drew talks about you alot"Piper said "she still here"Charlie asked "yea but alot less slu*tier"Annabeth said "Annabeth chase watch your mouth"said Fredrick chase "what it's the truth"Annabeth said "yo why Charlie getting all the attention"Luke said "relax" Percy said and Aphrodite whispered to Charlie "is Silena back too " "I'm sorry mom I haven't seen her but that girl looks alit like her" Charlie said "that's Piper "Aphrodite said

after all that Aphrodite went back to her cabin and Percy and Luke talked about everything and now are friends

Chapter 3: chapter 3

Chapter Text

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Aphrodite pov-her cabin

as I walked into my cabin I could hear a really familer voice and walked quickly into my cabin and what I saw when I got in was Silena beauregard"Silena is it really you"I asked "yea mom it is "she said and I quickly hugged her tightly "why weren't you with Charlie " I asked "wait Charlie is here "she asked "yea babygirl he was with Luke " I told her"I haven't seen him since we got back here" she said "come on let's go see him " I told her and we went to the group in the mess hall and once we got there she saw Annabeth hugging Charlie "Annie get your hands off my boyfriend" Silena joked with her "my name isn't Annie" Annabeth said and everyone looked at who said that and beckendorf saw Silena "Silena "he asked " what you already you forget about me " she pouted "what no how could I" Charlie said starting to hug her "I love you baby " Silena told Charlie "I love you too baby girl"Charlie told her back then Silena pulled from him"come on Annabeth"Silena said and hugged Annabeth "is it time for lunch yet"Silena said "of course you would be asking that"Poseidon laughed "what a girl gotta eat and some people have to tell me about how Thalia ended up with Luke and has a little brother" Silena said and they all got food "how did you know I was Thalia's brother"Jason asked "I saw the way you were looking at her"she told him "yea she would know she was screwing her step brother"Thalia said "Thalia you do remember I am Aphrodite daughter right" she said "yea I do "Thalia said and Silena was talking to piper and Tristan and Nico "hey Nico you ok" Silena asked" you Luke beckendorf all came back you think she would" he asked " dammit Nico you always ruined the surprises"Silena told him "what you mean"Nico asked "hey Bianca some one wanna see you" Silena and beckendorf said and with that Bianca attack Nico and hugged him tightly and the gods including Ares were smiling at them and Poseidon hugged Thalia Jason Nico Bianca " does dad know your back"Nico asked "yes Nico he why we're all back"Bianca told him the mortals were talking to Athena"does he always act that way towards them" Helen asked "to who Nico and Thalia and Jason "Athena asked"yea them " Helen asked"pretty much Thalia and Jason he pretty much sees as his own kids "Athena told them Athena and Fredrick were talking "so would you want to walk somewhere"Frederick asked"sure "Athena said and she walked over to Poseidon and whispered" hey baby I'm going to walk with Fred" "ok baby no hooking up with him" Poseidon said jokingly "I love you Poseidon" she told him " I love you too" he says to her and Athena and Fredrick started walking

Athena pov-beach

"today was an interesting day" Fredrick said"yea but it made them happy though" I said "it looks like Poseidon and Zeus's two get along with each other very well"Frederick commented " yea when Thalia and Jason were little he would go check on them all the time" I told him

the next day Athena pov

all the gods and mortal family's and demigods were there and at breakfast all of the Hephaestus cabin and Aphrodite cabin were cheering that Silena and beckendorf we're back along with everyone else who died in the Titan war "ok ok campers I can tell you guys are all happy to have them all back but you guys can give them a great welcome back with a game of capture the flag with the hunters and the gods"Chiron said and all the campers cheered louder "oh great Zeus is probably making u guys be on his team"Charlie said"like hell we are" I said "what he do to piss you off thena"Charlie said "he pissed Aphrodite off"I told him "yo beckendorf where's your girlfriend at"Annabeth asked him "she's sleeping why Annie"Charlie asked "how does that girl sleep all day " Poseidon said"if you could you would still be out right now too"I said after a while Silena came to the mess hall and wrapped her arms around beckendorf"hey baby how you sleep"beckendorf asked Silena"good what about you"she asked him " barley slept"he said. "babe mom already told you that you could sleep in the bed with me since Jake and Lacy keep you up all night"Silena told Charlie and he could tell that she hadn't really been sleeping either"you sure that you have been sleeping" he said to her she sat down on his lap "what you think"she said "um guys were actually trying to eat here"Percy said making them look "I'm sure they don't mind Perseus"Silena charmspeaked "yea they don't mind " Percy said under a trance and everyone at the table started laughing " Silena Johanne Beauregard " Aphrodite yelled " what I get yelled at for saying something is fine but drew doesn't when she tries to get Charlie to sleep with her"Silena said "baby it's ok you know I would never sleep with her even if she was the last girl on earth"Charlie told her calmingly and that made everyone including Aphrodite laugh "she's already going to get in trouble"Aphrodite said just then drew was being seen being carried in with her legs wrapped around her boyfriend butch walker and them making out "since when did that happen"Silena asked Malcolm "it just happened"Malcolm said and Aphrodite facepalms "I swear she is the only one that acts like that"Aphrodite said "drew your make up is getting ruined"Ares said got down and checked "just be glad she broke up with Sherman" Clarisse told ares "ok now that someone got drew to stop we can move on to the activities for the day you will be going with your children to their activities and you may go now"Chiron announced Paul and Sally and Poseidon went with Thalia,Jason,Nico and Bianca and Percy. Tristan went with Piper as Fredrick and Helen and Bobby and Matthew and Athena went with Annabeth and Luke "mom aren't you going to go with Piper"Silena asked"yea in a little bit" Aphrodite said "ok lover boy Chiron said we could have some time off let's go to my cabin so we can get some sleep ok"Silena told him"ok baby"Charlie said.

Aphrodite pov

I was walking to Ares to talk to him about breaking up and knew it was going to be hard when I got there "hey I'm Ares we need to talk"I said just then I saw him screwing some girl "ok Ares we are so done"I told him and stormed out and ran to my cabin while trying not to wake Charlie or Silena but failed "mom what's wrong"Charlie said "it's just Ares"I told him "is he hitting you again mom " Charlie asked "no but this time it's worst he cheated on me with some girl"I said and started crying "shushhh mom it's ok"Charlie told me "it's fine I told him that we were done "I told him to calm him down a bit after that Charlie hugged me and laid me on the other side of him so he was between silena and I "shushhh mom go to sleep " he told me and right when he said that I fell asleep

a few hours later

Tristan and Piper came back from practice and right when they walked in they saw Silena asleep on one side of Charlie and I on the other side of him while he was still hugging me "what the Hades mom why are you in bed with your daughter's boyfriend"Piper yelled and Charlie woke up instead of me "Piper be quiet she is just sleeping so relax"Charlie told her "but why is she in bed with you"Piper asked him"woah Piper relax really she went to talk to Ares and found him in bed with another girl so when she got back here she was crying and this is usually the only thing that can calm her down some Silena and her and I used to do it all the time when we were little and Ares damn I probably already said to much"Charlie said "when ares what" Tristan and Piper asked "I really already said to much"he told them "Charlie what was it that Ares did to make Silena and u figure out what calms her down"Piper asked " you can't say anything about it ok"Charlie said to her"ok Charlie"she said"Ares beat the hell out of her it was way worst whenever she would be pregnant and usually after that would happen she would come here and hang out with Silena and I "Charlie said "wow what kind of guys would do that to someone who was pregnant"Tristan said "some one who would drink all the time a beat the hell out of his daughter and then his girlfriend"Charlie told him just a few seconds after that I started to move around and then I finally woke up " what are you guys looking at"I asked "hey mom I need to go talk to dad can you tell Silena if she wakes up tht " Charlie asked me"yea go talk to your dad"I told him

at Hephaestus cabin - Charlie pov

" hey dad you here"I said

"hey Charlie in here"Hephaestus said

"dad we need to talk about mom " I told him " what is wrong with Aphrodite " he asked worried " she went to talk to Ares and when she got there he was in bed with someone else "I told him what happened"Charlie who is with her " he asked me"Piper and her dad was there but she is with Silena who was still sleeping" I answered and with that we were back at the Aphrodite cabin and it was just Aphrodite and Silena in the cabin

Chapter 4: chapter 4

Chapter Text

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as soon as we got back Hephaestus went straight over to Aphrodite and started rubbing her back "it's ok" Hephaestus told her "ok let's go I'm starving"Aphrodite and Silena said

At breakfast

no pov

"so when are you going to come back" Hephaestus whispered to Aphrodite " Hephaestus I don't know I'm sorry"she told him "don't you think that we have been separated long enough"he said "can we talk about this later"she told him "I really miss you"Hephaestus told Aphrodite. "I know you do but I just need some more time"she said "ok aphy"said Hephaestus "we can talk more later if you have time" Aphrodite told Hephaestus "yeah we can" he told her Aphrodite went over to Athena table to talk to her "thena we need to talk"she told her "now what"Athena asked Aphrodite pulled Athena away "aphy what's wrong"she asked Aphrodite "it's Ares" she told Athena. "did he start hitting again because I thought he was way over that aphy"Athena asked "no he's not hitting me again he hasn't since the very last time"Aphrodite said"so things with him"Aphrodite said laughing"so your going to try to make things work with Heph"Athena asked"yea I geuss I actually am"Aphrodite said Athena hugged Aphrodite "good because he really does love you "Athena said "yea I know he does and you are a great niece"Aphrodite told Athena"your welcome aphy any day"Athena said Athena and Aphrodite went back to her table and sat down "yo Athena Zeus wants you"Ares told Athena "yea well he can f*ck off Ares"Athena said " damn you two are still fighting"Aphrodite asked " when aren't we fighting anymore "Athena told her "what is it this time because you are dating someone now "Aphrodite asked "no he's still hiding sh*t about Metis and it's f*cking annoying"Athena said "oh then you are going to like this lecture today"Aphrodite said right with that Zeus and Hera appeared at the table "oh great now what do you want"Athena asked "Athena that is no way to talk to your father"Hera said "then tell him to stop keeping sh*t from me"Athena said back"do not talk to your mother like that Athena"Zeus yelled "she is not and never will be my mother"Athena yelled back "yea HER mother trusted you and look what happened"Aphrodite said then started crying and that caught everyone's eyes and Aphrodite fell to the ground and started crying even more with that Poseidon went to the table "ZEUS GO NOW"he yelled Poseidon quickly went to Aphrodite and sat down and pulled her onto his lap and started soothing her "it's ok aphy please don't cry anymore we all miss her "Poseidon said trying to get her to stop shaking and everything "I trusted him Poseidon "she said "I know aphy and maybe it's time everyone saw the videos"Poseidon asked"Silena will hate me if she sees them"Aphrodite told him"I'm sure she will know what you did was for her"he told her reassuringly"can you go get her"she asked"yea I can aphy"Poseidon said and with that Poseidon went to the Aphrodite table "is she ok"Silena was the first to ask "um yea she is she wants to see you"Poseidon answered"about what"Silena asked confused"just about what people are about to see"he said"ok " she said and they went to Athenas table and Silena sat down next to Aphrodite and Poseidon sat beside her and pulled Athena into his lap "Malcolm can you give this to Chiron"Aphrodite asked"yea sure"Malcolm said and Aphrodite handed him her phone with the videos on it and he went to give it to Chiron and sat back down "ok I geuss were going to do something different this year"Chiron said looking at Poseidon and Aphrodite confusedly and all the demigods cheered "just do it already Chiron"Poseidon yelled "ok ok "Chiron said and started from the very first video which showed

The video

Aphrodite and Metis in a room "so when did you get back last night" Metis asked "like thirty minutes ago"Aphrodite said "how you get pass dad"she asked "we didn't"Aphrodite said"who we"Metis asked"who do you think"Aphrodite said "damn better hope dad doesn't start asking Hephaestus questions"Metis told her "too late for that"Aphrodite said "let's go I'm starving "Metis said and Aphrodite shook her head "when aren't you"she said then Aphrodite and Metis went downstairs to the kitchen and Aphrodite wrapped her arms around Hephaestus "how that go"Metis said"Metis really"Aphrodite said "it went well"Hephaestus said "so you ready for tomorrow aphy"Metis asked "duh you guys are going to be there right"Aphrodite asked"yea"they both said"good"Aphrodite said and she kissed Hephaestus and Zeus showed up "ok just because dad's out of town doesn't mean your boyfriend can be here"Aphrodite said"oh but your fiance can "Metis said"yea well dad has known about me and him for the last six years"Aphrodite said and Metis shook her head and Zeus,Metis, Aphrodite and Hephaestus went to Aphrodite and Metis room."um where's Amphitrite at"Aphrodite asked"probably with some dude"Metis said and Aphrodite was in her bra and yoga pants and was cuddling with Hephaestus and Metis was also in her bra and yoga pants and cuddling with Zeus. "so you want to have sex "Hephaestus whispered to Aphrodite"your wanting to have sex with your dad in the same room"she whispered back to him"yea I guess"he said and they both pulled the covers up and over them and Aphrodite kissed him and Hephaestus started moving his hands all over her "Hephaestus"Aphrodite whispered"yea Aphrodite"he said back"I love you"Aphrodite told him and she flipped them over so she would be on top of him "I love you too aphy"Hephaestus said and Aphrodite took his shirt off and the blankets moved off them and she started to kiss down along his chest and once she got to his pants she undid them and Hephaestus started to undress her and he pulled the blankets up a little bit and flipped them over again so he was on top again and he thrusted in to her and thrusted slowly but getting faster.

Years afters athena and artemis and apollo were born hephaestus and aphrodite got married

Hephaestus and Aphrodite were in a hotel and Hephaestus put his arms around Aphrodite who now was in a very short blue shirt and very short blue shorts and Hephaestus started kissing down her neck and Aphrodite was trying to look at something "can I help you with something"she said smiling at him "just bored"he said "you know that there is a bar and a arcade downstairs"Aphrodite said"fine I'll go"Hephaestus said and he left and went to the bar and what is the first thing he sees is his little sister Artemis giving their little brother Hermes a lap dance with pretty much nothing on and he went over to them in wrapped his shirt around Artemis "what the hell do you two think you were doing"Hephaestus yelled"geez bro you act like that is the worst thing that me and him have done together" artemis said laughing "so your saying your not anymore"Hephaestus asked"if your asking if I'm still a virgin then yes I am" Artemis said and Hephaestus took both of them back to his and Aphrodite hotel room "ok it has only been like five minutes you can't be drunk already"Aphrodite said and then saw Hermes and Artemis "nope these two decided that they wanted to get killed by Zeus "Hephaestus said "oh my gods I gave him a lap dance big deal damn chill not like I was screwing him in a damn bar"Artemis said "your mad because Artemis gave Hermes a lap dance in a bar "Aphrodite asked"yea you know what Zeus would do if he finds out"Hephaestus said"ok I was doing a lot worst stuff then that when I was her age so I'm pretty sure you should be happy that she wasn't going and getting high behind the bar"Aphrodite said"wait you went behind a bar to get high"Artemis and Hermes asked"yea and a lot worst"Aphrodite said "how much worst"Artemis and Hermes asked "drinking and driving and drinking so much you don't remember where your at or what is going on and work at a strip club from the time your 15"Aphrodite said"really"Artemis and Hermes asked"yes really"Aphrodite said

The video ended

"damn Hephaestus is actually pretty hot"somebody parent said from a table and Aphrodite got up and went over to him and straddle him and kissed him and he kissed her back "mine"Aphrodite whispered and Hephaestus kissed her again "yes baby"he whispered to her and she got up and went back to Silena "ok time for introducing yourselves"Chiron said "

Chapter 5: chapter 5

Chapter Text

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"what exactly do we tell them" Luke asked " relationship if in one and titles and nicknames "Chiron answered"Thalia grace daughter of Zeus older sister of Jason grace and lieutenant of Artemis head counselor of cabin one pinecone face girlfriend of Luke castellen and can still kick Percy's ass" Thalia said "Jason grace son of Jupiter younger brother of Thalia grace champion of juno,hero of Olympus son of Rome, pontifex Maximus, centurion of the fifth cohort praetor of the twelfth legion,sparky, golden boy, blonde Superman, lightning boy boyfriend of Piper McLean" Jason said

"Silena Beauregard daughter of Aphrodite counselor of cabin 10 Aphrodite favorite daughter Guerrilla Warfare Barbie girlfriend of Charlie beckendorf"Silena said laughing "Charlie beckendorf son of Hephaestus cabin 9 counselor boyfriend of the lovely silena Beauregard "Charlie said and Silena started blushing "Clarisse la rue daughter of Ares girlfriend of Chris Rodriguez cabin 5 counselor"Clarisse said "Chris Rodriguez son of Hermes brother of Luke castellen and Connor and Travis strolls boyfriend of the badass Clarisse la rue" Chris said Annabeth chase daughter of Athena girlfriend of Percy Jackson"Annabeth answered

"Percy Jackson son of Poseidon boyfriend of Annabeth chase "said Percy "Piper McLean daughter of Aphrodite girlfriend of Jason grace"Piper said "leo Valdez son of Hephaestus and my girl ain't here yet"leo said "Nyssa barres daughter of Hephaestus girlfriend of Malcolm pace"she said "Malcolm pace son of Athena brother of Annabeth chase boyfriend of Nyssa" he said "Nico and Bianca di Angelo son and daughter of Hades cabin 13 " they said together "Luke castellen son of Hermes Athena favorite cabin 11 counselor and a badass thief boyfriend of the badass daughter of Zeus Thalia grace and cousin and best friend of Annabeth chase and Grover Underwood older brother of Chris Rodriguez and Connor and Travis strolls "Luke said and the introductions continued

after the introductions

all but Fredrick, Helen, Bobby, Matthew, Tristan, Piper, Jason, Thalia,Luke, Percy, Annabeth, Sally, Paul,the gods,Chris, Connor, Silena, Charlie,leo, Nico, Bianca had left Clarisse had to leave to get her friends from goode(surprise Percy doesn't know Clarisse goes to goode with him because she looks completely different from when she is at camp...she is also a cheerleader)

"damn bro you better hit that"Luke told Chris "yeah Luke you too" Chris said back "already did "Annabeth said "what when did that happen"Chris asked shocked " when we were like 12 "Luke said "can you not talk about my sis having sex"Jason said "oh yeah"Chris said "yo look what we found"Connor said as he handed a tape to Thalia "where did you find this at"Clarisse asked and Sally,Paul, Fredrick, Helen, Bobby, Matthew, Tristan stood there confused and Thalia started playing the tape.

"dad's room"Connor answered

the video

Beryl "Emma" Grace pushed Tristan into a room (lets just say Emma is what she goes by ) and Emma pulled Tristan towards her and kissed him and he kisses her back "you should really go back to see your dad em"Tristan said "why would I do that"Emma glared "because chase and them would like to see you you know"he told her and Emma glared at him "ok are we just going to talk or are we going to have sex"Emma asked as she pulled his shirt off and waved a condom at him "really em"Tristan complained "what I already have two kids trist don't want to have a third right now"Emma said laughing and Tristan shook his head they started to make out and then had sex and then it faded to a different scene and this one showed Emma standing in a room yelling at some invisible thing "what the hell you want now you already took my son from me "Emma said

" where's the girl"the hidden figure asked "why what do you want with Thalia"Emma said with fear "she shouldn't even be alive so it needs to be fixed"the figure said as walking out reveling it was Hera "what the f*ck your going to kill her your a f*cking crazy bitch you know exactly what zeus would do if he found out"Emma said yelling and with that Hera stabbed Emma and Thalia by that point was standing in the room "mommy"Thalia said screaming and ran off away from Hera and Harmonia showed up "Hera what the hell you do " Harmonia yelled "just make the brat hate her or your father will find out what you been doing"Hera said"I don't care if he finds out I'm only doing this so she doesn't get tramatised because of you"harmonia said with that harmonia went to find Thalia and when she found her she charmed speaked her just like Hera said to do and took off crying while Thalia was asleep then the video ended.

and as soon as the video ended harmonia and Deimos, Phobos, Eros walked into the mess hall and everyone looked at harmonia and she knew why they were doing that and she broke down crying and Deimos and Phobos and Eros didn't know why and when Ares noticed her crying he got up and went over to her and tried to calm her down and then that was the point when Thalia and Athena also broke down and Zeus and Poseidon tried to calm them down too and Hera tried to walk out of the room "HERA DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT LEAVING"zeus boomed and Hera stopped in her place and rolled her eyes as that was happening harmonia got up and walked over to Thalia and made her remember what all happened and went back to Ares

"and what if I do ZEUS what are you going to do"Hera said smerking at him and just then Kronos and Rhea and the rest of the Titans with three figures behind them walked into the mess hall Kronos looked alot like Poseidon and Percy Rhea looked alot like Hestia and Athena (yes ik The gods and Titans don't get along but in this they do because all Kronos wanted to happen was talk to his children and apologize and that's why the kids they lost in the Titan war and the war with Gaia are back)"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE"Rhea yelled and Poseidon,Hades,Zeus,Hera,Demeter, Hestia gave respect to her and Hestia has her adult self ran to Kronos"daddy"Hestia said "hi princess"Kronos Responded"ANYONE GOING TO TELL US WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON" Rhea asked again getting even madder and looking at her children who were all standing at this point including Aphrodite and Clarisse and her friends walked in talking "so when we going to meet your boyfriend"her friend Ashley asked"soon"Clarisse replied the others names are Ashton and Austin and one of Percy's friend named Kristen who is on the swim team with him and Clarisse noticed everyone and saw Athena and Ares and Thalia crying "guys I'll be right back"Clarisse told her friends and went over to Thalia and Ares and Athena

"you guys good"Clarisse asked worried"yea we will be fine baby girl"Ares said "well Hera might be getting divorced at least that's what I would do but who knows it Zeus were talking about"Aphrodite said with a smerk "aphy is actually right bout that "Zeus said and everyone looked at him surprised "yea I said it I'm divorcing her ass I'm done with the jealousy sh*t and messing with my kids life's"Zeus said and Thalia and Athena and Jason attacked hugged Zeus and then Athena went and snuggled into Poseidon's side and Poseidon kissed her on the lips "you heard him Rhea give him the papers"Aphrodite said"same here"Hades said and Demeter actually looked happy "same here"Hebe said"ok looks like I'm the only one who knows what tomorrow is"Luke said and everyone but the gods and Titans and demigods looked confused "get with it luke "Annabeth said laughing and joking "my bitches Athena birthday geuss I'm the first one to say happy birthday even if it is a day early"Luke said "ok ok if you guys are done we actually have something for some of our demigod grandkids and kid if that's ok with you guys "Kronos said "oooooooh presents"Nico said and Bianca laughed "come on Kronos just get on with it" said someone "impatient much"Kronos said and the three figures came out and everyone recognized them one was Metis she was wearing a sky blue swimsuit and the second one was Emma grace and she looked just like Thalia and had a black and blue swimsuit and the last one was maria di Angelo wearing just a black swimsuit and all were wearing shorts

Thalia and Jason went to Emma and Nico and Bianca went to Maria with Hades behind them and Zeus ran over to Metis and picked her up and spun her around and kissed her and Hades leaned into Maria and kissed her "te amo"Hades said "always"Maria said back to him then the Titans left the mess hall and Clarisse went back to her friends "wow that was awesome"Ashton said "now your boyfriend"Ashley said"ok "was all Clarisse said and she took Ashley,Kristen,Ashton,Austin over to the gods and everyone "omg she probably dating Jackson"Austin said and Clarisse almost threw up "Percy already has a girlfriend remember the one from San Francisco"Kristen said and Clarisse walked over to Chris "hey babe I missed you "Chris said pulling her close to him "you have seen me already today"Clarisse told him"yea but I haven't been able to touch you in months"Chris said and Clarisse kissed Chris "if only her boyfriend knew how she dressed for school and how many guys grab her a day "Ashton said laughing and Chris looked at Clarisse worriedly "guys grab you "Chris asked while getting pissed"babe please relax"Clarisse begging him "how the Hades exactly does my girlfriend dress"Chris asked now officially pissed and pushing Clarisse away and Ashton showed Chris a picture of Clarisse with her hair strightened and in a black and red tight dress with black and red high heel Boots (black and red are a mix of both their favorite colors in this story) and another one of her in the cheerleader uniform and that got him to the breaking point Chris pulled her to the side

"what the Hades Clarisse you don't ever want to sleep with me but you wear that around guy's that aren't your boyfriend which is me in case you forgot that unless you're trying to get with another guy"Chris said with a little fear in his words and tears started down Clarisse face"no Chris no other guy I love you and just you and those guys that grab me get their asses kicked for doing it and the not wanting you to touch me that is not even close I want you to touch me all the time but it's alot harder because of school and camp and no I didn't forget that YOU are my boyfriend and the outfits gods Chris I take pictures of me wearing them so I can show you but I can't ever bring myself to do it because I don't want you to be overprotective and especially when you were with your mom because for all I know you might have transferred during the year and gods Chris I didn't want that to happen"Clarisse said also shocking Chris

"so you wouldn't want me to go to the same school as you"Chris said with sadness"Chris is everything ok with you and your family"Clarisse asked worried about her boyfriend "not really my step dad threw me out because I wouldn't break up with you baby "Chris said "but isn't she here"Clarisse asked"yea baby she is I asked her to at least meet you"Chris said and Clarisse pulled him into a closet and kissed him and Chris didn't hasitate to kiss her back and she took his clothes off and he took hers off and then had sex after 20 minutes Chris and Clarisse walked out "yo did you two have some fun"Luke said laughing and Clarisse got red and Chris pulled her close to him again so he was behind her and kissed her neck "I love you babe"Chris whispered to Clarisse and all the demigods started laughing and Chiron walked in "don't you all have somewhere to be"Chiron asked "damn Clarisse why you didn't say you went to Goode "Percy asked "because I didn't"Clarisse said and Chiron cleared his throat "were going were going"Thalia said laughing and with Luke's arms around her waist and they all headed to the arena where their siblings were

"about damn time you guys decided to show up"Malcolm and Mark said laughing and Annabeth pinned Malcolm to the wall and Clarisse did the same with mark it was Clarisse against mark Annabeth against Malcolm and Thalia,Jason,Percy, Nico,Bianca against each other Piper against Silena and Charlie against leo and Luke against Chris "come on Jackson that's the best you got"Thalia said as she disarmed him and by that time everyone else was done "damn Thalia f*ck off"Percy said "oh no is Jackson getting mad"Thalia said in a sarcastic voice "what the Hades do you think "Percy said and used the water to throw Thalia across the room which just made Thalia mad and Emma, Tristan, Sally, Paul, Fredrick, Helen looked at Poseidon and Athena confused and Thalia had gotten up and summened lightning more than she ever had before and shocked Percy and Annabeth went to Percy side "what the f*ck Thalia"Annabeth said "oh chill the f*ck off he not dead "Thalia said "ok calm down both of you Annabeth you know both of them do this all the time and yes Thalia didn't need to use as much power as she did but hey she had used alot more on Luke then she did right now"Silena said getting in between the three of them and Thalia and Annabeth started laughing and Luke shook his head

"damn thals you couldn't go easy"Percy said while holding his side "sorry Percy it wouldn't have been realistic if I went easy on your ass"Thalia said giving Poseidon a high five "yo they look so confused"Silena said talking about the parents "you think"Athena said while sitting on Poseidon's lap "yea I'm going to go where you two aren't"Percy said "yea were going to go see if the Romans are here yet and make sure leo doesn't start world war 3"Jason said and Jason,Percy, Piper left and Thalia and Silena busted up laughing and Thalia,Luke, Emma, Tristan, Sally,Paul, Silena, Charlie, Fredrick, Helen, Bobby, Matthew, Annabeth, Malcolm, Mark,Clarisse,Chris, Athena, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Hephaestus went to Athena's and Poseidon's place at camp and three little kids came running out two looked like Artemis and Hermes and one was 6 and one was 4 another one looked like Poseidon was about 13 and Lacy walked out with another child that looked like Athena and was 2 and another two who looked like Poseidon and one was 4 and the other one was 3 Lacy had the four year old on her back and the two and three year old on her hips while wearing a short red dress "Silena Charlie"lacy said looking at them confused and Athena and Poseidon took the kids and Lacy jumped at Silena and Charlie and knocked Silena to the ground

Chapter 6: chapter 6

Chapter Text

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"ok ok lace could you get off us"Charlie asked and Lacy got off them and Thalia showed Emma and Tristan to a room"you guys can talk in here if you want"Thalia said and Left the room and Tristan pushed Emma up against the wall "I've missed you em"Tristan whispered and Emma kissed him and took off his shirt and Tristan picked Emma up and threw her on the bed and took her shorts off and she worked his pants off and they started to have sex

"Athena baby we really need to get alone "Poseidon whispered to her "I know it's so weird not being able to do what we always do baby and the way they looked at us when we took the kids from lace"Athena whispered to me "yea just wait till they find out how long we really been together"Poseidon told her at this point the only people in the room was Paul, Sally, Fredrick, Helen, Bobby, Matthew,Athena, Poseidon the others either were in a room talking or having sex or left "do they really need to be having sex now"Athena complained "where's dad at " the 13 asked "who knows Nat " Poseidon told her "yea he told em he would be back at two it's two thirty"Natalie said and that was when a very pissed off Hebe and Triton walked into the room"finally I'll go get em"Natalie said " Natalie Sophia sit your ass down now "Triton yelled and she rolled her eyes at him "what's your deal dad"Natalie said "what's my deal my 13 year old daughter is constantly lying to me"Triton yelled "phone now"Hebe said putting her hand out "you can't be serious"Natalie said "yes I'm serious Natalie"Hebe said and Natalie handed Hebe her phone"I hate you guys"Natalie screamed at Hebe and Triton and ran off crying Hebe ran into another room and Triton went after her

when Triton got to Hebe he noticed her crying. "baby you ok" Triton said wrapping my arms around her waist"I don't know baby she hates us "Hebe said "yea but we are her parents not her friends Hebe you wanna just lay here for a while"Triton asked her and she nodded her head a few hours later "Triton where is she she's never gone this long"Hebe asked "I'm sure she's fine "Triton said and Natalie walked into the room "mommy daddy"Natalie said "damnit Natalie please don't ever do that again"Hebe said hugging her

living room

"that was"was all Fredrick could say "weird definitely weird"Athena said yawning and Paul, Helen, Bobby and Matthew went to sleep and Sally and Fredrick were in the kitchen "finally got some alone time"Athena said and started to straddle Poseidon "yea baby we do"Poseidon answered and Athena wrapped her arms around Poseidon's neck and kissed him quickly and Poseidon pulled her back to him and working his hand under her short tight blue dress to get to her breasts "baby"Athena said and Poseidon moved Athena and him to the couch and had Athena underneath him and Sally and Frederick, Emma,Tristan,Thalia,Luke, Jason, Piper, Percy walked back into the room and Athena noticed that they were back "Poseidon stop"Athena said pushing him off her and fixing her dress "damn you two need a room"Jason said "said the one who mom is screwing their girlfriend's dad"Athena said and Poseidon growled and pushed Athena to their room "don't do that Athena"Poseidon growled at Athena "don't do what babe"Athena said"don't push me off you Athena just let me enjoy you when we're alone "Poseidon growled and pushed Athena on the bed and poseidon took her dress off and Athena kissed his neck and took his shirt off "baby please"Athena begged feeling his hard length against her thighs and Poseidon pulled down Athena's thong and pulled his shorts off "you want that baby huh"Poseidon teased while grabbing for his length " yes baby "Athena whimpered and she then removed his boxers and her eyes got wide like they always do when she sees his length "I love it when you look at me like that baby and I love you"Poseidon said "I love you too"Athena said and Poseidon thrusted into her and Athena bit her lip hard not to scream loud to wake anyone up "you good Athena"Poseidon asked "keep going baby please I want you"Athena begged and Poseidon kept thrusting in and out of Athena fast but not enough to hurt her and he grabbed her breasts and started to squeeze them hard and that caused Athena to moan and after a while "damn thena I'm bout to cum"Poseidon told Athena "stay in baby "Athena said and poseidon came into her and they both passed out

the next morning

all but Athena and Poseidon were awake "damn they must have did it last night"Chris joked and Athena and Poseidon walked into the room "sooo what's the plan today" Chris asked Clarisse "Chiron said we actually have to teach today "Clarisse told him "damn really at least you don't have to deal with the hunters and a whole bunch of horny Roman teenagers"Thalia said and Jason grinned at Piper and Thalia noticed "oh my gods did Jason and Piper actually have sex Last night"Thalia asked jumping up and down "babe you need to clam a little "Luke told her and Thalia glared at him"maybe we did"Jason said "we should you know go"Percy said and everyone but Clarisse, Chris , Silena, Charlie, Luke,Athena, Poseidon, Tristan,Emma, Piper, Jason, Thalia, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Fredrick, Helen, Bobby, Matthew,Sally,Paul left "thank gods we got rid of the pissy one"Clarisse said and Charlie and Silena and Chris and Luke started laughing "who's that"Bobby asked "Percy"Clarisse said "why is he mad"Matthew asked "because my badass girlfriend Clarisse here is going to kick his ass again"Chris said pulling her to him and kissed her "she better some of us got money on it"Athena said and poseidon shook his head"oh don't shake your head you have money on her too"Athena ratted him out and Paul and Sally look at Poseidon and shook their heads "what you don't bet against the daughter of Ares "Poseidon said and Silena screamed and everyone looked to the direction she was at "Chris what the f*ck is this this is just offensive"Silena screamed "it's called a beard and hair"Chris said to her behind him "when's the last time any of you guys did anything with your hair or anything"Silena said to the gods and demigods with disgust "what's that supposed to mean"Chris said "the only ones that actually looks like they care about their hair is Thalia and Jason and Clarisse "Silena said crying "ok we're going"Chris said and poseidon, Hephaestus,Luke, Charlie agreed and went to shave as they did that Silena stopped crying "pay up my bitches" Silena said and Athena, Aphrodite, Clarisse, Thalia paid her $100 each "damn your good"Aphrodite said " I know I learned from the best"Silena said and Persephone walked in "ok ok dad said that since you two are going shopping or whatever you two have to clean out the clothes you guys have already"Persephone said to Aphrodite and Athena and Athena rolled her eyes at her "ok bye " Athena said and Persephone left and Emma and Tristan left right when she said shopping and the two and four year olds walked into the room and Athena picked up Poseidon's four year old daughter ella and her two year old daughter elle "ok let's go get Annabeth, Percy, Malcolm, Nyssa,mark"Silena said and they went to get them and they were in the arena with Zeus and Metis and Athena walked over to Zeus "hey dad" Athena said"Happy birthday Athena what you need"Zeus said "were going to take them to Olympus ok "Athena said talking about Fredrick,Helen, Bobby, Matthew, Sally, Paul"ok just be careful"Zeus said "yea yea "Athena said and walked back to the group and the group flashed to Aphrodite's and Hephaestus's palace on Olympus and Athena noticed Aphrodite had a small baby bump and pulled Aphrodite to her room "aphy did Ares get you pregnant again"Athena asked "Ares and I weren't having sex Athena"Aphrodite told her"then who got you pregnant Aphy "Athena said."heph did"Aphrodite said with tears"aphy you two haven't talked in years let alone have sex"Athena told her"you know that girl Andrea he was seeing"Aphrodite asked"yea what about her"Athena asked confused"me and her are the same person"Aphrodite said shaking"aphy why would you do that"Athena asked"I was missing him and just wanted to see him or even just talk to him since he would avoid me at every meeting and I geuss it went farther than that"Aphrodite said"I'm going to get him he needs to know"Athena said and Athena went to find Hephaestus"heph aphy needs to tell you something"Athena told him"where is she"Hephaestus asked "your guys room"Athena said and Hephaestus went upstairs"baby Athena said you wanted to tell me something"Hephaestus asked"you know that Andrea girl you were with"Aphrodite asked"yeah baby what about her"he asked"me and her are the same person"Aphrodite told him"APHY WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SEPARATED TO HAVE TIME APART BECAUSE WE COULD BARELY LOOK AT EACH OTHER BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED TO SILENA AND CHARLIE."Hephaestus yelled not to loud for the others to hear"I know heph I'm sorry I just missed you and all you did at meetings was avoid me and not even look at me"Aphrodite said crying and shaking and not looking at Hephaestus"I'm sorry aphy I didn't mean to yell and you could have just told me"he told her pulling her closer to him on the bed and Aphrodite hid under the covers"I know and I didn't know if you would want to see me"she said"baby why are you hiding under the covers"Hephaestus asked"please don't get mad promise"Aphrodite asked "ok I promise"he told her"I'm pregnant"Aphrodite said peaking out from under the covers"the baby is mine"Hephaestus asked and Aphrodite nodded her head and Hephaestus kissed her "I love you"Hephaestus said "I love you too " Aphrodite said back and Hephaestus wrapped her legs around him and she wrapped her arms and his neck as he carried her downstairs "oh my gods she is pregnant"Silena said and Aphrodite froze "how you know"Aphrodite asked"well one I know you and two I am too "Silena said and Hephaestus looked straight at Nyssa "everyone in this room is going to take a test now"Hephaestus yelled and Nyssa, Piper, Thalia, Clarisse "oh you too Athena we all know when you two do it"Hephaestus told her and Athena got really red and went to the nearest bathroom

test results

Clarisse- pregnant

nyssa- pregnant

Piper- not

Thalia- pregnant

Athena- pregnant

and Athena, Thalia, Clarisse,Nyssa all screamed and Hephaestus gave Malcolm a death glare "if your mother was not my sister you would be dead"Hephaestus told him and Annabeth and Piper walked back into the room and without hesitation Luke ran to Thalia "I'm so sorry Thalia"Luke told her and Thalia pushed herself into Luke's arms and Luke wrapped his arms around her"I love you Luke "Thalia said crying "sorry for ruining your life Thalia"Luke said crying and holding her tight against him "you didn't ruin my life Luke"Thalia told him and pushed herself up to kiss him and put his hand on her flat stomach"Thalia you know there's nothing really there yet"Luke asked"yea I know just wanted to know it was really real"Thalia told him "yea I guess it really is happening"Luke said"oh gods"Thalia said laughing "what's wrong Thals"Luke asked"I just realized that your going to be a dad and me a mom"Thalia said rubbing her eyes

"you tired Thals"Luke asked "yea a little bit"Thalia said"let's go downstairs"Luke told her and Luke picked Thalia up and she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist "babe Clarisse"Thalia said and Luke knocked on the door"Clarisse are you ok"Luke asked and he heard her crying and he opened the door "gods I don't know if this is what Chris wants"Clarisse said"I'm sure he will be happy"Thalia told her and they went downstairs and Chris picked Clarisse up and spun her around and Nyssa walked in and walked pass Malcolm and everyone and Malcolm tried to talk to her but she just walked pass him and over to Hephaestus and hugged him "hey where's Athena"Luke asked Nyssa"be right out"Nyssa answered while hugging Hephaestus tighter just then Athena was walking into the room and they all went to Athena's palace and poseidon went to Athena's room with Elle and Ella and they were looking at Poseidon's fishes in the fish bowl and Sally, Paul, Athena, Fredrick, Helen, Bobby, Matthew stood outside the door watching him

"yo it's not nap time"Athena joked "yea it is"Poseidon said "no it's not"Athena said and Amphitrite walked in complaining"why do I have to stay here"Amphitrite asked "because I asked you to"Athena said as she was going to grab Poseidon's fishes"mommy"Ella said jumping at Amphitrite but looking at Athena when saying it "don't tell me that is what we have to wear now"Athena asked talking about the bra and short shorts "yea because our dads are creeps"Amphitrite said "you think"Poseidon said "well we have to meet up with Thalia and them so try not to drown each other"Athena said while grabbing Ella and Elle"so your taking the bowl"Poseidon asked
"if you want it come get it"Athena told him and he got up off the bed and went over to Athena"you know we could just go with you and their won't be any drowning"Poseidon said "I'll text you when you two can come"Athena said and Poseidon went to grab the fish bowl and Athena kissed him and pulled Fredrick, Helen, Bobby, Matthew, Sally and Paul out of the palace "drown each other"Paul asked"it's just a joke between the three of us"Athena answered and they started walking to the second throne room where only the Olympian kids of the Olympian go. Once they got up to it they heard Percy yelling at someone and Athena facepalms and Athena and the others walk in and a white romper appears on Athena and they see Percy yelling at a crying Thalia and Athena stormed over to them with Paul,Sally,Frederick, Helen,Bobby,Matthew following
Athena pinned Percy to a wall and Annabeth walked back to them "oh come on really can't talk to someone for two minutes without you trying to get yourself killed uh seaweed brain"Annabeth said "control your boyfriend would you"Athena told her and Athena and Sally and Helen walked to Thalia and Annabeth kept Percy pinned "hey where's Luke at"Athena asked softly "him and Chris went with Hermes to get some food"Thalia said "what happened with Percy"Sally asked rubbing her back "Luke f*cked up by getting me pregnant" Thalia said and the tears started coming down faster and Athena glared at Percy and Bobby and Matthew pulled Fredrick and Paul over to the girls and Jason Walked in and over to them too and Jason saw Thalia crying and saw Annabeth pinning Percy to the wall "what he do Thals"Jason asked sitting down next to Thalia and hugging her "said that Luke f*cked up by getting me pregnant"Thalia told him and Percy sat down next to her

"sorry Thals"Percy whispered "it's ok just try to be nice to him please"Thalia said and Percy nodded and as Athena and Ares was working on a proposal for him and Amphitrite and her and Poseidon that's when Luke, Chris, Hermes, Artemis, Poseidon, Amphitrite and Athena's daughter lex, Clarisse's sister Aria(aj),Zeus, Metis walked in and Poseidon and Amphitrite and lex, Luke, Zeus walked up behind Athena and Ares and Annabeth, Percy,Thalia,Fredrick, Helen, Bobby Matthew ,Sally ,Paul and Poseidon kneeled down behind Athena and lex and aria on his back "hey mom have you seen dad"lex asked smiling "probably drowning Amphitrite"Athena answered still not looking and Sally and Paul, Fredrick, Helen, Bobby, Matthew, Amphitrite,lex shook their heads"ok mom could you tell me what you think of this outfit"lex asked and Athena turned to look at lex and saw Poseidon and covered her mouth " will you marry me thena"Poseidon asked holding his mom's ring out and Luke motioned for her to answer "yes"Athena said and lex and aria jumped off Poseidon's back and Poseidon kissed Athena and slid the ring on her hand and Poseidon motion to Ares to ask Amphitrite and Ares kneeled down "Amphitrite will you marry me"Ares asked and Clarisse and Mark walked up behind Ares"please say yes"they begged and Amphitrite laughed"yes Ares"Amphitrite said and aj ran over to Ares and Ares picked her up and spun her around and Zeus shook his head at Athena and glared at Poseidon "now what dad"Athena asked "getting yourself pregnant Athena I thought you were more responsible then that"Zeus said "what the hell is that supposed to mean"Athena yelled "you have always hated me no matter what I did for you and you go and get yourself knocked up by my own brother"Zeus yelled back "who's my girl"Ares asked aj trying to distract her and aj hugged Ares and looked at Clarisse smiling at them and Athena ran off to Poseidon's Palace and Poseidon, Hermes, Artemis,Luke, Amphitrite, Ares shook their heads at him and Artemis and Hermes left "can we talk"Thalia told Zeus "yea us to"Clarisse told Ares and they nodded

"dad I'm pregnant to and Athena loves Poseidon and Poseidon loves Athena"Thalia said "Thalia that's good and I know that do doesn't mean it doesn't feel like she did it to get back at me for not leaving Hera the first time we separated"Zeus told her "but their not"Thalia said and Clarisse and Ares went into a different room "Daddy please don't be mad but I'm pregnant"Clarisse told Ares and Ares looked at he wide eyed and Clarisse started to cry and Ares picked Clarisse up and spun her around and hugged her and put her back down "I'm not mad babygirl you and Chris deserve it"Ares told her "really daddy"Clarisse asked"yes babygirl and I'm pretty sure your mom would be happy to"Ares said putting a hand on Clarisse stomach "Chris definitely is"Clarisse said "is this weird for you"Ares asked "no dad it's not"Clarisse told him and they went back to the group"ok bets between Clarisse and Jackson are off "Ares said and Ares, Amphitrite, Poseidon, Percy, Annabeth, Nyssa, Malcolm, Thalia, Luke, Aria,lex, Chris, Clarisse, Sally,Paul,Fredrick, Helen, Bobby,Matthew,ella,elle went to Poseidon's Palace and they saw Triton and Hades and Persephone's daughter and son and Hebe and Triton's sister tia
"hey is thena here"Ares asked"yea she's in dad's room"Triton told Ares and Poseidon carried Ella and Elle into his room and saw a sleeping Athena and Poseidon leaned down and kissed Athena's forehead and Athena woke up "hi baby"Athena said smiling"hi you know your dad didn't mean anything he said"Poseidon told her"yea i know"Athena said "mommy"ella said reaching out to Athena and Poseidon and Athena looked at her surprised "did she just call you mommy"Poseidon asked "babygirl what you say"Athena asked grabbing her from Poseidon"mommy"ella said again "i thought she was calling Amphitrite that"Poseidon said and Amphitrite walked in the room"Mommy"ella kept saying to Athena and Amphitrite heard her and she started crying"Amphitrite you ok we can get her to stop if you want "Poseidon said"I'm fine Poseidon and no don't make her stop she is around Athena more and she has two mommy's"Amphitrite said"yea she does"Poseidon said and Amphitrite walked out "well I'm gonna let you three have some play time"Poseidon said and Athena nodded her head

an hour later

all the gods got a message

meeting now everyone in throne room in thirty minutes and I mean everyone -hera

and Athena walked out of the bedroom carrying ella and Elle and wearing light black leather short shorts and black and red bra and black high heel Boots and a black biker jacket and nose piercing and bellybutton piercing and black hair(in this is her natural hair color) and the other guys pretty much the same outfits and as they were about to leave the door opened and there stood four figures three males and a female and Athena and Triton froze when they saw the female"Pallas"Triton asked "hi daddy"Pallas said and Triton picked her up and hugged her and Athena could barely look at Pallas and Triton put her down and Pallas went over to Athena and Elle and Ella and hugged Athena "it's ok thena I missed you so much"Pallas whispered "I missed you so much to Pallas"Athena whispered and hugged her back "ok so who are the others"Percy asked"yo Jackson aren't you supposed to be taking care of my hellhound"Daedalus said and Annabeth,Thalia, Athena,

Percy eyes widened at that "Daedalus"Thalia said and Chris pulled Clarisse close to him and Clarisse leaned her head against his chest "where'sMrs. O'Leary"Daedalus asked just the Mrs.O'Leary appeared right in front of Daedalus and everyone covered their nose "damn why does she smell that bad Percy"Poseidon asked"ummm "Percy said and Nico and Hades and Bianca appeared from Shadow travel and even they covered their nose "gods Percy why the my dad's name I thought your dad and Chiron told you to give her a bath"Nico said and Daedalus went to give Mrs.O'Leary a bath "ok and you two"Athena asked laughing"damn sis that hurt"Perseus said "oh shut up Perseus"Athena said "we should go now before Hera gets pissed"Nico said "Nico di Angelo you know better than to talk like that in front of us"Sally said and Athena and Thalia and Jason and Annabeth started laughing "sorry aunt Sally"Nico said and Melinoë jumped onto Perseus and wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck and kissed him and they all walked to the throne room and when they got there Athena, Jason, Thalia, Annabeth were still laughing "about time you bastards children of Zeus got here"Hera said and Athena and Thalia and Jason started laughing even harder "what is so funny"Hera asked"you called all of us bastard children and your own kids are with us"Athena said still laughing and Zeus walked over to Athena"can we talk"Zeus asked Athena and Athena nodded and walked away from the group and into a different room"what you want to talk to me about"Athena said"I'm sorry I didn't mean what I said earlier about the baby"Zeus said and Athena hugged Zeus and they went back to the group and Thalia and Jason were still laughing at Nico "what's so funny you two"Zeus asked

"Nico got yelled at by Aunt Sally"Thalia said with Luke holding her "Aunt"Luke asked "oh that's Percy's mom I've known her since I was 15"Thalia told him"oh ok"Luke said with a frown and Thalia noticed it and Thalia hugged him"Annabeth"Thalia said and Annabeth walked over and hugged Luke too"gods Luke if I could do something about your mom I would"Thalia said and Luke tried to hold back the tears but failed and fell to the ground "I'll get the ice cream"Annabeth said and Thalia nodded "come on seaweed brain"Annabeth said pulling him out of the room and Luke broke down crying and shaking uncontrollably remembering everything about his mom and Thalia sat down next to him and kept running her fingers through his hair

"it's ok she's not here you don't have to go through that again"Thalia told him"I miss her Thalia more now then ever"Luke whispered in her ear And looking at thalia's stomach and Athena sat down next to Luke and hugged him to stop the shaking and after a while he stopped and let Thalia calm him down the rest "damn it Luke castellen get the f*ck over it already your f*cking 23 years old"hera yelled and Thalia stood up looking like she was going to attack hera and luke looked at Thalia and Thalia saw the sadden look in Luke's eyes "gods hera you don't know what all he had to go through with his mom i swear if I wasn't pregnant with his child i would so be kicking your ass for everything you done to all of zeus's kids gods and demigods for what you did to me and Jason and what you just said and everything you have done to Annabeth and Percy and the only two damn people who know or have seen what luke went through is Annabeth and I"Thalia said and Luke wrapped his arms around Thalia's legs and laying his head against them and Thalia started to play with his hair "Thalia grace that is no way to talk to your father's wife or the queen of Olympus"Hera said "were"Metis said"what was that"Hera said"you were Zeus's wife and you were queen of Olympus"Metis said and hera lunged at Metis and Poseidon blocked Hera from getting to Metis. and Chris and mark stood up really fast with their weapons out and Poseidon pinned Hera to the wall "you touch Metis i swear Hera you will regret it"Poseidon yelled and Hestia, Kronos, Rhea, and Metis's, Amphitrite's brother Dylan,and Oceanus walked into the room "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE WHY ARE YOU ALL ACTING LIKE f*ckING CHILDREN"Kronos boomed and Poseidon let Hera go and hugged Metis"hey you ok Metis"Poseidon asked and Metis nodded her head

"Hera started the sh*t"Ares said "great now were going to get into trouble because of Hera"Amphitrite said"yep none of you guys get along with all your demigod children so you will have to spend the whole school year with them"rhea said and all the gods whined and Annabeth and Percy walked back in with ice cream for Luke and Annabeth had Malcolm's 17 year old brother Alex,16 year old brother adam and 13 year old sister Amber and 6 year old sister Audrey and 4 year old sister Ashley"how things"Malcolm asked Alex "good I geuss"Alex said"ok good"Malcolm said and Amber hugged Malcolm. "yo Malcolm everything good"Luke asked still having his head against Thalia's leg "yea good"Malcolm said and Nyssa saw Malcolm hugging Amber and got really sad and holding her stomach "come on guys we still have classes to teach and go to"Thalia said and the Olympians and demigods and Sally and Paul and Fredrick,Helen Bobby,Matthew,aj and Malcolm's siblings flashed to camp and Malcolm was still hugging Amber and Nyssa ran to her cabin and Malcolm saw her "guys I'll be back"Malcolm told his siblings and ran after Nyssa "Nyssa please stop"Malcolm yelled once they were away from everyone"why Malcolm you obviously don't want anything to do with this baby "Nyssa yelled at Malcolm"Nyssa don't think that I want everything to do with that baby" Malcolm said picking her up and kissing her "your my girl "Malcolm said and Nyssa wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck and Nyssa kissed him and he kissed her back wanting more and Malcolm Carried her back to everyone while making out and Malcolm's siblings just stared at him as he gently pushed Nyssa up against the wall "oh my gods Malcolm get a room"Annabeth yelled "who is she Malcolm"Alex asked and Malcolm got really red "his girlfriend" Annabeth said

"yo Chiron said if you take his best fighters again without telling him he will find a way to kill you and who's ready for breakfast"Katie Gardener said "you know I am Gardener"The kids of the big three said pulling Percy's and Annabeth's and Malcolm's siblings to the mess hall and the gods sat with their kids "so uncle Poseidon how long you been planning that"Thalia asked"a while"Poseidon said and Luke sat down plates of bacon in front of Thalia and Annabeth and Jason and Piper and Nico and Bianca "thanks babe"Thalia said pulling Luke down next to her and Annabeth and Thalia kissed Luke

"oh come on I'm trying to eat and I don't need to see my cousin sticking his tounge down my bestie thoat"Annabeth said and Luke noticed how Sally and Paul and Percy were with each other and Luke started picking at the sausage and egg McMuffin on his plate and just staring at it. "you ok"Thalia asked"yea I'm ok"Luke lied "then eat if you are ok"Thalia said "I'm not really hungry right now"Luke told her and Luke got up and walked over to Athena and grabbed her phone while she nodded at him and left the mess hall. "is everything ok with him"Sally asked Thalia "I geuss he is it probably because of his mom"Thalia said and Annabeth agreed "what did his mom do that has him so freaked out"Helen asked "I think we should wait till he's back before talking about it"Thalia said and just then Luke walked back in and over to Thalia and them with Athena's phone and headphones and sat down and leaned against Thalia and started eating and watching descendants and they all looked at him "what why you all looking at me Cecil said it was a good movie"Luke said about his brother "that's not why they wanna know about your mom babe"Thalia told him "ok I guess"Luke said "his mom could see though the mist which is being clear sighted and his parents brought him her as a baby because his mom wanted to host the Oracle of Delphi which Hades cursed for many years but the Oracle curse didn't let her become the new host but instead made her foresee his tragic future and drove her insane"Thalia told them and leaned in to Luke and kissed him
"hey don't forget about when he met Hermes"Annabeth said "yea we were in bad shape then and Luke took us to his mom's to get help and Hermes showed up and told Luke that he knew what his future forheld and Luke asked him about Because when we ran into Halcyon Green and found Annabeth and Hal would only give Luke vague answers so when Hermes wouldn't tell him and Luke told here's that he couldn't possibly love him if he couldn't tell him about it and then took us back to a safe house we had and then felt that he had to prove something to Hermes and the Gods"Thalia said looking at Luke "yea that's when you got aegis"Luke spoke up and Annabeth sat on his lap "yep and we adopted right bro"Annabeth said laughing and Silena screamed from the Hephaestus table and everyone looked that way and Luke, Chris, Jason, Annabeth, Clarisse, Thalia, Percy, Piper, Athena, Nico, Bianca,mark ran over to Silena and Charlie and Hephaestus and Aphrodite"Ares formation"Clarisse yelled and all the Ares kids covered Silena, Charlie, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Thalia, Luke, Chris, Clarisse, Jason, Piper, Nico, Bianca, Mark, Percy, Annabeth, Clarisse"is she ok"Charlie asked "yea she gonna be fine" Luke said and Luke wrote on a paper

baby clothes



anything you can think of

and Luke handed the paper to Aphrodite and Hephaestus "I need you two to go get theses things for me."Luke said and they left to get the stuff "what you need me to do"Athena asked"just keep the mortals calm"Luke said and Athena nodded "Annabeth and Chris keep watch for Aphrodite and Hephaestus

Piper and Jason keep the demigods away Thalia and Clarisse stand by Charlie and keep him calm Mark, Nico, Bianca,and Percy help the Ares cabin "Luke said and they all agreed and did what Luke asked "ok Silena just keep breathing"Luke told her and Clarisse and Charlie grabbed her hand "how long has she been having the contractions Charlie"Luke asked "there like a minute apart Luke"Silena said and Luke nodded and the next contraction hit and Silena screamed again and Luke looked at Charlie "you ok with this Charlie"Luke asked"do whatever you have to Luke "Charlie said and Luke removed Silena shorts and thong and check to see if he could feel the baby's head and will walked into the room and over to them "you got this Luke"Will asked "yea I got this will"Luke said And will walked to the Poseidon table with Aphrodite and Hephaestus "ok Silena next contraction you gotta push as much as you can"Luke said and the next one hit and Silena pushed and started to cry and Charlie kissed her forehead"you got this baby I know you can"Charlie said "one more time Silena your almost done"Luke said reassuringly and Silena nodded her head and squeezed Charlie's hand and she took a couple of breaths and the next one came and Silena pushed one last time and Luke grabbed the baby and Silena started crying even more

"hey Silena and Charlie it's a girl"Luke said and Silena just kept crying "hey hey baby your all done "Charlie said and sat down next to her and held her in his arms and Luke wrapped the baby in a little towel and Luke carried the baby to the Poseidon table and cleaned her up and dressed and wrapped her in a blanket and took her back to Silena and Charlie "Silena you wanna hold her"Luke asked "yea"Silena said and Luke put the baby in her arms and harmonia and Asclepius and Deimos and Khione and their two year old daughter Kalia and Eros and Phobos and zoë nightshade and Triton and Hebe and Tia and Pallas and Daedalus and Melinoë and Perseus and Plutus appeared and Eros and Phobos and Deimos and harmonia went over to Silena and Charlie

"what's her name"harmonia said "Sarah Risse"Silena said "great exactly what we need is more kids"a son of Ares said and Clarisse kicked him to the ground "stop it they deserve it"Clarisse said"fine"the boy said and Silena got dressed and Charlie pulled her back to him with Sarah in one arm and Apollo appeared next to them and healed Silena so she could actually do things and they all snuck pass the Ares kids and went to the Poseidon table "she is seriously adorable"Piper said "thanks"Silena said watching Charlie with Sarah

Chapter 7: chapter 7

Chapter Text

don't own pjo or hoo or songs

"ok Natalie play it"drew said and Natalie played poor unfortunate souls and Natalie jumped up on the table and Natalie started singing it

(I admit that, in the past, I've a nasty

They weren't kidding when they called me, well, "a witch"

But chu'll find it nowadays I've mended all my ways

Repented, seen the light, and made a switch

And I fortunately know a little magic

It's a talent that I always have possessed

And here, lately, please don't laugh

I use it on behalf of the miserable, lonely, and depressed

after the first verse she looked at the gods and everyone and drew motioned for her to continue

Poor unfortunate souls in pain, in need

This one longing to be thinner

That one wants to get the girl

And do I help them? Yes, indeed!

Poor unfortunate souls

So sad, so true

They come flocking to my cauldron

Crying, "Spells, Ursula, please!"

And I help them! Yes, I do!

Now, it's happened once or twice

Someone couldn't pay the price

And I'm afraid I had to rake 'em 'cross the coals

Yes, I've had the odd complaint

But on the whole, I've been a saint

To those poor unfortunate souls) and lex and Annabeth and Thalia and Silena joined Lacy and Mitchell and drew and Natalie on the table

Poor unfortunate souls in pain, in need

This one longing to be thinner

That one wants to get the girl

And do I help them? Yes, indeed!

Poor unfortunate souls

So sad, so true

They come flocking to my cauldron

Crying, "Spells, Ursula, please!"

And I help them! Yes, I do!

[Verse 3]

Th-the men up there don't like a lot of blabber

They think a girl who gossips is a bore

Yes, on land it's much preferred for ladies not to say a word

And, after all, dear, what is idle prattle for?

They're not all that impressed with conversation

"True gentlemen" avoid it when they can

But they dote, and swoon, and fawn

On a lady's who's withdrawn

It's she who hold's her tongue who gets a man!

(C'mon, now!)

[Chorus 2]

Poor unfortunate soul

Go ahead! Make your choice!

I'ma very busy woman, and I haven't got all day!

It won't cost much, just your voice! (uh, yeah-yeah!)

Poor unfortunate soul, it's sad (so sad!), but true

If you wanna cross the bridge, you got to pay the toll

Take a gulp, and take a breath, and go ahead!

And sign the scroll!

(C'mon, you!)

Poor unfortunate souls in pain, in need

This one longing to be thinner

That one wants to get the girl

And do I help (ha, ha, ha, ha) them? Yes, indeed! (eh- c'mon, girl!)

Poor unfortunate souls in pain, in need

They come flocking to my cauldron

Crying, "Spells, Ursula, please!"

And I help them! Yes, I do! (Yes, I do!)

Ha-ha Ha-ha (Ha-ha)

and all the gods and the demigods and Rhea and Kronos clapped "ok drew now can you get your ass out of my face" Poseidon said "oh yea"drew said turning around "what you don't want to see her ass because I would love to see that" said Drew's boyfriend Conor who is a son of Hephaestus and drew turned around slowly and saw him and her dad "Conor when you get here" Drew asked jumping on him and wrapping her legs and arms around him and Ares picked aj up off the table and spun her around and ask saw hers and Clarisse's mom Olivia "mommy"aj said "just got here babe"Conor told her "who is that"Piper asked "her Long time boyfriend"Clarisse said and Olivia grabbed aj from Ares "did you see that mom"aj asked "yeah I did aj"Olivia said hugging AJ

Drew got off of Conor and hugged her dad"hi daddy"Drew said and Olivia put aj down and her and lex started talking to Bobby and Matthew"you guys know you are Athena's favorite right"aj said "no we didn't so are you a demigod or mortal"Bobby and Matthew asked "I'm a mortal Ares adopted me has his own because my real dad left before my mom found out she was having me "aj told them "wow sorry bout that"Bobby said "it's fine I have Ares"AJ said and looked back at him and saw him watching them and Athena walked over to them with Ella and Elle and Athena was carrying a sleeping Ella and sat down next to poseidon and Amphitrite, Aphrodite, Metis, Hestia, Dylan went over to Poseidon and Amphitrite, Aphrodite, Metis, Hestia, Dylan got on the table and Athena handed Ella to Poseidon and also got on the table and went over to where Luke and Thalia were sitting and handed them a bag of weed and tia, Triton, harmonia, Deimos, Phobos, Eros, Plutus, Melinoë,zoë,khione,Asclepius Perseus got on table also

Metis took Poseidon's hair tie out of his hair "hey can you watch her"Poseidon asked Sally"sure"Sally said and went after Metis on the table and harmonia and Eros pulled Silena up with them"you sure you got her "Silena asked Charlie"yea I got her have fun before Chiron gets here"Charlie said and Deimos and Phobos put Clarisse up on their shoulders and the rest of the demigods and Ares got on the table "Silena"Silena's dad Seth said "Charlie"Charlie's Kayla said (the book doesn't have a first name for their parents) "daddy"Silena said starting to cry and Kayla saw sarah and walked over to Charlie and hugged him and Silena jumped on her dad and hugged him and wrapped her legs and arms around him and Silena saw Hephaestus behind her dad and saw that Hephaestus was upset and Silena mouth thank you daddy to Hephaestus and Hephaestus Walked to where Aphrodite was standing and kissed her and Aphrodite wrapped her arms and legs around Hephaestus and Metis went back to when Poseidon was sitting and Poseidon tackled Metis on the table in front of Sally and Paul and Fredrick and Helen and Poseidon hair was all out of the braids and Metis hit her head

" . tie .back"Poseidon told Metis "no sy"Metis said rubbing her head "yes now"Poseidon said "NO"Metis yelled"YES"Poseidon yelled back "NO"Metis said yelling still "MOTHER"Poseidon yelled and everyone looked at the two "umm were gonna go to Zeus's table" the rest of the gods and demigods said pulling Seth and Kayla and Olivia with them leaving Sally and Paul and Fredrick and Helen and Bobby and Matthew and AJ and lex at the table and Rhea walked over to the table "what you need now"Rhea asked annoyed "Tell her to go the hair tie back"Poseidon told Rhea "Metis will you please give your cousin his hair tie back"Rhea asked and Poseidon held out his hand"fine you can have it and theses too"Metis said crying throwing the hair tie and a charm bracelet and a seashell friendship necklace and a matching bracelet and ring and earrings with Poseidon's name on it on the table and sat in the spot where Poseidon was sitting and put her head down and started crying even more and still rubbing her head and everyone saw the jewelry and that it had Poseidon's name on it and Rhea sat down on the opposite side of the table facing Sally, Paul, Fredrick, Helen and Rhea shook her head at Poseidon and Poseidon saw the jewelry laying there and he picked it up and picked Metis up and sat down in the spot and put her on his lap and put the matching bracelet and necklace and earrings and ring back on Metis and pulled out what he thought was his phone and Poseidon saw it was Thalia's and Fredrick pulled out his and his was Annabeth's and Sally and Paul pulled out theirs and it was Grover's and Luke's phone and poseidon signaled for them to give the phones back and Thalia, Luke, Annabeth, Grover went to the table with the phones

Luke was still upset and they handed the phones back and Poseidon started playing educate ya by Pitbull and Jason walked over half asleep and wrapped his arms around Thalia's stomach and kissed her head "Jace why you up still"Thalia asked Jason "don't want to walk in on mom and Tristan and why are you not asleep"Jason said and Metis stopped crying"hey you ok"Poseidon asked her and Metis nodded her head and Poseidon hugged her "did you really have to make me hit my head against the table"Metis said laughing and Poseidon checked her head your ok"Poseidon said"not the first time I hit my head against something"Metis said talking about sex with Zeus "eww gross I don't need to know about you and Zeus screwing each other"Poseidon said and Metis laughed and Thalia, Grover, Luke, Jason sat down at the table and Annabeth grabbed a pillow for Jason and sat down and handed Thalia the pillow and Thalia put the pillow on her chest and Jason later his head on the pillow and Thalia pushed his hair back "so you gonna ask them about Luke"Annabeth asked Thalia and Sally, Paul, Fredrick, Helen, Luke looked really confused

"can you guys be like his adopted family"Thalia asked Sally,Paul,Fredrick, Helen "sure"Sally and Paul said "dad Helen what do you say"Annabeth asked "we'll see"her dad and stepmom said and Natalie walked over to lex and AJ crying "Poseidon I think your granddaughter is missing her boyfriend"Grover said and Poseidon looked at Natalie and lex and AJ and Natalie boyfriend roy a son of Hermes walked in and saw Natalie and walked over to her and pulled her from lex and AJ and pushed her against the wall and kissed her and put his one hand at the bottom of her tight dress but stopped himself and instead hugged Natalie

and Natalie pulled him to the table and lex and AJ followed and Roy sat down and Natalie sat on his lap "Roy you have to show him the take a hint video we made last summer"lex said and Roy showed Poseidon and them the video and all three girls were in revealing dresses "you took the video"Bobby asked "yea pretty good for a son of Hermes right"Roy joked and Thalia shushed them and pointed at Jason sleeping "Thals you need to sleep"Luke said pulling her to have her lean on him and Thalia laid her head on his chest and fell asleep "wow she fell asleep fast"Paul said and Fredrick agreed and Thalia felt Jason phone vibrating and she woke up and pulled out Jason's phone from his pocket and saw his friend Dakota and Reyna was calling "Jace you gotta wake up Dakota and Reyna is calling"Thalia said waking up Jason and Jason sat up and answered the phone with his eyes shut and putting it on speaker"yea guys"Jason "ummm Jason do you have us on speaker phone"Reyna asked scared

"yea why"Jason asked confused "just tell him Reyna "Dakota said crying"why is Dakota crying"Jason asked now worried something happened"lupa is gone Jason she has been for months based on what it looks like at the Wolf house"Reyna said now crying and Jason expression changed from happy to sad"how has no one noticed until now"Jason asked with tears "I'm sorry Jason I know what she means to you all"Reyna said"when you guys going to get here"Jason said trying to keep him from crying" within the hour Jace"Dakota said still crying "ok we'll be there"Jason said and the call ended"gods Jason you want me and Annabeth to come with you"Thalia said pulling him to her

"just you two"Jason said pointing at Thalia and Luke and Jason started crying "you get your best friend back and get to see everyone within the hour Jace"Thalia said to calm him down"Thals we should get to training"Luke said and Jason sat up and wiped his face and Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Silena, Sarah, Charlie, Piper, Triton,tia,Plutus, Melinoë,zoë, Deimos,Phobos,Eros, Apollo, Hermes, Artemis, Clarisse, Chris, Percy, harmonia, Amphitrite went to the Poseidon table "everything ok here Thals"Artemis asked "lupa missing"Thalia said "you have the hunters at your disposal Thals"Artemis said and Thalia nodded her head and everyone went to the arena and as they were walking in Luke stopped Thalia"Luke we're going to get in trouble"Thalia said laughing and Luke looked at Thalia and put his hand on her stomach

"you didn't really eat breakfast you sure you are going to be ok for an hour"Luke asked "don't worry I have snacks in your old locker"Thalia said and than kissed him and Luke wrapped his arms around Thalia's stomach and they walked into the arena and the Hermes cabin was yelling at each other and then they saw Luke and they stopped and Luke's sister Julia ran up to him and hugged him and started crying"they said that you were back but none of us but Chris and Thalia has seen you"Julia said hugging Luke tighter and then a whole lot of spider gummies came falling down "I'm back the Travis stoll and Katie Gardener are back"Travis said while walking in with Katie "holy gods its little Katie where you two been"Luke asked as Connor tackled Travis "at my dad's"Katie said"thank gods none of Athena's kids freaked over that

"Travis said and Athena on the other side of the arena with Fredrick, Helen, Bobby, Matthew, Percy, Sally, Paul and Athena screamed and started crying and fell to the ground and Travis and Luke ran over to her "auntie a it's just gummies not real "Travis said hugging her "not those ones "Athena said shaky pointing to a lot of spiders and the whole Athena cabin saw them and started climbing things and crying and Luke ran to Annabeth and picked her up and ran back to Athena and right when he got there the spiders were gone "ok let's train"Luke said to Percy and Athena and them walked over to the Ares cabin and Athena cabin and Hermes cabin "hey baby"Poseidon whispered to Athena as he wrapped his arms around her stomach "hi where's lex and aria"Athena asked "I think they said something about changing"Poseidon told her and lex and aj and the rest of Athena kids walked out in their bra and short shorts and Annabeth handed Luke a piece of paper"what are you wearing chase"Luke asked"I'm pretty sure you know what a bra is"Annabeth said


Clarisse vs Malcolm

Annabeth vs mark

Clarisse vs Chris

Thalia vs Percy

Nico vs Bianca

Annabeth vs Percy

Ares vs Clarisse

Bianca vs mark

Jason vs Percy

lex vs Malcolm

Thalia vs Jason

Thalia vs Nico

Thalia vs Bianca

Thalia vs Annabeth

Thalia vs Athena

Thalia vs Ares

Thalia vs Clarisse

Thalia vs zoë

Thalia vs Zeus

Thalia vs Poseidon

Thalia vs Hades

Thalia vs enyo

Ares vs enyo

Athena vs Triton

Athena vs Luke

Athena vs Poseidon

"you going up against Poseidon mom"Luke asked Athena "yep"Athena said and Luke saw everyone Thalia was going to fight and got upset again "mom"Paul asked Athena"just something he's always done"Athena said "I think that's sweet"Sally said "Thals can I talk to you"Luke said"yea in a couple minutes"Thalia said back "no now"Luke told her and Thalia shook her head but still went to Luke and Luke took her outside "what the hell are you thinking Thalia"Luke said "about what Luke"Thalia said annoyed with him "going up against 13 people and 6 of them are gods"Luke said and now he was looking hurt "oh my gods Luke i have to know how to fight better than anyone else because remember I'm the daughter of Zeus so f*cking stop I have to take care of myself gods since this morning I'm starting to reget finding out that I'm pregnant
"Thalia yelled at Luke and the last part stabbed Luke in the chest and he broke down crying"what am I not good enough to get you pregnant or for you to carry my child"Luke spat at Thalia while crying and Thalia realizing what she said fell to the ground and started crying and Thalia's looked at Luke and saw him it just made her want him to hold her so Thalia got up and sat down next to Luke and tried to wrap her arms around him but Luke kept pushing her off him and that just made Thalia cry even more "I'm so sorry Luke I don't regret anything I swear Luke I love this baby I love it because the baby is a part of you"Thalia said through crying and still trying to get him to hold her

" you don't regret anything"Luke said"no I don't I don't even know why I said it"Thalia said"because your mad because I overstepped with the whole you being pregnant"luke said starting to hold Thalia as she cried "baby we should get back in there"Thalia said wiping the tears from hers and Luke's face and Luke put his hand on her stomach again and started to pull up her shirt and kissed her flat stomach"mommy and daddy are sorry about the fighting baby we can be idiots at times baby "Luke said rubbing her stomach and Thalia messed with Luke hair and smiled as he talked to their baby "now mommy and daddy have to go back to training you little one I can't wait till your mommy starts showing a little"Luke said standing up and he saw Thalia smiling at him and he picked her up and carried her back inside

"ok Clarisse and Malcolm your up first"Luke said and Luke sat down on one of the bleachers and Thalia started fighting a dummy still smiling away "what did you tell that girl for her to be so happy"Poseidon asked Luke "well we kinda got in a fight over the baby and then i told the baby mommy and daddy are idiots at time"Luke said trying not to get red. "you really like Thalia don't you"Paul asked"yea since we were kids so seeing her die was hard enough the first time don't want to see it happen again"Luke said"wait who died"Helen asked" Anna didn't tell you"Luke asked "no she never mentioned anything about Thalia dying"Fredrick said

"it was a cyclops that killed her she was just trying to protect Annabeth"Poseidon said grabbing Athena's hand as she started to cry and Luke sat down next to her and hugged her "what Zeus or Hera didn't let you guys help "Rhea said scaring the hell out of Poseidon"what the hell mother don't f*cking do that" Poseidon said"Poseidon watch the language"Sally and Rhea said and Athena while still crying started laughing "now I know who Sally reminds me of and why I like her"Athena said crying and laughing "and that is granddaughter"Rhea said "she acts like you Grandma"Athena said"ok back to Zeus and Hera and letting you guy's help or not"Rhea said "yea only because Zeus made Hera let us but it was like in shifts depending on which of the three were up oh and Hera made a trick to that we weren't able to help our own kid"Athena said crying.Poseidon pulled Athena up and took her to a different area and poseidon pulled Athena into him "is she ok"Helen asked "she's going to be fine "Luke said

"thena your ok and so is Thalia"Poseidon said and Athena looked at him with tears still in her eyes and poseidon kissed her and wiped the tears away and went back to the bleachers "you good"Luke asked"yeah fine"Athena said and Chris and Clarisse and Thalia Walked over and grabbed the paper from Luke and crossed off her name and handed it back to Luke and after enyo and Ares got done fighting they walked over with Artemis and Hermesand by that point Athena was asleep on Fredrick's arm but closer to Luke and Chris and Luke noticed enyo and Chris and Luke got up and kneeled and enyo smiled "wow you two just made her day"Ares said with his arms around enyo's neck and Silena and Sarah and Charlie, Annabeth, Percy, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Katie, Travis, Connor, Miranda, Amphitrite with Elle and Ella,lex,AJ, Natalie,Roy, Nico, Bianca, Mark, Hestia, Grover, Malcolm, Nyssa,Dylan and Jason walked over carrying piper and also kneeled " hey bell" Jason said to enyo and Percy dumped water on Athena and then awoke a very pissed Athena and Athena threw a knife at Percy and went to Poseidon and leo had just woken up and walked in with Chiron

"well I'm glad that some of my best are here unlike someone"Chiron said looking at leo and Charlie handed Sarah to Aphrodite and Luke,Silena, Charlie ran over to Chiron and Silena hugged Chiron "hi Chiron"Luke and Charlie said"Luke and Charlie my boys"Chiron "can we get a ride back Chiron"Silena and Luke and Charlie asked "yes you can my children"Chiron said and Luke, Silena, Charlie got on his back and leo and Chiron carried them over to everyone "who's he "Charlie asked about leo "oh thats leo he's You half brother and we'll Silena's step brother"Aphrodite said "Jason and Thalia the hunters and Amazons and Romans are here"Chiron said and the group headed for the mess hall and Charlie picked Sarah back up from Aphrodite "yea let's see what Mars kids to screw first"Silena said jokingly and everyone started laughing and Charlie just stared at Sarah with a really upset look and Silena noticed and when they got to the mess hall Charlie kept heading for his cabin with Sarah

"guys go"Silena told them all "you know you could just leave him with that child and be with me"Leo told Silena as he moved his hand up her shirt and grabbed her breasts and another down her shorts and fingering her and Silena froze and started shaking and crying and only Ares noticed and Ares punched leo in the face "don't you ever grab that little girl ever again"Ares yelled at leo causing everyone to look "you can't tell me what I can do"Leo said and Ares kept punching leo "go talk to Charlie Silena "Ares yelled to her and she ran to catch up with Charlie "Charlie stop please"Silena begged with tears and Charlie stopped in place"gods Silena I don't want to see you screwing my Roman cousins "Charlie said crying " gods Charlie I was just messing with you your the only one that I want"Silena said crying and hugging herself and when Charlie heard Silena he turned around and saw her hugging herself "gods Silena I didn't make you cry did I "Charlie said hating see her cry and Silena shook her head and fell to the ground "no Charlie you didn't"Silena said"then who did"Charlie asked not crying anymore but really pissed

"your half brother Leo when you were walking up here he said that I should leave you and our baby girl and be with him and he grabbed my breasts and started fingering me"Silena told Charlie not looking at him and crying even more "you wanna hold our baby Silena seeing how I been hoging our baby since she was born "Charlie asked "I do but I'm really really shaky "Silena said"I'll help you baby"Charlie told her and put Sarah in her arms and Charlie watched Silena hold Sarah and smiled and Charlie kissed Silena's neck and down her arm and Charlie moved to sit in front of Silena and he pulled her shirt up but keeping it on and he kissed her breasts and kissed all over her stomach and he pulled her shorts down "Charlie please stop"Silena asked worried he was going to go farther and Charlie shook his head laughing and Charlie kissed her Virgina "mine"Charlie whispered and pulled up her shorts and Silena relax and smiled"your mine too baby "Silena said and Charlie pulled them to him and Silena pulled her phone out and kissed Charlie cheek and took a picture of them all "baby how you get away from him"Charlie asked holding them both "Ares started beating him "Silena said"oh gods Clarisse and Mark"Charlie said and they ran to the mess hall and saw Clarisse and Mark and Percy, Chris, Luke, Deimos, Phobos, Eros, harmonia, Triton,Malcolm and Ares beating Leo up and Aphrodite was trying to hold back Hephaestus who was furious with leo and Silena handed Sarah back to Charlie and run and jumped on Hephaestus and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and Charlie saw leo and knew what he needed to do and Charlie saw his sister Nyssa"hey Nyssa can you watch her for me"Charlie asked"yea bub after what he did "Nyssa said taking Sarah from Charlie and Charlie joined in beating up leo and Nyssa went next to Aphrodite with Sarah and Hephaestus hugged Silena and Nyssa smiled at her dad not seeing him that way in a long time "I'm sorry babygirl"Hephaestus said to Silena"I'm fine daddy "Silena told Hephaestus which got Sally, Paul, Fredrick, Helen to look

"hey Piper"Silena said and Hephaestus was about to put Silena down but Silena held on tighter "yea Silena"Piper asked"nice choice of boyfriend"Silena told her and Piper face started getting red "what the Hades is Piper actually blushing"Aphrodite said "yea yea I am"Piper said and Silena fell asleep on Hephaestus and Hephaestus rubbed her back and Hephaestus looked at Aphrodite and Aphrodite walked over to him with a blanket "sleep princess"Aphrodite whispered in Silena's ear and kissed her head and put it around Silena and Dakota and Reyna and Gwen stopped Jason and Ares and pulled him over to piper and them and Jason kissed Piper "how is she"Ares asked "she said she was fine"Hephaestus said "we always got your back girly your brothers do to"Ares whispered in her ear while pushing Silena hair back and kissed her head "ok ok break it up"enyo told the guys beating Leo up and they went over to Silena "hi sissy "harmonia whispered to Silena and Silena started to stir "damn Clarisse and Eros your a bitch "Phobos said excitedly about his brother and sister"you don't mess with the best friend of a daughter of Ares"Clarisse said

Ares crossed his arms around Harmonia and Chris did the same with Clarisse and "you would tell me if anyone did anything like that to you wouldn't you"Ares whispered to Harmonia "Don't worry dad I would tell you and the boys"Harmonia said hugging Ares and AJ hugged Chris and chris picked her up"you tell those four if any guy does something that you don't like and if you can't find them you tell your sister or me or your dad or you go and find Triton you understand"Chris said to AJ "yea Chris"AJ said and Chris hugged her really tight and Aphrodite saw Charlie still hitting Leo and leo start to hit back and Aphrodite went over to them and pulled Leo off Charlie and before Charlie lunged at leo Aphrodite wrapped her arms around him and she heard him crying

"hey hey what's wrong Charlie"Aphrodite asked"none of this would have happened if I hadn't gotten pissed at the joke Silena made"Charlie said "I'm sorry that you and your siblings got stuck with the f*cked up step mom"Aphrodite said now crying "mom none of us sees you as a step mom"Charlie said and Aphrodite looked at the ground" it's not like that mom no one sees you as a step mom because all of us sees you as our mom and you know if anyone messed with your kids especially that little one my siblings and I would do something about it "Charlie said hugging Aphrodite and Aphrodite fell asleep and Charlie picked her up and wrapped her arms and legs around him and went to his dad and Silena woke up "hey babygirl have a good nap"Hephaestus asked Silena"it was good daddy"Silena said and Seth walked in with Kayla and Olivia and Clarisse's step brother ricki and Charlie wrapped Aphrodite arms and legs around Poseidon and went to Nyssa and picked Sarah up from Nyssa

"she is adorable Charlie"Nyssa said"thanks Nyssa you can watch her anytime sissy"Charlie said and Nyssa nodded and Charlie went to Hephaestus and Silena with Sarah and Hephaestus put Silena Down and AJ ran over to Kayla and Seth and Olivia "Jupiter"Jason and Reyna said "half-blood and hunters"Thalia said "Amazons"hylla said and they all stop talking and Thalia got on the stage and Silena went to her dad "ok hunters I need you to do something for me and my little brother"Thalia said "you mean the little brother who not supposed to exist"Phoebe said and Thalia and zoë and the Romans and Amazons and gods glared at her "Phoebe just shut up lupa means alot to Jason and the Romans and just for that little comments you can sit out of capture the flag on Friday "Thalia said and Thalia hugged Jason and the Greeks and Romans smiled at them

"don't worry about it Thalia we'll send the best"zoë said "umm Thalia can I go you know what happens when I'm here"Willa daughter of Apollo said with Pollux hugging her"willa please don't go "Castor son of Dionysus said and Willa and Pollux tackled him and Willa kissed him and Ariadne walked up behind Dionysus who was now crying "hi baby"Ariadne said hugging her husband "yo sis save me a hug"Michael yew said and the whole Apollo cabin hugged him and Lee Fletcher walked out to and the same happened to and Ethan Nakamura son of Nemesis walked to his table Damien white hugged his brother and Nemesis appeared next to Athena and them and saw Ethan and Thalia and Percy and Nico and Bianca tackled Ethan and Nemesis walked over to them"can I see my son you guys"Nemesis said and the children of the big three went back to where they were and Ethan hugged Nemesis and she hugged him back and kissed his head and messed his hair up "ok ok half-blood continue your reunion later"Jason said "ok things have well I don't want to say changed but back to how it used to be sorry guys your going to hate me but get up here"Thalia said and Luke, Silena, Charlie, Castor,Lee, Michael, Ethan, Bianca, zoë walked up with Thalia "ok who should go first"Bianca asked and the Romans looked confused "zoë nightshade daughter of Atlas co lieutenant of the hunters of Artemis with Thalia grace and here's a real surprise for people who already know me dating Phobos and if anyone wants dirt on the kids of Kronos I'm the bitch to ask also Luke sorry bout when you guys were little"zoë said

"ok nice zoë and we're all cool as long as you tell me and Jason about everything our dad ever done next"Thalia said"sure"zoë said and poseidon and Zeus and Hades and Hestia cheered "Luke castellen son of Hermes boyfriend of this bitch"Luke said pointing at Thalia and camp half-blood and the hunters minus Phoebe cheered "Ethan Nakamura son of Nemesis"Ethan said "Michael yew son of Apollo brother of Lee Fletcher"Michael said"Lee Fletcher son of Apollo brother of Michael yew"Lee said"Silena Beauregard daughter of Aphrodite girlfriend of Charlie beckendorf"Silena said looking at Charlie"Charlie beckendorf son of Hephaestus boyfriend of Silena Beauregard"Charlie said "Castor son of Dionysus and Ariadne and twin brother of Pollux boyfriend of Willa solace twin of will solace"Castor said "hey it's your turn girly make him proud"Thalia said to Bianca smiling "Bianca di Angelo older sister of Nico di Angelo daughter of Hades and Maria di Angelo niece of Poseidon and Zeus former hunter of Artemis cousin of Thalia and Jason grace and Percy Jackson and champion of mythical magic"Bianca said smiling at Nico which caused him to smile back and run up to her and hug her tight and the Romans looked at her in awe and all the gods and Rhea cheered"that's my babygirl"Hades yelled "yes she is Nico's older bio sister and Hazel's half sister "Jason said "also how you guys feel if the camps combined"Reyna, Jason, Thalia,hylla said together and both camps cheered

"of course it would be how is Greeks are used to since it would be here and I'm staying for at least the next two years"Thalia said and Jason and Reyna agreed and Hazel's eyes lit up at that and camp Jupiter went crazy Happy "and we'll keep the name camp half blood since well we are all half bloods"Reyna and Jason said and Jason wrapped his arms around Thalia's stomach and put a hand on it and everyone noticed "umm Jason why are you touching your sisters stomach "Octavian asked and Thalia laid her head against Jason and Luke kissed Thalia and smiled at Thalia and Jason and Thalia smiled back" should we tell them babe"Thalia whispered to Luke"only if you want to tell them"Luke whispered back"Jason tell them why"Thalia whispered to him "what Octavian am I not allowed to be happy that my sister is going to have a baby"Jason said and Aphrodite and Venus kids and the Hermes cabin and all the hunters but Phoebe screamed in excitement. and Thalia saw Hermes and Artemis smiling and Hermes appeared infront of Thalia and picked her up and spun her around

"Hermes you can put me down now"Thalia said and he put her down and Jason went back to having his arms around Thalia "hey Nico why don't you go get the mythical magic game and me , you and Bianca can show Percy and Luke and Jason and hazel how to really play it"Thalia said and Nico ran to get the game and shadow traveled back and Nico, Bianca and Thalia started playing with Silena, Charlie, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Jason, Hazel, Luke,Percy, Sally, Paul, Fredrick, Helen, Bobby,Matthew,lex,AJ, Athena, Poseidon, Hades, Maria watching them and Bianca phone kept going off and so she kept checking it and the smile that was on Nico's face disappeared and Hazel grabbed Bianca's phone"how about you stop texting and pay attention to our brother you know the one you rather have had run away from then be around"Hazel yelled "excuse me "Bianca yelled "you heard me" hazel yelled back "I have taken care of Nico since i was five "Bianca yelled causing skeletons to rises and attack hazel and Poseidon,Zeus,Hades, Percy ran to hazel "what the hell Bianca were you thinking"Hades yelled at her "seriously"Poseidon and Zeus said"you guys are taking her side"Bianca said starting to cry"yea maybe we are she wasn't doing anything "Hades yelled and Bianca ran off crying"Bianca"Maria said with her Italian accent and tears but Bianca wouldn't stop"Et inferus et mors missi sunt cogitas quod ipsa est per XVI annorum anno et nescit quo eat quae(Hades what the hell were you thinking she is a 16 year old and who knows where she is going)"Maria said crying "come on let's go find her"Helen said and Sally agree and Athena riped Bianca's phone out of Hazel's hand "you guys better fix your attitudes"Athena said to Zeus, Poseidon,Hades, Percy "what you want us to do"lex asked "just stay here with the boys ok"Athena said and Athena took Fredrick, Paul, Sally, Helen, Maria to go find Bianca "infantem puella(babygirl)"Maria was saying

with Zeus, Poseidon,Hades

"what were you thinking hazel and you too dad"Nico said "come on Nico I know you were getting upset about it"hazel told Nico"yea I was but you don't know who she could have been talking to hazel and dad one minute your calling her your babygirl and the next your screaming at her because she can't control her powers yet and making her cry"Nico yelled and Nico saw the hurt in Hades eyes when he brought up making Bianca cry and Hades left to go find Bianca

with Athena, Paul, Sally, Maria, Fredrick, Helen

and Athena started looking for Bianca at places Nico would hide and Maria sat down on a rock still crying and Hades appeared behind Maria "Athena any luck at Nico's spots"Hades asked scaring the Hades put of them all "nope"Athena said and Hades walked infront of Maria "Ego paenitet amor numquam nocere vellent, quod similis eius (I'm sorry my love I never wanted to hurt her like that)"Hades told Maria "ok quod in amore lets 'iustus inveniet eam(it's ok love let's just find her)"Maria told Hades and kissed him "what about Zeus's fist would her or Nico go there"Sally asked "Nico would if Thalia was at camp"Hades said and they went to check at Zeus's fist and Hades saw Bianca crying and talking to a boy in an Iris message who looked like leo and everyone saw what Hades was seeing "Sammy I thought my dad loved me and my mom I have always done everything for Nico and I geuss Percy and his dad forgot that"Bianca told the boy "im sure your dad does love you and your mom"the boy Sammy said "I miss you Sammy Nico would definitely like you too "Bianca said "I miss you too Bianca"Sammy "I need to go I'll talk to you later"bianca told him and Bianca drew a heart to Sammy and he drew one back to her before she cut the Iris message off and went back to crying "Hades who was the boy"Maria asked "I don't know love"Hades said

"he looks a lot like leo"Paul said and Hades remembered Bianca called him Sammy"Sammy Valdez"Hades said "isn't Valdez that leo kids last name "Fredrick asked remembering Annabeth saying it was "Sammy is his great grandfather "Hades said "Esperanza Valdez Leo's mom grandfather "Athena said "and was someone hazel used to like and be friends with"Hades said "so he's a ghost"Helen asked "yea"Hades said and Bianca started freezing and Hades took his jacket off and walked over to her and put it around her "go away dad"Bianca yelled "Bianca"Hades said"dad just go you obviously care bout that girl more so just GO"Bianca yelled and pushing him away and Hades left and Athena, Sally, Paul, Fredrick, Helen, Maria went over to her and Maria hugged Bianca "momma he lied to me"Bianca said crying and Hugging Maria back"infantem puella(babygirl) it's ok he's trying"Maria said rubbing Bianca back and hours later bianca fell asleep on Sally and Paul and Maria was watching her sleep as it was getting darker out and poseidon walked up behind Athena"hey Hades and Nico are getting worried about her their pacing the Hades cabin and Thalia and Percy are trying to keep Nico calm"Poseidon said to Athena

"yea well she is kinda asleep"Athena pointed over to Sally and Paul and Fredrick and Helen and Maria who had a sleeping Bianca and Athena and Poseidon walked over to them and poseidon picked Bianca and she woke up a little bit to see who was there. And Poseidon kissed her forehead "go back to sleep girly"Poseidon whispered to her and she fell back asleep and Athena, Sally, Paul, Fredrick,Helen, Poseidon took Bianca to the Hades cabin "thena door"Poseidon asked and Athena opened it for him and they saw Hades and Nico pacing and hazel crying and Nico and Hades saw Bianca sleeping and Nico showed Poseidon to his and Bianca's room and Athena sat Bianca phone on the table and poseidon put Bianca in Nico's bed and put a blanket on her "is she ok uncle Poseidon"Nico said

"yea she should"Poseidon said and they turned the lights off and went back to the others and when they got back Bianca phone started ringing and it was a Iris message Hades set it up like that for her and Nico looked to see who it was "is she ok"hazel asked Maria "yea she's just sleeping"Maria told hazel reassuringly "who's Sammy"Nico asked looking at Bianca phone and Poseidon and Thalia and Percy said that they don't know and Nico answered the Iris message before Hades could stop him and Nico was about to yell at the dude for calling his sister when he saw the dude looked like leo "sis"Nico said to hazel and hazel turned around and saw Sammy "hazel Levesque?" Sammy asked "Sammy Valdez? "hazel asked "wow you look just like I thought you would"Sammy said talking about when he told leo about meeting hazel

"you look younger than i thought you would"hazel said "ok ok why you calling my sister Bianca"Nico said protectively "she said she would talk to me later and that was hours ago"Sammy said "wait her call you?"hazel asked "yea we met a couple of years ago"Sammy said and Bianca woke up to the nosie and walked out to everyone"what the dad's name Nico"Bianca yelled and Nico looked at the ground "sorry just wondered who it was"Nico said not looking at her and Bianca hugged Nico "it's ok bubby"Bianca said "hey sis you ok"hazel asked"fine"Bianca said "wait did hazel just call you sis" Sammy asked "dude you seriously have a type"Nico said and Bianca realized Hades and Poseidon and Zeus was in the room "ok sorry bye " Bianca said drawing a heart and ending the call before he could do anything

"why did that boy look like Valdez"Zeus questioned and Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Sally, Paul,Fredrick,Helen, Hades, Maria, Nico, Bianca, hazel looked over at Percy and Thalia and seen they were snuggling together with Thalia in just her bra and shorts and Percy with just his boxers and realized that they have been asleep the whole time and Percy had one of his arms around Thalia's stomach protectively and Athena grabbed two blankets and threw it on them and Luke, Jason, Piper, Reyna, Annabeth walked in "come on their probably talking to Bianca and Nico and hazel"Annabeth said "hopefully"Jason and Luke and Ares said "you boys gotta relax half the time when you're not here Jason they stay in here"Piper said "I agree with Piper"Reyna said and they walked into the room and saw Thalia and Percy snuggling and asleep on the couch and Percy arm around Thalia's stomach protectively and Jason and Luke relaxed "isn't pass cerfew "Athena said "maybe"Annabeth said still looking at Percy and Thalia and Athena curled up on the other couch and fell asleep"when the Hades did she fall asleep"Jason said pointing at Athena

who was also only in her bra and shorts"what is with girls and not wearing clothes"Paul and Fredrick asked and Poseidon walked over to Athena and wrapped her arms around his neck and picked her up bridal style "so should we wake them"Zeus asked"no just stay here and make sure they don't have nightmares"Poseidon said and Zeus nodded and Hera showed up"is that bitch ever awake"Hera said "do you ever stop being a bitch "Zeus and Poseidon said and Poseidon carried Athena to his cabin with Jason, Piper, Reyna, Luke, Annabeth, Sally, Paul, Fredrick, Helen and when they walked in Ella and Elle were still up and Chris and Clarisse were snuggling in the chair and Malcolm and Nyssa were snuggling on the couch and Silena was sleeping laying on Charlie's arm with Sarah in a basanet and lex was sleeping and cuddling with Bobby and AJ was doing the same with Matthew on the floor and Ares was playing a video game

Poseidon carried Athena to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed and took off her bra and put a big shirt on her and took her shorts off and was about to walk out the door"Poseidon"Athena said softly and Poseidon turned around"yea thena"Poseidon said"best birthday ever"Athena said putting her hand on her stomach "go back to sleep baby"Poseidon said and walked out of the door "AMPHITRITE"Poseidon yelled waking Triton and Pallas up and they walked downstairs shaking Their heads "you might not want to wake Mom up she not happy with you or Percy at the moment"Triton told Poseidon and Daedalus walked out and wrapped his arms around Pallas

"baby come back to bed with me"Daedalus whined "soon babe"Pallas said"yea she definitely not happy with him"Daedalus said kissing Pallas's neck "what he do now"Poseidon said"gave Ella and Elle sugar"Triton said and poseidon went into a room and saw Amphitrite sleeping and he kissed her forehead "hey wake up"Poseidon said and Amphitrite woke up and she woke Metis up and Luke blared the music and Athena woke up and put a shirt and shorts onand went downstairs "when's the last time we actually had a great party"Charlie asked"Luke's and Chris's last one"Annabeth said"yea that party was the best one we had"Clarisse said "well let's have another one"Luke and Chris said and and Athena came down the stairs and Poseidon and Amphitrite and Metis walked out of the room and Roy and Natalie came into the room with Natalie in her bra and underwear and Roy in his boxers and making out and Hades, Maria,Zeus, Thalia, Nico, Bianca, hazel ,frank,and some other Mars kids,Percy, Dionysus,Ariadne, Hestia, Dylan, Rhea, Kronos, Oceanus, Tristan Emma,drew, Drew's dad ray ,Conor , Connor and Travis stoll , Katie and Miranda Gardener, Atlas, zoë, Phobos,Eros harmonia, Deimos, khione, enyo, Ethan, Michael,Lee,will, Hermes, Artemis, Mark, hylla,Apollo, Rachel Kalia, annabeth's brother Troy and sister Taylor, Clarisse's brother Austin, sister Alexey, Ashton, Ashley, Austin, Kristen walked into the cabin and kalia went over to Aphrodite and Aphrodite picked her up and Athena and Ares saw AJ snuggling with Matthew and lex snuggling with Bobby and Athena woke them up and then Silena and Charlie went to take Sarah to her dad and his mom to watch and Clarisse texted Sherman to bring the Ares cabin and Chris did the same thing for the rest of the cabins and Silena and Charlie brought food and the Aphrodite cabin with them when they came back

"so when Sherman say they going to be here"harmonia asked "two minutes"Clarisse said and just then Sherman opened the door with beer and the Ares kids behind him girls in tight leather dresses and leather jackets and the boys with leather jacket and army pants and Annabeth sister Alexis was right behind the Ares kids with the Athena kids who were matching the Ares cabin and Castor and Pollux and Willa brought a whole lot more beer and alcohol and the next time there was a knock on the door Silena opened it and saw leo and Silena motioned for Charlie to come over to her and Charlie did just that and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck "what you want"Charlie said to leo "can I talk to you both"leo said to them "you don't have to talk to him if you don't want to Silena"Charlie whispered to her "sure leo "Silena said pulling Charlie with her out the door "Charlie be nice and hear him out ok"Silena said"fine only for you baby"Charlie said and when they turned around to face leo they saw him on the ground crying "I'm so sorry I don't know why i did that earlier I should have known it wasn't me doing it since something similar happened before"leo said still crying and starting to shake and Charlie had been holding Silena tight against him "what do you mean similar happened before"Charlie asked

"on the Argo Jason, Percy and I were all possessed by eidolons and nearly killed each other"leo told them and Silena hugged leo "leo that stuff happens to me all the time with me being Aphrodite daughter so I'm used to it but this one can be a little jealous at times"Silena told leo and Charlie looked at the ground knowing it was true and Charlie rubbed his back "she's right kinda do get jealous"Charlie said and Silena pulled Charlie to her and kissed him "oh by the way I found this when I first got here I'm guessing it's yours"leo said pulling out a diamond ring and handed it to Charlie "where did you find this at"Charlie asked hugging leo "fetus the golden dragon sorry about fetus no one said anything"leo said"yea I built him to protect the camp but he went wild Annabeth said something about you fixing him gods so that's where this thing went"Charlie said looking at the ring "Charlie why do you have a diamond ring"Silena asked and Charlie pulled Silena and leo into Poseidon's cabin and got on one knee "baby I was going to do this when the war with the Titans happened but we know how that turned out but will you marry me"Charlie asked and Silena started crying and kissed Charlie"yes baby"Silena said as Charlie was putting the ring on her hand and Silena kissed him again and again

"ok ok I think we really do have a reason to be having a party"Luke said picking Silena up and hugging her and Asclepius,tia, Plutus,Melinoë,Perseus walked into the room and Asclepius walked over to harmonia and Ares, Deimos, Phobos,Eros,Kalia, khione, Aphrodite, Hephaestus and wrapped his arms around harmonia Ares, Deimos, Phobos,Eros looked very confused at it and harmonia laughed at them and turned around to face Asclepius and put her arms around his neck and kissed him and he kissed her back and put his hands on her hips and that kiss lasted a long time until Ares snapped out of it and pulled harmonia away from Asclepius and hugged her tight

Aphrodite rolled her eyes at him but smiled at their daughter and Aphrodite felt someone's hand touching her stomach and she looked down and realized that it was just her husband and she turned to face him and Psyche appeared behind her husband Eros "they're all with someone heph"Aphrodite said starting to cry"not all of them aphy"Hephaestus said moving his hand on her stomach and Psyche kissed her husband neck and Eros not knowing it was his wife pushed her off him so then Psyche took her shirt off to reveal her 46c breasts and walked infront of Eros "baby I thought you were going to be out with Hedone tonight"Eros asked his wife and she started to undo her bra in front of him and every other male in the cabin and it pissed Eros off to think that there could be a chance someone else would be able to see and Psyche started to unbutton her very tight short shorts and Eros grabbed her and pulled her to Poseidon and Sally, Paul,Fredrick Helen, Athena "where's a room"Eros asked Athena and Psyche had a smile on her face "left"Athena said pointing down the hall and Eros pick Psyche up bridal style and ran to the room "what the heck was that all about" Fredrick asked "my nephew is going to get laid"Athena said laughing"about time one of them four did"poseidon said and when Eros got to the room he opened the door and threw Psyche on the bed and shut the door and locked it and when he turned to Psyche she had taken her shorts off and was only in her bra and thong and eros got very hard he loved seeing her in just that "come on baby make love with me"psyche started crying and "seeing her cry hurt him and he went to sit next to her"yes baby but please don't cry you know it hurts me to see my love cry"Eros told her and rubbing her puss*"I'm sorry I know it hurts you"Psyche said

"baby I'm sorry I haven't been home with you lately but you know the love business one day it's not busy then goes weeks being busy"Eros told her as he took her thong off and then stuck two fingers in her and that caused Psyche to moan loudly and Eros moved himself down so he could lick her puss* and eat her Eros looked at Psyche and she nodded to him and he stuck his tounge in her and started to enjoy his wife and he knew he wanted more then that and Eros removed his pants and Psyche saw the huge bulge in Eros boxers and Eros saw her looking with hunger in her eyes and he pulled down his boxers to show his huge length and not waiting for permission to go in yet he enters his wife and pushes himself all the way in her and she screams and crys with joy and Eros pulled back some so he could look at his wife and wipe the tears away and he keeps pushing himself all the way in again and again until he feels himself about to cum and he starts to pull out but Psyche flips them over for her to be on top and she pushes herself down on him so he is all the way in her again"baby no pulling out"Psyche said kissing Eros and Eros flipped them back over getting ready to cum and he grabs the bed sheets to keep him deep inside of her and he came and fell on her and when Eros checked his phone he noticed that they had sex for two hours and Psyche sat up and Eros noticed the blood on the sheets "you ok baby"Eros asked as he cleaned himself off and got dressed "definitely better puss* hurts a little but love it"Psyche said rubbing herself to make her feel better"ok want me to wait in here for you to get dressed"Eros asked and Psyche nodded and went to get dressed and Eros took off the bloody sheets and put on a clean one.

and Psyche walked out dressed and hugged Eros and kissed him and Eros and Psyche walked back to the living room realizing that the party was still going on and they went back to Athena and them "hey what should I do with this Aunt thena"Eros whispered "just put it in the basket"Athena said"stay here babe I'll be back "Eros told Psyche and went and put the sheet in the basket and went back to his wife and she got really red thinking about what just happened "do I even want to know what happened to the sheets"Poseidon asked Eros "no you don't want to know"Eros said laughing and wrapping his arms around Psyche waist and Zeus, Deimos, Phobos, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus,harmonia walked over to them "oh my Eros where the hell were you"harmonia said crying and hugging her older brother and Eros rubbed her back to clam his little sister down "that's probably the longest time you two have"Deimos said to Eros and Psyche"I don't want to hear about my brother having sex"harmonia said

"harmonia you and Asclepius are having sex"Eros and Deimos and Phobos said and they said that right when Ares was eating and Ares started choking and Aphrodite and Hephaestus pated his back "breath Ares you didn't really think she was still a virgin did you"Athena said ", well he handled that better than when he found out Chris and Clarisse were having sex"harmonia said and Asclepius walked over to them and Ares pulled out a couple of knives and threw two at him "dad stop"harmonia said and hugged him and Zeus looked over at Jason,Piper,Thalia,Luke and seen Piper making out with Jason on his Thalia making out with luke on his and Jason had his hands under Piper's shirt and Annabeth and Percy doing the same

"you better have that room ready"Zeus told Poseidon"why who going to screw who now"Poseidon asked"might be Jason and Piper"Zeus said"but didn't they already have sex"Poseidon said"no she just took the test just to take it"Aphrodite said "oh "Poseidon said and Jason looked at Piper with a "you want me to"look and Piper nodded and Jason moved his hand over her breasts and traced them while kissing her and then he grabbed her breasts and squeezed them and Piper felt his length start to get really hard against her vigina and pulled him closer to her and Jason leaned forward so Piper could wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her to their godly parents and Luke and Percy did the same thing and Ares tossed Jason a pack of condoms and Percy went to go straight to a room "yo yo yo Jackson you aren't thinking of doing my little sister without a condom are you"Luke said pulling away from Thalia and Hephaestus threw a box at Percy and Annabeth and Annabeth ducked and the box hit Percy in the face and the gods all started laughing "that's karma Percy for trying to have sex with my niece without condoms"Hephaestus told him and that made them laugh harder

"hey I had sex with your sister without a condom and nothing happened"Luke said laughing"I'm pretty sure I told you no condom even when we were kids "Thalia said "you guys need one "Ares asked "no Ares we don't need one just tired of aphy's kids literally watching us make out"Luke said "why do you think that if we do anything like that we go to his cabin"Aphrodite said laughing"so can you guys like walk now someone I tired of being patient"Piper said about Jason "just go"Fredrick said and Jason ran to the nearest room and threw Piper on the bed and Percy went to his room and Thalia and Luke to another

Piper and Jason

"hey pipes you want music or no?"Jason ask trying to not have her be scared "do you lightning boy?"Piper asked "yea let's put some on so no one hear us"Jason said and they picked a song and "pipes lay down please"Jason said and she laid down on the bed and Jason took her shirt off and started kissing Piper's neck and down her stomach and to her shorts and Jason put one hand on the inside of Piper thigh and kissed by the rim of her shorts"Jason stop please"Piper said and Jason sat up quickly "you ok pipes"Jason asked" I'm ok just wanted to know is it going to hurt?"Piper asked"from what people have told me it hurts for a little bit and then stops if it hurts alot just tell me"Jason said rubbing her thighs "ok continue"Piper said and Jason took his shorts and t-shirt off and started to kiss by the rim of her shorts and Piper grabbed Jason's hair and Jason pulled down his boxers and Piper bit her lip and pulled down her shorts and Jason saw that she was wearing a thong and he was getting really hard and he kissed her over her thong and he pulled them off her and kissed her where her thong covered and it made Piper shiver and Jason put the condom on "Piper I promise that I'll always use a condom until you feel your ready for us not to"Jason told her and kissed her forehead and Piper smiled at Jason"just get in me"Piper told him "yes ma'am"Jason said and thrusted into her and went on for about an hour"Jason"Piper kept screaming his name and that made Jason very happy and he came and fell on Piper and Piper pushed his hair out of his face and Jason kissed her"that was really something"Jason said "that was amazing"Piper said half asleep "pipes take a nap I'm going to go talk to Thalia"Jason told her and kissed her head and got dressed and went to talk to Thalia

Thalia and Luke

"Luke what if it goes horrible for them"Thalia asked worried"I'm sure it will be fine"Luke said to relax her and kissing her neck and then there was a knock on the door "Luke can you get it"Thalia asked and Luke got up and opened the door "hey Jason you wanna talk to your sister"Luke asked"yea Luke she still in here"Jason asked "yea she is"Luke answered and taking Jason to Thalia "hey Jace how it go"Thalia asked worriedly"it was what Piper say amazing"Jason said "so where is Piper"Luke asked "napping "Jason said and there was another knock on the door and Piper walked in "pipes I thought I said to nap"Jason said and Piper wrapped her arms around Jason "you weren't there"Piper said "come on your guys parents are probably wondering how it went"Luke said and they went to the living room

Percy and Annabeth

"Percy"Annabeth said"yea wise girl"Percy answered "I love you"Annabeth said as Percy came."I love you too"he said and they got went to the living room

living room

where everyone but Bianca, Frank, hazel, Nico, Sally, Paul, Fredrick, Helen, Bobby ,Matthew, Athena, Poseidon, Hades, Maria, Zeus ,Emma, Tristan ,Thalia, Luke, Jason ,Piper, lex ,Ares, AJ, Amphitrite, Rhea , Silena, Charlie,leo,Kronos , Reyna, hylla,enyo,Metis ,Mark, Clarisse ,Chris ,and the rest of the gods that were there left and Piper, Jason, Thalia, Luke, Percy, Annabeth walked in the room and Silena and Charlie, Clarisse, Chris,Mark, Malcolm, Nyssa, leo, Bianca, Hazel,frank, cheered "you guys are weird"Thalia said laughing"hi guinea pig"hylla said laughing and Reyna and Thalia and Nico and Annabeth and the Gods started laughing "it's not funny you guys"Percy said "oh Percy it is to funny"Nico said and the demigods went to Percy's room to sleep for a couple hours and Emma and Tristan went to have sex again Athena pulled Sally,Paul,Fredrick, Helen, Maria,Rhea to Poseidon's room while the other gods and Titans do whatever they do

Chapter 8: chapter 8

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I do own pjo or hoo rick riordan does or song lyrics the writers do

pallas pulled Daedalus on the bed and he wrapped his arms around her. Triton started going though Athena's clothes and picked some out "hey were going to have to tell them eventually"Daedalus whispered to her and she looked at triton then started crying. Triton handed the clothes to Athena and fredrick then sat next to his daughter,pallas then hid under the blanket then Daedalus followed. triton started tickling her " so when you gonna tell us your pregnant "trition said as she was laughing pallas then peeked up from the covers and athena started laughing at pallas."how you two know"pallas asked "your acting amphritrite"athena said "and im your father i think i would noticed"triton said as pallas's face got pale really pale " grandpa doesn't know does he" she asked crying."highly doubt it he's too busy trying not to get killed by zeus"Triton said kissing her head. Daedalus and pallas started laughing and athena showed triton the clothes in her hand "yea yea yea"he said grabbing the clothes and sorted them as athena took her shirt off leaving her in her bra and shorts having everyone notice the scars on her back "athena honey where did you get those scars from"rhea asked making athena notice everyone was looking at her back. athena then saw the angry look in Triton's eye and ran and locked herself in the bathroom in the room. "i swear if its my dad..."Triton finished midway"Triton i can definitely tell you its not your father or hers because they seen their dad do that"rhea said "looking at the floor "oh yea sorry grandma" he said know what is was that she was talking about "gg why are you still with him then" pallas asked "im gonna check on her "Triton said going to the bathroom door "because he still cares " rhea told her " athena please open the door " Triton begged "triton please go away i don't want to talk about it "athena cried " athena just let me in " he said as she opened the door and let him in and continued crying"just don't ask questions "she said "damn it Athena why the hades didn't you tell me " he yelled at her "Triton were not five anymore"she yelled back"i know and I'm sorry we never yell at each other "he said "no we don't"she answered laying against him

"can i see the scars on your back"he asked. athena turned so he could see her back he saw a scar that looks like she got it when she was five "you get that the same way as the other ones"he asked pointing to the scar and she nodded"you know Maria,fred,Helen,Paul,sally cares about you"he said "yea I guess" athena said "do you want me to grab you a shirt "he said hugging her as she nodded and he went and grabbed a shirt as she stood outside the door .he went though her shirts trying to find her favorite shirt and jacket which was a blue crop top and a gray fuzzy jacket and took it back to her. she put the clothes on "hey im pretty sure dad knows by now"he said "what you told him"she said"no grandma and dae i guess went downstairs a while ago "he said as she pulled him to the bed and pushed Daedalus off it then got on it. Athena then snuggled into triton's side and fell ,,zeus,Poseidon opened the door and they saw Athena sleeping"wake her up"kronos said "no,no one is waking my mother up"Athena's son Adian who has been missing for three years said as zeus sat on the bed next to athena and pushed her hair back. Triton and Poseidon went on the balcony to talk and kronos hugged rhea "did she tell you who did it"Poseidon asked "no she didn't want to talk about it really "Triton said and saw the sadness in Poseidon's eyes"i'm sure Athena wouldn't care if you, sally and paul went somewhere"Triton said but Poseidon just shook his head.

in the bedroom

"rhea im so sorry"kronos whispered and hugged rhea tightly " kronos i love you "rhea kissed him. Poseidon and Triton walked back in the room as lou ellen and her four year old daughter ava walked in. ava and lou ellen saw Adian "daddy" ava jumped on Adian and he hugged her tightly and ava started laughing as lou ellen just stared at him and aj pulled her on top of him "lou baby why you looking at me like that"he asked "nothing Adian just looking "she blushed as he kissed her. " so what I miss"adian laughed which caused lou to hit him " percy and annabeth gross everyone out still and charlie and Silena have a kid" lou ellen said "so jackson didn't get lost in new jersey that's mean mr.d was looking forwad to that" adian said " oh yea thalia still trys to kill percy and im pretty sure nyssa and mark are going to get back together "ava said "who's Thalia "adian played dumb and athena punched him"meanie " adian pouted "well don't act dumb" athena said pushing zeus off the bed just so Poseidon could sit there."ewwwwwwwww"ava laughed and adian hit the wall with his head " oh no annabeth's gonna kill you" malcom said " no im sure luke is "Aidan said going in his secret stash of drugs " yo what is even on the cd"malcom said " um im pretty sure were the bosses of finding out"travis and conner said grabbing it and played it "is that luke sleeping in Thalia's tree"chris laughed

Chapter 9: chapter 9

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i don't own pjo or hoo rick riodian does and the lyrics the writers do

"oh shut up "luke walked in with silena,charlie,annabeth" oh luke slept with a tree"percy laughed making luke push him against the wall "say it again i dare you "luke said "calm down Luke"annabeth said "to be honest its a little funny but its really cute" thalia smiled at him. luke took the disk from travis and Conner "percy leave the poor guy alone "sally said " he was fourteen and just lost his bestfriend and i'm pretty sure we all slept in that tree at one time or another"silena said " yea like when travis and conner prank people" charlie said "you must of been out there alot"luke said " thats what chiron and mr.d thinks"charlie said " you snuck in cabin 10 and f*cked silena didn't you "luke said "not my fault her room is soundproof when its locked"charlie said "damn thats what the hermes cabin needs you probably can hear chris and Clarisse and thalia and Luke on Olympus "percy said " oh no we hear you and annabeth more then them"Aphrodite said "yea and we can hear you and whoever from under the water" triton laughed "the night Silena and charlie do it you have to hid if your in cabin 9 or 10" drew said "what were not that loud"charlie defended himself "oh really cabin six can hear you to and what you say don't let us sleep"annabeth said "oh yea we hear malcom and every girl in camp every night"clarisse said when nyssa walked in with mark " oh and little miss perfect and mark all night damn don't you guys sleep"sherman said "no we don't "mark said "well i wish we weren't behind them and hear that"Hephaestus facepalmed "you think "ares said"what we're just catching up on it"mark laughed

"oh my gods mark shut up"Nyssa yelled" ok officially grossed out"Charlie and Hephaestus said"at least it wasn't about your parents"luke laughed "oh gross "silena pretended to gag but smiled "i love you but you need to take a shower"Aphrodite told Hephaestus who was hugging her from behind "yea yea "Hephaestus said "oh gods what we walk in on "Daedalus said with his sister Bea wise and her friend Arnold beefcake behind him " i don't want to know "bea said laughing "dickhe*d's here"Arnold said making bea laugh "hey don't be impudent"bea said "what does that even mean brainy"arnold looked confused " it means not showing due respect for another person"bea said glaring at him "you only saying that because you still have feelings for the dick"arnold said "θα σε σκοτώσω"bea yelled(i'll kill you ) "εντάξει, δοκιμάστε το κορίτσι της Αθηνάς"arnold said (ok, try Athena's kid) as bea tried to stab him "εντάξει εντάξει, παρακαλώ Bea, δεν τον αξίζει"triton stopped her (ok ok, please Bea, he does not deserve it) "why should I listen to you "bea screamed at triton and punched him."σας παρακαλούμε bea"he said (please bea) still holding her back from arnold and everyone watching in aww "great skan* here"hebe said walking in with amphitrite and Hera ,Natalie, roy,emily "who you calling a skan* "bea said "duh you"hebe said "oh you wanna see skan* "bea muttered under her breath "do it"arnold stood next to ares,athena,Aphrodite and held Elle "what is she going to do"fredrick asked "oh you'll see"arnold smirked as bea kissed Triton who didn't hesitate to kiss her back and slid his hand up her shirt.

"oh i've missed this"bea thought as triton wrapped his arms around her waist "ok ok please stop i'm gonna gag cuz"arnold said "f*ck you"hebe stormed out of Poseidon's cabin "and that is what you and uncle percy look like annabeth"natalie said after bea pulled away from Triton. " oh you pissed her off" athena said "um don't you pretty much live to piss her off"triton said "it's not like she doesn't do it to you"paolo said " and you speak English"the demigods and some the gods said "yes i do but alot easy to speak portagess and it pisses most the gods off" Paolo said as Chiara and daimen and ethan walked in "meaning your mom and grandmother"chiara laughed "yes beautiful daughter of tyche"paolo said "you better watch it "daimen glared "get over yourselves chiara your grandmother is Aphrodite just admit you and daimen are dating"Clarisse laughed as chiara and daimen looked at the ground "um certain daughters of Aphrodite are getting the f*ck beat out of them by ares and Apollo kids"Ethan said "finally action"mark pulled Clarisse out "yea and it the no offense but its the slu*t cabin getting beat "harley walked in "we are so watching this"silena giggled "these are your sibling were talking about"chris said "so they deserve it especially if the Hephaestus cabin joins in to"silena and Aphrodite said as katie ran into the room "KATIE GARDENER I SWEAR"travis yelled "what happened"silena noticed katie crying "don't turn all momma bear on us Beauregard"katie said "tell. .or i will make all you girls make overs and make the boys freak"silena glared "my dad he didn't even acknowledge the letters from during the war like who does that"katie cried " geez theres a lot of steps "travis went straight to Katie and sat her in his lap "if it was me i would tell him to f*ck off"charlie said making katie laugh "well that is a first

"travis said "bet you been holding that in for years" katie finally said "nah you tend to get over that part of your life but parents relationship or step dads"charlie got cut off by silena saying "ok they don't need the details babe""sorry "charlie said "try step moms "chiara said as charlie and katie hit her with a pillow "well at least your dad doesn't hate me"Travis laughed "leave that job for my mom"katie kissed him "eww gross"Demeter appeared "um shouldn't it be the other way around love"karmanor said "yea dad it is "chrysothemis said "how you get here"trition asked "i am related to hermes "chrysothemis blushed "ok gross"Demeter wrapped herself in karmanor " ok f*cking stop mother me and Eubouleus know you give more of a f*ck about persephone then us "chrysothemis hugged Poseidon "yea not caring"Eubouleus appeared "katieeeee"katie little sister daisy ran in screaming and hugged her as Connor and Cecil ran after her "ok way to be dicks you two"Chris picked daisy up "who gave you sugar"travis took daisy from chris "percy"miranda said "you never give stolls or Cecil sugar they be up all night"chris said "by the way who knew malcom had a thing for Laurel"Cecil jumped on the bed "oh she hot but we have enough hitters"connor said kissing miranda "yea you better "miranda said "and you all think Clarisse is a hand full"chris said getting Cecil off the bed

"come on you guys f*cking knock it off"luke smacked their heads as Clarisse Micheal,lee,mark walked in arguing about a chariot "not again"silena pouted against Charlie "whats up with everyone"Harmonia asked "ares and apollo fighting again"charlie said "ok boring"Harmonia messed with silena's and Charlie's hair "connor get off me"silena screamed "Chris is going to kill me"Connor said. hey Britomartis is coming"Harmonia told Eubouleus "why the hell haven't i killed zeus yet"Eubouleus walked in with a guy who was looking at Harmonia and held a little girl and boy."why does every guy do that"percy said making everyone look at the guy and britomartis "kids go sit on the bed "the male whispered to the kids as he sits them down "ok daddy"the little girl said pulling her brother to the bed "cad"Harmonia said with shock but smiled "what the hades is he doing here"Asclepius yelled pulling Harmonia to him "leave mommy alone" the little boy ran to Harmonia

"don't even think of it "Harmonia glared at Asclepius "you ok mommy"he asked Harmonia "yea fine illyrius "she looked at Cadmus while she pick illyrius up "semele on the bed mommy"illyrius said as Harmonia saw cadmus getting ready to punch Asclepius "you ok "Harmonia asked Cadmus after setting illyrius on the bed with semele and walking over to him "i thought he was going to hit you my love "cadmus whispered picking her up "he was just a f*ck boy and i've always loved you"Harmonia whispered and wrapped herself around him as cadmus kissed her."hestia is getting f*cked"micheal kahale laughed "by who "jason said "Nerites i think remeber not so good with greek names "micheal said "brothers like sisters"amphitrite said walking in with Artemis and apollo and zoë "at least it wasn't zeus"zoë laughed "aren't you supposed to be with your dad"apollo said "no i love bugging you "zoë said as hermes,kym, pleione,Hesperis,leto,hecate walked in "ok too many people in here"cecil said "campfire"luke said "finally you people say that" a blond kid said "i been here since i was 14 but who the f*ck is that"luke said "your dad said to keep your mouth shut Maggie"a girl the same age said "maggie who names their son Maggie"hermes rolled on the floor " first were from Boston, Massachusetts and maggie is short for Magnus"the blond said " ok Magnus parent"luke said "i don't think you would know him "magnus said "try me "luke said "he is the twin of freya and the husband of gerd and the son of njord and the god of peace, fertility, wealth, rain, summer, and sunshine."magnus smirked "who the f*ck they"chris said "frey norse god like i said been here since i was 14"luke said "alex and blitzen "magnus pointed to the others

"alright chase but i better not get killed by my uncle"blitzen said "only i can say that i been killed by my uncle "magnus said "sorry dude thats sucks" blitzen rubbed his neck "ok alex fierro daughter of Loki"she said "blitzen son of freya"he said "theres your answer "magnus rolled his eyes "magnus chase be nice"blitzen said "oh damn any chance your related to an annabeth"luke said as magnus took Sumarbrander his sword to luke's neck "i wouldn't do that if i was you"silena filed her nails "why it matter"magnus said "he was just asking"alex kissed magnus "age"luke asked "16 anymore questions "magnus said "yea to the first one"Luke said "yes"magnus yelled "no way chase has a cousin"Clarisse said "yea well technically 3 but we don't talk about the other two"magnus said "dude come on really your mom listens better then you"frey said smirking "oh gross "blitzen said as kym laid her 6 year old son Anthony and three year old daughter keke on the bed "Kym"Triton said "don't worry i'm not staying mom and dad didn't want me around in the first place and i'm sure it didn't change when they got divorced"kym said as triton glared "Please"keke said "i will lock this door if you don't "frey said sitting next to Athena."look if i wanted to get raped i would have just stayed with Briares"kym stormed out of the cabin

"well that happened"magnus said "mommy"keke hid under the covers "she be back always does"Anthony said just as kym walked back in and went under the covers with keke."well were going to get cookies"Eubouleus said "cookies me like cookies"keke jumped off the bed "really you had to say that"kym sat up in the bed "mommy this is cookies we talking bout"keke was in Eubouleus's arms "fine but your watching them"kym smirked taking keke from Eubouleus "are you two dating or something"Poseidon had athena on his lap " duh its obvious now can we go" Aphrodite said leading them outside

Chapter 10: chapter 10

Chapter Text

i don't own pjo or hoo rick riodian does or song it goes to the writer/singer

"well you staying tonight"silena asked charlie as she sat on his lap "i don't know baby"charlie kissed her "ok ok listen up bella and us decided to do something new"lacy said "like what you guys striping"ellis yelled "that would be hot as f*ck"shermen said "bet jake mason would love that "mark looked at Jake "nah you would all like it if it was Beauregard"shane said "so you like it like this"lacy straddled shermen "yea keep doing that"shermen tried keeping her on his lap but lacy got off him and straddled Jake "i know you want to see me stripe and touch me"she messed with the ends of his shorts "you-u-u know"he said "yea i know baby"she kissed him and took her shirt off "f*ck"the ares cabin yelled "gods my brothers are gross"bella said pulling lacy off Jake "yea they are"lou ellen said

You're so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil, could you be an angel
Your touch magnetizing
Feels like I'm floating, leaves my body glowing

They say be afraid
You're not like the others, futuristic lovers
Different DNA, they don't understand you

You're from a whole other world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go, lead me into the light

Kiss me, k-k-kiss me
Infect me with your love and fill me with your poison
Take me, t-t-take me
Wanna be a victim, ready for abduction
Boy, you're an alien, your touch so foreign
Its supernatural, extraterrestrial

You're so supersonic
Wanna feel your powers, stun me with your lasers
Your kiss is cosmic, every move is magic

You're from a whole other world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go, lead me into the light

Kiss me, k-k-kiss me
Infect me with your love, and fill me with your poison
Take me, t-t-take me
Wanna be your victim, ready for abduction
Boy, you're an alien, your touch so foreign
Its supernatural, extraterrestrial

There is this transcendental, on another level
Boy, you're my lucky star
I wanna walk on your wave length
And be there when you vibrate

For you I risk it all, al"lacy sung as Bella sung"Kiss me, k-k-kiss me

Infect me with your love and fill me with your poison
Take me, t-t-take me
Wanna be your victim, ready for abduction
Boy, you're an alien, your touch so foreign
It's supernatural, extraterrestrial
Extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial

Boy, you're an alien, your touch so foreign
Its supernatural, extraterrestrial"

"damn that girl can sing"harley said "just kiss the girl"ares and charlie yelled as bella sat on harley's lap "you sure your ares and not Aphrodite's"Mitchell said as harley smacked him "ok silena's turn"lacy said "wait what "silena said"oh luke said you wanted to"bella said "your welcome "luke said "im gonna kill you Castellan "silena yelled "good luck everyone does"luke said "we're just f*cking with you "bella said calming silena down "ok "silena said and Hestia and Nerites walked over holding hands "sup sis"Nerites said "i am not here"Amphitrite said "hey girly your mom is a jerk"Nerites told kym "oh im the jerk "amphitrite crossed her arms "yea we know"kym said "what you do get the girl knocked up already"Amphitrite said glaring at Nerites "this fight is going to be one hell of a clencher" Clarisse said as chiron stood up as the barrier were getting weak "what the hell"luke said as grover and ichneutae ran over "chill its holding the colchis Bulls out"grover said "ichneutae what the f*ck"clarisse yelled "isn't he supposed to be i don't know dead you know scylla and all"ellis said "yea so" ichneutae said

"why no one tell me dad was marrying the sea bitch"Adrestia laughed "Adrestia"harmonia held semele and Illyrius "hey twin"adrestia glared at percy but then saw Hylla "what you doing here"phobos picked her up "circe wanted me to tell hylla see you in 10 minutes"adrestia smiled evily "10 minutes i can't get ready in 10 minutes"hylla said "its nothing formal and Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano you too also hylla impressive being Circe's Favorite Attendant and Honorary Daughter of Ares"adrestia said "thanks but you have to thank jackson here for ruining that and im surprise i haven't killed him yet like i promised myself to do right Blackbeard"hylla said "i do have a name" edward teach said eating "you guys are friends"reyna turned green "actually sis were a little more then friends sorry"hylla said "i promise only if circe doesn't try to kill me i won't kill her "edward said "what is that supposed to mean were a little more then friends"reyna said "i think she means their f*cking each other"jason rubbed her back "oh gross enemy number 1"reyna ran off to throw up"gotta say queen of the amazons and you are doing a way better job then Otrera ever did and gross bro "adrestia also ran off to throw up "definitely ares daughter "Harmonia said handing semele and Illyrius to Hephaestus "you good sis"tiberinus said

"i geuss just hard to sleep when dad's around"metis said "well im here and so is zeus so don't worry and if he really loves you he won't let oceanus get to you"Tiberius hugged her which earned him a glare from percy "thanks Bub"metis smiled at him "zeus ain't going to be happy about you hugging her"percy told tiberinus "i'm allowed to hug my own sister Perseus Jackson"tiberinus rubbed metis's back "hey your fine Bub"metis glared at percy "ok well look i want you to meet someone"tiberinus pulled her away to Rhea Silvia, and zeus "come on i'm gonna go back to my cabin"silena grabbed charlie's hand

Chapter 11: chapter 11

Chapter Text

i don't own pjo or hoo rick riordan does

athena's pov

"so what's up"fredrick asked me as mark and shermen threw a football and silena and charlie went back to the Aphrodite cabin "other then half the girls here are slu*ts good"i told him "hey kiddo"Nerites said hugging me "oh gross you smell like fish"i told him "why you think i sent him over to you"Amphitrite said "oh by the way Thetis is coming"nerites said loud enough for Aphrodite to hear "fun"Aphrodite said sarcastically "is dione coming at least"metis said "yes and Styx"nerites laughed"whats so funny" Tethys said " glad you two are having fun"Hecate yelled at Artemis and Apollo while holding tears back "boo"Lelantos picked Hecate up "hey cuz"Aura said " sup titan goddess of the breeze and fresh,cool air "Apollo smirked hugging her "hey Circe"i told her "hi"she glared at Percy "does everyone want to murder him"fredrick asked me "yea he ruined the last of my family I had"Circe said as Hylla tackled her with Blackbeard behind her "hey"Nereus wrapped his arms around Doris"s waist "you drunk already"Amphitrite said "nope phoebe is though"Nereus said "i'm not saving her this time"Lelantos said going to Phoebe "as he walks to her"Nereus laughed sitting next to Amphitrite "oh he's not gonna be able to stop her"Leto said "aunts i tell you"Doris sat on Nereus"s lap as Amphitrite was on her phone"please tell me Rhode is here"Circe said "thought you two hated each other"Helios smirked "oh shut up dad and aren't you supposed to be dead"Circe said. "ouch that hurt a lot "Helios said as rhode walked up to him and kissed him.

"why can't you date Nike"Enyo asked ares "how we get to this topic"ares pulled her on his lap "because Amphitrite hates me just because of who I am"Enyo gave him the puppy dog face while crying "oh don't do that you know i can't say no to that ughhhh"he said "you rather be with someone who hates your little sister basically saying she hates you because we're twins"enyo rambled on "hey calm down a little"ares told her glaring at Amphitrite as silena came back with Sarah "hey where's Charlie"Aphrodite asked "oh he passed out "silena smirked "and he said he wasn't tired"i said "also theres a guy mexican desent asking for bellona"silena said "who you screwing"ares looked at enyo "no one i already have two daughters who hate me"enyo said "name"jason said "Julian"silena said making hylla and reyna tense up for a second "SILENA BEAUREGARD YOU EVER HAVE ONE OF YOUR SIBLINGS CHARM SPEAK ME TO SLEEP AGAIN I SWEAR YOU GUYS WON'T FIND MAKEUP FOR YEARS"charlie yelled while walking with Julian "you good"nico whispered to reyna after shadow traveling to her "yea I'm fine"she said.

"sorry but you needed the sleep and i don't Even wear makeup half the time its natural thanks"silena scoffed as Charlie wrapped his arms around her from behind "Hola princesa"julian told reyna "hola papá"she said"didn't know you knew Spanish"leo said "ella nació en Puerto rico"julian said "si papá"hylla hugged him"hola soy jason grace hijo de júpiter compañero pretor de la duodécima legión con reyna y mi hermana thalia grace hija de zeus es amiga de hylla"Jason said"impresionada"reyna said"think thats impressive watch"Jason smirked"ok show us"leo said "Gvgeyu'i pipes"jason said "awww Gvgeyu'i too Jason"piper cuddled with him "say what"leo said "nothing"Jason said"i'm impressed not an easy language to learn"piper laughed"well i already know latin and Spanish and don't take greek because thalia lables everything so why not"jason said "you mean teaches you"thalia laughed."boys"Artemis said "oh but you totally like me"hermes smirked "ok aunt in the room "zoé smiled "aunt"half the demigods yelled "oh gods you guys are dumb maia is a daughter of atlas and pleione"zoé said as Triteia and Melanippus walked in with comaetho

pallas pov

"oh ares is in some trouble"i slid Daedalus's arm around me as Apollo and tyche 6 and four year old daughters jasmine and makya ran over to apollo while caring their 10 month old sister artemisia "your turn"jasmine handed artemisia to apollo as tyche appeared "hey that cheating"makya said taking off but not before hermaphroditus picked her up "bed"he said "not tired yet"the girls said "come on i got things to do "hermaphroditus pouted "like what other then spend time with Chiara like your always saying"tyche said "um the manticore and minotaur "hermaphroditus said "you let that thing out your the one to put it back in"Daedalus yelled " how about you just don't go near either one"Ariadne complained "ok girls go to Luke"tyche said "why he hanging out with monsters do he have no friends"makya asked "because your uncle has a death wish"Theseus said "dr thorn "bianca shook her head as ariadne walked over to Theseus

Ariadne pov

"you still with that jerk"Theseus said "unfortunately "ariadne said hugging him "to be honest just with you hugging me is turning me on"Theseus whispered to her which made Ariadne blush and take a step back "lets go somewhere else"she smiled pulling him away "what that dumbass do i know something happened because you never backed away like that from me before"Theseus said"he's constantly drunk whenever he is allowed to drink"i said "so hes too rough with you" Theseus asked "yea the only reason im still here is his two sons they don't have anyone else"i almost started crying as Theseus pulled me to him "i got you ok "Theseus kissed my head "i always felt safer when I was with you "i looked at him

athena pov

"yo the dare is over"malcom told mark "ok lets not be like james and Heloise"nyssa said "i would have to be Aphrodite's kid for that to happen"malcom shook his head "yea that would be bad"mark said "i'll talk to you later"nyssa said before pulling malcom away "see this is why we don't get girls knocked up"shemen said getting smacked by Clarisse and Aphrodite "at least he knows his dick works"nyssa yelled laughing as Hephaestus wrapped his arms around Aphrodite "hey"Aphrodite leaned her head against his chest ""how you two doing"he asked "me and them are fine"Aphrodite said "hey i'm gonna go to sleep "bea whispered to triton "ok maybe i'll come in on you in a little "Triton whispered to her and smiled "im good Arnold probably would "she said as little emily ran to them "i tired "little emily pushed her hair out of her face"come here babygirl "triton picked her up as bea went back to Poseidon's Cabin

Theseus pov

as i walked into the Poseidon Cabin with Ariadne i heard a girl screaming"Theseus"Ariadne hugged me "just stay here"i told her "what the hell is going on "Poseidon said walking in with zeus "i don't know just got here because Ariadne wanted to go to sleep "i told them just as the girl screamed again"damn it thats bea"Poseidon ran back to find spiders

Metis pov

of course hera is being bitchy i mean her husband did leave her but not like it wasn't her fault "hi love"i told the person walking up behind me"Metis how did you know"zeus wrapped his arms around me "who else would dare mess with your women"i kissed him and feeling his already erected dick "true"he smiled but then it faded"hey whats wrong"i straddled myself on his lap "just something that happened don't worry love"he kissed me

chris pov

"oh gods babe"i grabbed Clarisse's hips pushing her down faster on me "i really can't believe that their is no one in your cabin right now "she said as i came deep inside of her "yea luke told them to get out for the night"i pulled out of her and laid my head next to her stomach.

thalia pov

"Thalia "Jason waved his hand in-front of me"yea Jace"i snapped back to reality "luke has be calling for you seems important "he said as i went over to Luke,Hermes,Artemis,Poseidon,Athena,Zeus,metis,sally,Paul,fredrick,helen,malcom,nyssa "what how drunk are you "i asked "not drunk "luke said as phoebe and rhea,Tethys walked over drunk with Kronos and oceanus,coeus. "great your here what are you going to try to stop me from doing now"metis said moving zeus's arms around her "you know exactly why i don't want you around HIM"oceanus said "oh you sure as hell didn't care about us or the fact you basically forced Amphitrite and Poseidon together "doris said "just stop telling her what to do"Pleione said "oh don't even think of it"Hyas said "please tell me maia ain't here"thalia said "no theses two aren't exactly getting along"atlas said carrying a sleeping Zoë "ain't my fault she's a bitch"pleione said "maia bitch"zoë said in her sleep "thats sad she knows who your talking about in her sleep"atlas said "well its true"zoë said sitting up"how so"atlas said "like who gives up their son thats messed up hermes is the nicest out of the guys even if his son is a jerk"Zoë looked at luke "Charlena" 4 year old Amarissa from Aphrodite cabin said rubbing her eyes "how young are we getting now"luke asked "its a long story"i said

"arena"Amarissa looked at Athena and ares "oh no you don't "ares yelled "what ares you scared of a word"benthesikyme laughed "no just the way she said it"ares glared"ok where's Anaklusmos"benthesikyme asked Poseidon as chiron walked over with Percy "i told you she would get pissed"Poseidon said as benthesikyme saw riptide. "but daddy you promised me "benthesikyme started to cry "that you did"Athena, Zeus, Zoë said laughing "did he really"sally asked triton "yea she was four when she asked to have it"triton said"percy just give it to her"Poseidon hugged benthesikyme "come on Percy we can get you a new one"luke and Hermes said " yea that should be fun"Athena said as percy handed bentheikyme riptide and smiled while walking away with luke and hermes "thanks daddy"benthesikyme saw everyone smiling at them "anything else you want"Poseidon facepalmed "yea for my cousin to stop f*cking my mother"she said making everything including Poseidon laugh "i can so help with that"Triteia put her hand on ares chest "just say yes"Melanippus said about gaging and ares pulled Triteia to his cabin "not funny ar"bea told him "kinda was babe"arnold said getting hit "hebe chill the f*ck out "triton said to his phone"dad's in trouble"nat said "don't you have somewhere to be"Triton said as athena's 22 year old son tallis walked over texting and talking to hestia and styx

"oh great him"tallis said looking at percy as lacy handed sarah to silena "stupid parents"silena said "what they do now"charlie pulled her on his lap "whor*"thetis said to Aphrodite "you know what lets get you back to bed"Aphrodite picked Amarissa up "but charlena"Amarissa cried "geez girl can you scream any louder"cecil walked over with lou and ava "lier"ava smacked malcom "at least all that happened to you was get hit and not almosted stabbed"lou said "so they know"malcom said "it makes sense why they slept together though"ava said looking at lou and Cecil with disgust "damn didn't need a mental picture"luke laughed

Aphrodite pov

"mommy is papá staying"Amarissa asked "i don't know maybe silena could talk him into it along with charlie"i told her "hey little amor"charlie said "so what's going on with your parents"i asked" their just p.i.s.s.i.n.g silena off just because they were asked to babysit"Charlie said "wow papá would watch Sarah"amarissa said "yea he would"he said putting the blanket on her "I'll be back with papá ok sweetie"I told her "mommy me to"she said "ok but then back to sleep"I said picking her up and going back to everyone.

I hope everyone likes it so far thanks for the people who follow the story

Chapter 12: chapter 12

Chapter Text

I don't own pjo rick riordan does

Hephaestus pov

Before aphrodite left with Amarissa she frowned towards me"I love you aphy"I told her "bitch ass adopted mom"she said

20 minutes later

as I was trying to stop thetis from talking sh*t about aphrodite I saw her walk in carrying Amarissa who was in her pajamas already "amphritrite deal with your sister"I said going over to aphrodite "someone wanted Charlie and papá to stay before she went to sleep"she told me looking at Amarissa who was reaching out to me "oh yea really"I picked her up as thetis glared "I thought you were over taking care of HER kids"thetis said "ignore her "I said covering Amarissa ears "papá Lia"Amarissa pointed to thalia "but she's such a bitch please"thetis started but got cut off by hera and metis " her a bitch please no your the bitch"hera said getting irritated and Amarissa started to squarm out of my arms "hephaestus isn't even the girl's father" thetis said"papá what"Amarissa said starting to cry "wow bitch "metis punched her as I picked Amarissa back up"you want to go to sleep now"aphrodite asked Amarissa"yea"she answered and aphrodite grabbed my hand and started walking to her cabin

when we got to her cabin she took Amarissa to her room and I followed them "papá are you really my papá"Amarissa asked drinking a bottle of milk "does it really matter if he was he loves you bebita (baby girl) "aphrodite said starting to cry "did the guy not want me"Amarissa asked crawling on my lap and cuddled into my chest "mommy didn't trust him with you baby"I told her and she started laughing "he was kinda like uncle d drunk all the time"aphrodite said "is he still alive"Amarissa looked at us "no bebita but don't you love papá and he will always love you remember that "aphrodite asked"yea I love papá "Amarissa said going back to the bed and going under the covers "get some sleep"aphrodite said turning the light off "night Amarissa"I kissed her head and followed aphrodite to her room

"stupid bitch"she said already undressed "relax love Amarissa doesn't want him she just wants us"I wrapped my arms around her"mommy "Amarissa ran in "Amarissa get Charlie and silena"aphrodite said and Amarissa ran to silena's room "what's going on "I asked"babies coming...water broke"she said "ok I'll get Eileithyia " I told her picking my phone up"don't leave please"she begged "babe phones remember"I told her after texting Eileithyia

45 minutes later

"heph where is she "aphrodite asked "right here sorry mom wanted to yell at me "Eileithyia said

after three hours of labor two babies were born a boy and a girl. the girl's name was Rowan and the boy's name was Roman. Amarissa was all over Rowan in her crib "she's happy"Charlie said "yea now this one has two little friends"silena handed Sarah to him " talk about happy"hephaestus pointed to harmonia and semele looking at rowan "semele come here"aphrodite said and semele jumped on the bed "hi "she said "do you want mommy and daddy to have another baby"aphrodite asked causing harmonia to look at semele and wait for her answer "yea would be cool"semele said yawning "let's get you to daddy huh"harmonia said picking semele up "yea daddy"semele agreed falling asleep."really mother"harmonia said "mommy and papá outside"Amarissa said as hephaestus picked rowan up and Eileithyia had Roman "ok your never sleeping are you" aphrodite laughed picking her up.

luke pov

"dude you actually turned her into a girl" I said "she only laying on me so if drew start sh*t she could hit me and kick her"Chris laughed "you know it"clarisse said trying not to fall asleep "look like things didn't change that much "Charlie laughed "I can still kill you beckendorf"clarisse smirked "have to catch me first"Charlie ran for the forge with clarisse after him. "damn"silena sat next to Chris as her sister valentina walked over with two other girls "who's your friends"Chris asked "chole "silena said surprised "wow first him and mom break up and now he lies about my sister"chole said "but mommy remember seth said she was dead" Alyssa the little girl with them said "i know sissy he always lying about something"chole said "hannah should be back soon"silena said "is daniel here"chole said "yea is daddy"Alyssa hugged silena "SADIE KANE "Lacy yelled "oh great is your boyfriend here to "drew asked "yea but I'm still not f*cking you daughter of aphrodite"anubis said "drew talk now"Butch tapped her shoulder "ok Butch"she said pulling him away

Drew POV

" gods can't we just tell our parents that we're together and that you and conor were just acting"Butch said holding a pillow on his lap "your dad hates me baby and why do you have a pillow on your lap"I smirked "I'm hard for you right now"he pulled me to where the pillow was "I have an idea for both problems you want to know"I asked "what is it baby girl"he said "let's make out while you carry me pass your dad and take me to your cabin to take care of this"I wrapped my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist "or I could move your dress up and f*ck you as we go past him "he said " or we could just f*ck in front of him "I said and Butch agreed then carried me out. I started to squarm in pain while he carried me "baby girl what's wrong"he asked "cramps or something been having them all day"I told him trying to get comfortable "ok first let's get you to Eileithyia then I'll yell at you for not telling me"he said

Aphrodite POV

"where's Eileithyia"butch ran in carrying drew "what drew get STD's if so you might want to get checked because your her real boyfriend" chantel daughter of ares laughed "shut up chantel your the one who needs tested and I'm the only one that doesn't use a condom with her"butch smirked and everyone looked at him "WHY IS HE SAYING THAT YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS NEEDING TO BE TESTED"ares yelled "because your daughter is a whor*"I said glaring at chantel "why is aphy pissed at you"ares yelled "have her tell you"chantel said smirking "your 14 year old daughter tried to sleep with Heph last year and yea he told me"I said as hephaestus placed rowan in my arms "daddy"harmonia said carrying semele over to hephaestus "yea harmy"hephaestus said

"can you keep Ares calm"harmonia said "so it's Ares now"I smirked "what hephaestus has always been my dad I'm pretty sure that he was the one who helped raise me and my siblings"she said"mommy too loud in here don't they sleep"semele giggled "yea you heard the kid lights out it's already way pass crewfew"luke said "you don't tell us want to do and neither does a spoiled brat"percy said and semele started crying"daddy"she screamed at the top of her lungs crying so hard that she started to shake as harmonia tried to calm her down

"what the hell happened"cadmus had a sleeping illyrius "dumbass percy decided that he was the boss and said she was spoiled"harmonia held semele upside down "come here you"cadmus picked semele up as harmonia took illyrius from cadmus "I's not spoiled you is " semele screamed "hey it's ok"eros rubbed her back "don't talk to my daughter because you don't know sh*t about her or her brother"cadmus yelled waking illyrius and Amarissa up "can you please be a little quiet when yelling at Percy and me like luke in charge better he gets things done at camp and gives the younger kids attention"Amarissa yawned "hey geuss who has a new dude"Chris said looking at his phone as clarisse and Charlie came back "who"I asked "Katelynn finally got with Cole"Chris said as clarisse sat on his lap "can we go now"clarisse begged "yea to much percabeth going on here"Chris said pulling her to hermes cabin.

Athena POV

"what the hell are you trying to do"poseidon yelled at Percy once we got back to poseidon's cabin and I took the girls upstairs with Sally and Helen "what the f*ck"amphrite walked in and punched percy then came upstairs with us. as we walked into poseidon's room we saw six 16 year olds and a two year old

alexa- my 16 year old daughter that lives in LA

Quinn-my other 16 year old daughter who lives at camp for the summer

thena-my daughter that grew up literally around poseidon and everyone

carly- thena's Best friend and cousin also a daughter of aphrodite

hunter- son of hephaestus and thena's boyfriend

ambrose- son of ares and cousins with hunter and he's dating carly

Hermione-my two year old daughter with the guy that I been best friends with since I was a teenager

""great the whor*'s here"Annabeth looked at alexa "Annabeth"both fredrick and I yelled "come on she cheated on my best friend with his mom's boyfriend "she said as alexa hid under the covers as Katelynn walked in "Annabeth don't you have a cabin to get to"Katelynn yelled."go because I can easily let malcolm take over if all you give a f*ck about anymore is f*cking percy" I yelled really starting to get pissed off as hestia walked in with Sally and paul's daughter estelle "easy there thee there's small children in the room"hestia giggled as Annabeth left and Alexa's boyfriend jaden walked in and walked over to her"damn bitch "alexa said "how you feeling"he asked feeling her head "oh so sons of ares do have feelings"alexa laughed "well you have been throwing up all day everyday because of the bastard"he fixed her hair

"can we just stop talking about him"she said "come on go to bed "he pouted "yea everyone should do that"I said as jaden pulled her to one of the extra rooms "well tell dad number two we need to talk"thena laughed "how are you guys not tired"Katelynn asked "were always up late"thena said "she's so pregnant"I said laying on the bed with elle,ella,Hermione "jaden did it"alexa yelled from the room "daddy said I'm with you and poseidon this week til he talks to grandpa"Hermione snuggled up against elle

and fell asleep

poseidon's pov

I walked up stairs ready to throw something and i saw thea the girl who followed me around since she was two "good now we can go "thea said "good my mom is going to kill us"hunter glared at her "come on can't you two stop fighting"carly said "or just take her to bed already I mean damn your parents already do that"ambrose laughed smacking hunter "we already did that and it didn't work"thea frowned " well Hailey and Damon's here"hunter said seeing his sister and ambrose sister's boyfriend walking upstairs and turned the news on the tv "tony and izzy better be ok" damon stared at the tv "you ok"hunter asked as thea grabbed her stomach "let's talk" she said walking to the door.

thea POV

"why now you wanna talk"hunter asked me and I just broke down crying"I know our parents are going to get married and I get if you don't believe me but I think I'm pregnant that's what the appointment is for tomorrow"I said as he stared at me "hunt"I waved my hand in front of him "gods I'm going with you ok"he spun me around "ok ummm one more thing"I said. " what is it baby" he tilted his head"I'm constantly horny"I giggled as he carried me back

Athena POV

"athena get them out of here I want you bad"poseidon whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around me and pressed his co*ck against me "do I do this"I thought "ok out"I said pushing everyone out and handed ella,elle,hermione to lex and slammed the door shut "good alone time"poseidon slipped my shirt off and started kissing my neck and down to my breast "oh us poseidon"I wrapped myself around him. "mommy"I heard ella cried outside of the door "sy ella"I hurried to put my shirt back on and poseidon opened the door"what's wrong baby girl why you crying"he picked her up and I noticed something on her arm"sy her arm"I told him and he saw the black and blue mark on her "ella baby who did this"he asked as tears filled up in her eyes."percy yelling at mama and tony is yelling at Percy for yelling at mama"she said "ok baby anything else happened"he rubbed her back in circles "he hit mama I think he been drinking like dionysus "she laughed "go with mommy and daddy will deal with percy"he said "can we watch"I smirked"yea I'm going to beat the hell out of 's about to be no son of mine even triton tries to put up with him for me "he said opening the we followed him out

"what the hell percy"jason yelled holding piper back"you ever lay a hand on amphrite again I'm going to beat your sorry ass"nerites yelled as hermione dad ajax walked in pissed "hey thena"he hugged me "so what how drunk are you"poseidon yelled as he picked estelle up and away from getting hit by percy. "at least I'm not sleeping with a whor*"percy yelled glaring at both amphrite and I. as soon as percy said those words poseidon punched him right in the face and threw him to the door "what the f*ck"benthesikyme walked in yelling and saw poseidon punch percy "percy did it"I smirked "so what the Hades did you do to get dad pissed thought only mom and uncle zeus and thena could do that"she said grabbing some clothes "apparently "the favorite son" actually f*cked up really good this time"triton carried emily inside as she slept followed by natalie."nat "Emily reached out for her "come on roy's coming over with candy"natalie took em from triton "well can you guys keep it down I'm having a guy here"Benthesikyme smiled for the first time in years"who"triton asked "oh you know him"she smirked "name"he tackled her "it starts with an e"she smacked his head"wow must take after her"percy said "

actually a lot of people say I take after dad"Benthesikyme punched him

"so what's this about you trying to get some with silena"triton pinned Benthesikyme while glaring at Percy as aphrodite flashed in and held the door shut"aphrodite open the damn door"Charlie yelled "I will when you calm the f*ck down"she yelled "dude chill "luke jumped in though the window and started punching percy "ok stop as fun as it is to see percy get his ass kicked what the hell is going on"I yelled and pulled luke and poseidon off percy as aphrodite let Charlie in with Chiron "and geuss what your telling her not me"luke said

"damn it Charlie you didn't have to break his nose"silena walked in and over to percy to check his nose "oh that wasn't me that was them two your mom pinned the door shut "Charlie said as silena punched percy a couple of times "next time you try to get some with me think again now go clean yourself up and your cabin"silena said walking back to Charlie. "ok you been spending way too much time with Clarisse"charlie picked her up "ok ok everyone shut up"benthesikyme said going to the door "this dude is so dead"triton said glaring at the door

Benthesikyme pov

"hi baby" Enalos said as i jumped on him "I've missed you "i said giving him a long and passionate kiss while i dragged him in to my room "babe your dad is going to kill me "he whispered "relax babe i just gotta grab something then you,my dad ,and Triton can have guy night while the girls watch a movie"i said grabbing elle's blanket and walked back out "sikyme daddy wants you and your friend in the living room now"elle said "elle this is Enalos" i told her "daddy gonna be happy "she smiled and grabbed her blanket as ran back to Poseidon.

Poseidon Pov

"i'm sure its just a friend"amphitrite said trying to calm me down as athena started laughing which was really cute "yea probably "Athena said "come on lets let her have her laughing fit"amphitrite said "you going to tell him that your knocked up "athena smirked "how are you ok with that"Frederick said as him and Paul sat Athena down in a chair "at least its not five thousand people"she said "umm athena are you wasted or are you spending way too much time with Aphrodite and Harmonia "Amphitrite glared at her

"not what I was expecting to hear"Nereus said "stop it or your sleeping on the couch with your brother"doris said "all I'm saying is that when sophia gets back with Daphne I'm taking her" a guy yelled at Annabeth"good luck with that Andre"she said"she should have thought about that before taking my daughter half way Cross the world for her tour with out even talking to me about it"he yelled walking into the living room as Sophia walked into the cabin with daphne and a guy."daddy"Daphne ran over as fast as she could for a two year old"hi princess"andre picked her up and spun her around glaring at the guy with her and Sophia "i go play"Daphne said looking at Andre and he put her down "and he is "andre said "Alexei"the guy stuck out his hand "yea no strike two"andre said "strike"alexei looked at him confused "yea the first was letting a two go off by herself "andre said and Sophia sniffled a laugh "not like she doesn't f*cking know anyone here"alexei said as daphne walked back in "strike three"Clarisse said "please tell me your not gonna listen to him because you don't have to stay here we could get a hotel"alexei said "yea and whos paying for it"andre said

"her obvious"alexei said "yea definitely strike three and i don't f*cking like you"Daphne said "ok don't say that"andre said picking her up "bro you coming or what"Andre's brother Alistaire said "i ain't got all day piper and reyna can only keep jason occupied for so long"Claudia said "don't worry you goodie to shoe will have some fun"allistaire said "yea come on". micheal kahale said "what you talking about "jason walked in with piper and Reyna "i thought you guys were distracting him"Michael said "sorry he caught on"piper said "so whats going on that your hiding it"jason said "oh we're having a party in the morning"Micheal said "and how is piper involved in this"Jason said "just to distract you "Micheal said as hunter's mom Anastasias walked in"Carly,thea,ambrose,madeline" Anastasias yelled "you guys aren't supposed to be here and you better not see dad before tomorrow"thea yelled walking down the stairs "and mads not here"hunter yelled "where's Delphine"Anastasia asked "don't worry she's with ryan tonight didn't tony tell you guys and callista is with them too"thea said "can you guys stop yelling"hunter walked downstairs and wrapped his arms around thea's waist "yea here "Anastasias handed thea a brown bag "well you two are going to have the house to yourselves tomorrow "hunter said "i'll be back"thea said

thea pov

as soon as Anastasia handed me the bag i ran to the bathroom to take the pregnancy test and after waiting for the time to get done hunter walked in "is that what I think it is"he asked"pregnancy test yes"i told him as i hugged him"is it done"he squeezed my arm lightly "yea and no im not pregnant "i said softly "i love you "he said kissing the top of my head"love you too "i said

athena pov

"Daphne come here"andre had a toy in his hand "hey wanna move back in"Sophia asked "you sure"Andre said "daphne you want daddy home"she asked "daddy"Daphne giggled "plus i missed getting f*cked by that big boy"Sophia kissed andre "hey girly"Poseidon said behind me "are the girls asleep"i asked "yea finally and Percy agreed to apologize tomorrow"Poseidon said as daphne went over to sally and Paul "oh just make sure mads here before your dad gets here"Anastasias said as Madeline walked in with her boyfriend Jacob a son of hermes and chris."you wanna get some sleep "Poseidon said pulling me to the room as i took my clothes off "jaden don't stop"alexa moaned and Poseidon opened the door a little and tossed a condom in there."dad"Benthesikyme said"go im too tired to even have sex baby"i said and Poseidon went back

Poseidon POV

"yea what "i said "you need to lay off the sex"Benthesikyme said with a guy behind her "look whos talking "I smirked "yea at least im married"she said "Poseidon"the guy said"enalos "Benthesikyme kissed him"yes yes finally "triton said as Anastasia glared at me "um why that girl glaring at you" percy said "ana stop glaring"athena yelled "oh your getting yelled at by mom"thea said "i can go get your dad"Anastasia said and hunter started laughing "awkward "Paul said "yea never get why they did that"Poseidon said "because we thought it would be easier "she said "yea dad"thea laughed "just be glad he doesn't get pissed at that"Anastasia said "what he's engaged to mom and I've known him since i was two and he is my great-great-great might be off a couple of greats grandfather too and granddaughter of Hephaestus "thea said "show off"Anastasia laughed "what"percy said"yea i don't tell alot of people"thea said "yea the black hair and blue contacts "Anastasia said "thats just during the school year"thea said "yea my mom is Aphrodite and my grandfather is ares now thats a weird combo"Carly said "son of ares and my grandmother is aphy"Ambrose said "son of Hephaestus and im dating my aunt"hunter sat on the couch as chiron walked back in "Ana"chiron said"chiron"she said "yea so our family is really messed up"hunter said "we still gotta figure one out"thea said looking at mads "yea just don't know only one that can control water other then percy"hunter said "Athena"Poseidon yelled "what "she yelled back as Benthesikyme laughed "so shes his kid"paul asked as Benthesikyme tried leaving the room"you too Benthesikyme"Poseidon yelled "yea listen to grandpa "mads said

and athena walked downstairs wearing one of my shirts "so she had a kid big deal"enalos said "i knew it"Anastasia and thea said "i already knew that"Madeline said"ok bed"hunter and ambrose said

Chapter 13: chapter 13

Chapter Text

i don't own pjo or hoo all rights go to rick Riordan

Poseidon POV

the next morning

"guys we have to go"thea said waking the rest up"hey sleepy head"i told athena when she walked downstairs her hair in a complete mess as i was making breakfast "you know that they do that for you here right"she sat in the chair"yea but i wanted to since they have to practice during it"i said as thea and their parents walked in





"hey where's ana"Paris said taking one of the pancakes "in with thea"i said as thea walked downstairs singing "hey you wanna have breakfast with us"adelmar asked "sorry busy with your wedding"she said taking a pancake as there was a knock on the cabin door "hey thea could you please go get that"i asked as fredrick, Helen,Sally, Paul walked downstairs carrying estelle and thea walked back in with the people from the door

" ugh. why did we stay up"Connor said

Athena's POV

as I sat down with a bunch of food everyone was walking in and ares had an evil grin on his face looking at Triteia "ugh can those two just get married"pallus sat next to me "i know right"i said hugging her and pallus saw my granddaughter adrienne yelling at Aries the son of ares as percy walked over and adrienne droped the tape recorder on the floor "leave me the hades alone"she yelled crying "what little baby want her mommy and step daddy back from the dead"aries laughed "leave her alone aries"percy said and adrienne looked over and saw me. As percy was talking to aries she ran over to me and pallas and i picked her up "hi"adrienne said playing with the tape recorder

"pretty old school isn't it"paul asked Adrienne "good luck getting her to talk"Poseidon said as she played the tape in it and yawned "how old is she"sally asked "five or six "i said "five the most terrified three year old i have ever met"luke said making adrienne notice him "bubba"she said "you wanna see dad"luke asked "no i wanna see mommy and daddy"she said about ready to cry "yea me too"he said "daddy is my half brother right Luke"she asked laying her head against me "yep he was crazy about your mommy"he said as she slowly fell asleep while listening to her tape "there we go"luke said taking the tape recorder fro adrienne "wouldn't she know its gone"sally asked"based on that she probably hasn't slept in months so no she won't"he answered her.

6 hours later

"hades can my mommy and daddy come back"Adrienne asked "so what happened to them"paul asked "monster attack they were at a party and next thing we know they called Chiron and left a really disturbing message and mentioned the monster we been trying to find"luke watched Adrienne "please"Adrienne begged as hermes glared "we'll see"hades told her "ugh i need to find better hiding places"Poseidon said "what zeus do now"i asked "getting married again like the eighth time"he said rubbing his head "damn she just came back"i laughed "yea and hades ran off with Persephone the wanting a divorce was so fake"he pulled me on his lap "ugh demeter needs to get laid wheres Karmanor when you need him"Amphitrite said "hiding from the bitchy queen and what is she doing"Karmanor asked "the normal thing with the cereal and Persephone i think she forgot you two have kids together i swear "she said "oh she did and she doesn't even know i still talk to Staphylus"Chrysothemis said "of course you do because you two are still married"Eubouleus smiled "all because she is a few years older"chrysothemis said "we would eat the cereal if she would stop telling us what was in it but no she goes on and on about it being healthy"Amphitrite said

"so why are you hiding from hera and do i really wanna know "Poseidon asked "Aphrodite dyed Hera's hair pink, blue,orange,red,green basically any color you can think of " Karmanor said "oh thats why she's mad and wearing a vail i just thought Poseidon was f*cking Medusa again"demeter said "what's f*cking"Adrienne asked playing with a toy "it's sex"demeter said"yea right mommy and daddy said never listen to you because your not right in the head"Adrienne laughed as her grandfather noah walked over

"ok your turn"I said as noah picked Adrienne up "mommy and daddy"Adrienne said"aunt Courtney is coming to see you"he said. "hey talk"Hades pulled me and poseidon away "kid gets her wish"Hades said "your talking about stella and Ben"I asked "yes athena"he said then flashed away "that's good she will stop asking about them"poseidon kissed my head "yea but when"I asked when Ben's mom Deana walked over to Adrienne as Courtney and stella and Ben walked into camp and over there "mommy"Adrienne saw Stella

"come on lets go"deana grabbed Adrienne's arm tight "hey psycho she doesn't want to go with you"Noah said "YOUR not my mommy"Adrienne yelled at deana and ran to Stella and ben "hi baby"stella picked Adrienne up "why don't you go with your slu*t ass friends"ben told deana "and we're back to two"luke said "don't feel bad for my dad feel bad for the old man"stella looked at Poseidon "oh the pranking him gonna have to wait till the blacks out of my hair"Courtney said "Conner stoll"kayla yelled "travis stoll Rodriguez"Clarisse yelled "we didn't think it would piss you off "travis yelled "malcom pace will solace"annabeth and katie yelled "this is why i don't hang around you guys "malcom said "hey chase relax what happened"lee said "nothing"clarisse shoved pass him "who pissed queen bitch off"lee asked "all we said is we should get thing back to normal"malcom said "nothing is f*cking normal"annabeth said "and we were just being hermes kid yea that what we were doing"chris said "you need to relearn how to lie"annabeth said "you bitches are crazy pmsing"chris said surrendering and clarisse walked back yelling at percy " idiots"she said

"OMG how do you all forget the most important day"Aphrodite squealed "they forgot it not me are's consist of Clarisse clearing the ares cabin and going at it"chris smirked "please tell me your talking about having sex and not fighting"Aphrodite asked "yes Aphrodite im talking about sex"he said "and why can't travis be like that"katie said as enyo/Bellona walked over to ares in a lacy outfit "yes"ares said only to be pushed against a wall and enyo kissed him

Ares pov

damn did enyo look hot when she walked in. Sure did I just hook up with Triton's daughter last night. Yea but we both knew it was a hook up and technical I am marry enyo in the first place so I guess hephaestus wasn't the only one that got cheated on. enyo walked up to me and kissed me as she pushed me against the wall.

I grabbed her ass and kissed her like life depended on it and she be grabbed my hand and brought it down to her womanhood and she was really wet "hi"I told her as we broke apart and her still holding my hand against her "hi"she whispered and took her shorts off and then proceeded to take mine off too as I noticed the guy parents looking at enyo from everywhere "hey guys are watching now"I growled quietly "well then f*ck me good and hera is asking about the so called wedding"she said laughing damn that laugh I thought "can we talk about that part later "i said pulling her on to me and taking her shirt off between kissing enyo's neck and enyo slipped her thong on the floor and slipped my dick in her "they still watching"enyo asked bringing me out of my thoughts "yea"I started thrusting into her did she not even think of making me wear a condom I asked myself which she probably sensed "I wanna feel you ares"she whispered seductively In my ear "what the hell"hera yelled "really you have to ruin a good moment"I said

poseidon POV

"damn hera their just being like you and zeus"athena said rolling her eyes "keep going"enyo whispered to ares as he thrusted deeper into her. "knock it off you two"hera yelled and flashed their clothes on them "f*ck you"ares yelled"Your finally breaking aren't you Ares "athena said. "f*cking tired of it"he said.

"you people are so annoying that it's funny"a girl said making athena and ares look at her "Leda"athena squealed "t stop squealing Ambrosio will hear you and he is already pissy like you know really bad mood "Leda said "when isn't he plus he just had to deal with zeus for hours"athena said

Chris POV

"come on risse "I said "you have never been so happy to get your ass kicked rodriguez"clarisse laughed "well I'm not but I know that you are really horny though babe and no one's in the arena yet"I said as clarisse jumped on me and wrapped her legs around my waist as she kissed me "ok let's go"she said yawning "love you risse but your yawning"I smiled at her"so what rodriguez"she said "so what your tired so you should sleep"I said. "just f*ck me Rodriguez" she smirked as I slipped my hand under her shirt "f*ck it fine " I said

Athena's pov

"I know little bros are so annoying"leda hugged me "don't I know that"I said as Aphrodite's daughter mayim walked over to us. "hey have you seen Ian yet" mayim grinned as she saw Frederick "probably had to yell at the older girls"Frederick said "true Sophia and Aspen are spoiled bitches"mayim said sitting on Fredrick's lap and Thalia walked over with a jumping Jason and a giggling piper "what's his deal"I asked "his friend Lizzy is coming with her kid"piper said "heyyy Jase"his friend Lizzy whispered and hugged him as her boyfriend Ryan walked behind her "oh my gods he is so cute"piper hugged Jason "this little one is Elliott grace taylor"Lizzy whispered

Piper's pov

oh f*ck i thought and Jason and Thalia must have noticed me freeze up "you ok babe"Jason kissed my head and wrapped his arms around me "just shel is here with my uncle so that means she's probably here with him and my cousins"I said starting to shake "well you and Thalia could always pretend to be into each other"he said "gods I'm going to be sick"I said turning in Jason's arms. "piper"shel glared at me and Thalia noticed and walked over to me "hey"Thalia said looking between shel and I and then she did the one thing I didn't expect her to do. she pulled my shirt and pulled me to her then she kissed me fully. "god piper two people"shel mocked me.

" no she's with my little brother just showing you that she could have any guy or girl that she wanted so back off "Thalia said as Jason looked at me in awe.

"babe i can't believe that she just did that and you just went along with it"he hugged me so tight i felt sick again. "jace let go please really don't feel good"i said as lizzy handed Elliott to ryan then fainted.

"Jase is she ok"I asked ask he carries me to the bathroom

"yea she gets visions that's why she handed Elliott to his dad"he said as I started throwing up "who's kid is she" I asked."I think she's both Aphrodite and Venus but she hasn't full out told me that and she's granddaughter of area and legacy of Apollo" he held my hair back "and your just friends" I looked at him "yep pipes just friends"he rubbed my back "what would the odds of me being pregnant" I lean back against him "you could take another test"he kissed me "well I'm going to sleep for a while so can you get me a test please baby"I asked getting up."of course baby I can get you one"he tied my hair back then I went back to my cabin.

Jason's pov

"hey Lizzy what was it this time"I asked "we'll talk about it later now my aunt is going to be here with my dad and her best friend who happens to be Athena's kid and her husband"Lizzy said and I noticed Annabeth's dad walking to a woman with twins and four girls a year younger than me,two nineteen year olds and five little kids.

"damn she does not look happy"I told Lizzy "would you be if you were married to someone and they had two kids with some other woman"she frowned."oh damn "I said as they walked over to us. "hey Teagan Talia"Lizzy hugged one of the fifteen year olds. "hey where's Elliott"Teagan asked "he's with Ryan"Lizzy said as Elliott ran to Teagan "there's my boy" Talia picked him up before handing him to Teagan.

Teagan's pov

"hey buddy"I hugged Elliott tight against me "tight me like tight"he giggled. Athena walked over and sat next to us "so what was that all about with Frederick"she asked"just talking about Talia and what she decides to wear"I said "so has he been staying with you guys"Athena asked "most of the time if he does it's on the weekend and maybe a day or two.

Frederick headed over to us "yes Frederick"I said "well I'm going go check on the girls"Athena nodded at Frederick then left "what were you two talking about"he wrapped his arms around me"just about you and Talia and does annabeth know about us living together"I said.

"haven't had a chance to talk to her about it"he kissed my head

Beryl's pov

"hey is everything ok"I asked Tristan"yea why wouldn't it beautiful"he tried to kiss me but I turned away from him "then why are you wanting to be done so fast"I felt the tears starting to fall " because we do have two younger children who I wouldn't want to walk in on us"he pulled me to him.

"one second"I got up and locked the door "what"he asked "that's why they made locks for doors and if they need us they could knock"I went back underneath the covers "true"Tristan kissed my neck as his phone went off.

"well so much for that"I said getting dressed "well Teagan is here"he said buttoning his shirt "ok let's go"I said.

as soon as we got to where Teagan was she saw me and I saw her with my brother Brantley.

Tristan's pov

"hey your brother is here"I whispered to beryl and she started giggling and Brantley noticed and looked at her as Zeus talked to Teagan and him

10 minutes later

"hey" Brantley whispered to beryl as he hugged her tightly "so where's tayla"I asked "with your guys brother"Brantley tried not to cry. "quit moving Brant"beryl mumbled "so how is it your right here"he asked "long story"beryl said falling asleep.

beryl's pov

"go to sleep beryl"Brantley whispered to me as Tristan wrapped his arms around me "promise your staying"I said"yea Jason is crashing with Thalia so go to sleep baby sis"he said as he left "you heard him go to sleep he'll be here when you walk up"Tristan kissed me.

Nyssa's pov

"hey nyss you good"mark wrapped his arms around my neck "well Malcolm figured out that the baby couldn't be his and he wants to fix his relationship with a girl he has a kid with"I said sitting on my bed.

"so who do you think is the father because you are possibly only a month and we were together around the same time"he said. "oh yea we were weren't we"I said and mark pulled me on his lap "yep and you have only had been with Malcolm and I"he said "yea but your and I'm just lame"I frowned "well if your with me no one will come after you" mark kissed me and moved his hand up my leg."mark"I gasped "we're just going to be making out"he said

Annabeth's pov

"hey wise girl"Percy wrapped his arms around me "can you believe that my dad already has a wife and still stayed with Helen"I turned around in his arms. "maybe you don't have the whole story"he said

Frederick's pov

"heyyy old man"Kelly said laughing with Ian "I'm old we're the same age"I hugged her."well Cheyenne is here too so be prepared for jokes about you hooking up with our mom"Kelly said

"I bet your ready for that"Ian laughed as Teagan walked over to us "ready for what"she asked sitting on my lap.

"just Cheyenne"I pulled her against me "oh yea she has it all planned out"Kelly smirked when she saw Cheyenne and her husband Blaine. "let the fun begin"I said and Cheyenne hugged me "I'll let you off this week"Cheyenne said "also got some drinks "well you can count me out on that"mayim grinned as Andy walked over "oh no they got alcohol"Andy shook his head "already told them to count me out but where are the kids "mayim kissed him "they are with their cousins"Andy laid his hand on her stomach.

"so what's the reason for you not drinking"I asked as Thalia, Percy, Annabeth, Sally, Paul, Athena walked over.

"oh come on Jackson I'm so going to kick your ass at capture the flag"Thalia said "sure you are if daddy dearest even let's you play"Percy laughed

Chapter 14: chapter 14

Chapter Text

i don't own pjo or hoo or toa rick Riordan does

Charlie's pov

"hey Charlie have you heard from Caylie or mason"my mom asked as I put Sarah in her crib "no but I'm sure your boyfriend who has your phone would know"I glared at her "do you really not like him"she asked sitting on my bed "mom no I don't he's disrespectful towards both silent and our daughter"I saw my mom getting upset."hell your sister moved out when things started just thought everything was happening at once but she did mention that he was getting to personal"she said yelling into a pillow.

"so you think he's hitting her or hell what about viv I swear"I sat next to her "i don't know caylie just said he was in her room one time during the night why didn't i listen to her"my mom started crying "hey it's ok you had a lot going on"i wrapped my arms around her.

"but what if he did try something with her mason will kill me for not doing anything"she cried even more waking Sarah up "I'll go and get your stuff and you can watch sarah" i handed Sarah to my mom.

"you sure baby boy"she asked taking Sarah "yea I'm sure because she is going to have one less grandparent and I'll also ask dad and aphy if caylie talked to them about him"I hugged her and sarah "totally forgot she talks to them"my mom started to relax "you two just sit here and relax you can watch tv and I'll send lacy and Jake in here til I get back"I kissed Sarah's head and walked out

silena's pov

I saw Charlie walk in and over to my dad and I "what the f*ck you creep I swear if you had ever hit my sister or my mother I will kill you"charlie screamed "charlie what's going on"I asked hugging him "nothing for you to worry about right now baby"he told me "charlie now"I glared at him as he got Kayla's stuff "my mom told me that caylie told her he was in her room one time during the night"he whispered to me "gods dad I thought you said all that sh*t was a lie"I yelled gripping at Charlie's shirt. "come on your staying around me for now"charlie wrapped his arms around me "she's lying"Seth said "my sixteen year old sister doesn't lie about that sh*t"charlie kept his arms around me and I pulled him back to his cabin "I'm so sorry silena "charlie mumbled In my ear.

"my best friend told me he hit her but I didn't believe her"I said

"gods baby you wouldn't have known that"charlie combed his fingers through my hair and lead me to his room.

"hey"i whispered when I picked Sarah up and charlie handed kayla her stuff.

Kayla's pov

sh*t there were ten missed calls from a hospital and i started to freak out.

"mom"charlie said "oh um yeah"I said "everything ok"he asked as silena held Sarah "just some calls from a hospital should probably find out if it's mason or caylie"I said.

"yea you should "he pointed to the hallway

and I went out and called the number and no answer until the fifth ring.

"mommy"I heard caylie say "baby where's daddy at and are you ok" I asked and noticed I started crying "ummm daddy had a car accident and I'm fine"she said clearly crying.

" deep breath baby I'll be there as soon as I can is uncle Axelia there with you"I asked. "yea and uncle Kingston"she said "mom everything ok"charlie whispered to me "baby I'll be there ok don't cry anymore"I said ending the call. "what's going on"he asked

"mason's was in a car accident"I hugged him "come on your going and we're taking silena and Sarah with us"he said brushing my hair back

Charlie's pov

on our way to the hospital silena kept looking back at Sarah in her seat

"babe she's ok"I kissed her hand "eyes on the road beckendorf"she glared "were almost there you can relax I'm not going to crash with you guys in here"I said pulling in a parking spot "now I can relax"silena said picking Sarah up and walking inside.

"charlie"caylie ran and hugged me "I missed you so much"she added "did you tell her"I looked at my mom "no"she said "

no I just miss you being alive and around"caylie cried "hey you want to meet someone"I brushed her hair back. "who am I meeting"she asked as my mom went and talked to mason "this is Sarah your niece"silena handed Sarah to caylie.

Kayla's pov

"hey mas" I said "wow I'm surprised that you are here"he said turning away from me "are you just going to avoid me"I pouted "yes you decided that another guy was worth losing our daughter and us"he said as I sat down on the floor "no guy is worth that"I started crying. "hey I'm sorry come here"mason patted the bed and I sat on his lap "I know you are"I said "what that ass do"he hugged me" well I ended things when he didn't say anything about the calls"I turned around on his lap to face him "damn so your single and I'm single "he said brushing my hair out of my face as I rubbed against him "and baby girl will be ok with it"I said kissing him.

"Umm Kay"he moaned as I unbuttoned his pants "yea mas"I asked "just watch the right leg ok"he pulled me back up on him"one sec"I said getting up and locking the door "better"he took his pants off "yea"I look back at him as I take my shorts off and he looks at my ass.

"just leave your thong on ok"he said "like this"I moved my thong to the side and slide into him "yes like that"he said as he thrusted into me.

twenty minutes later

"mommy"I heard a knock on the door as my head was on mason's chest "yes caylie"mason said "can we go now"she said yawning"ok"mason handed me my jacket and grabbed my hand.

"love you"I whispered to him "love you too"he kissed me before opening the door "daddy you are not supposed to be walking on that leg" caylie handed him crutches "if only she knew what we just did uhhh baby"he said.

Frederick's pov

"hey baby"a guy said walking over to Talia "are you getting pissed"Teagan asked wrapping her arms around me "for what"I said glaring at the guy "oh I don't know maybe the fact that a nineteen year old man has taken an interested in our fifthteen year old daughter who is really beautiful"she kissed my neck "daddy you there"Talia waved her hand in my face. "yea Talia who's he"I said trying not to grunt "dad this is Corey and his little sister

Camila"Talia said holding Corey's hand "and they're dating"Camila said "he knows lets just let him relax for a bit"Teagan said pulling me away.

"by the we're not having sex he wanted to meet you before we did any of that"talia stoped me and whispered in my ear. "ok girly"i said going with Teagan.

"so talking about sex there's something you need to know"she said"ok what"i smirked at her"i slept with ares a couple of times but we ended it when i heard you were going to be here "she looked at the ground "ok i mean I left her for you and then you screw him"i said getting pissed "hey im with you and not him aren't i and i have your children and not his right "she wrapped her arms around me "yea"i said "and i want to be with you not anyone else"she kissed me. i lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me.

"love you baby"she said as Athena and Poseidon walked in with elle crying and another girl "ellie what happened"Teagan asked the girl holding elle "two boys were being rough and pushed her down the slide backwards"she said "there is no way that is ellie"i whispered to Teagan. "yep old man I'm not ten anymore"Ellie said calming Elle down

"yea and jack is here too "she added "fun"Teagan buried her head in my neck. "mommy"Ella ran in with two little boys and a little girl and Paul Sally and enyo behind her "drake quit scaring Ella"enyo yelled as he ran right into Aphrodite coming out of one of the rooms "are you trying to be like your dad because your acing it"she said as Athena picked him up.

"mommy"he reached out for enyo and yawned "ok buddy"enyo rubbed his back "is dad in here and if he is can he leave"kym said from behind the door"that's your cue"Athena said as Poseidon left "your good"Ellie said as kym walked in "ok how trashed was I the other night"she said "very trashed and thought it was when we were all still in Greece"Athena said "and how much trash did I do about b"kym asked.

"stuff to make your dad wanna kill him"athena said and kym fell on the couch "this weeked is going to suck then"she said as Amphitrite walked in "ohhhhh electra not going to be happy"drake said "so true"kym picked him up "yeppppp"drake threw his hands up in the air as Corey ran inside with lex "go"he said pushing lex behind the couch.

Athena's pov

"what are you two doing"I said "Janey is chasing us and we're hiding"lex said "uncle Corey I'm telling daddy" a two year old girl yelled "oh sh*t "Corey said sitting up and picking her up "better"Janey said cuddling into Corey "your so whipped"lex said "no I'm not"he wrapped Janey in a blanket as Poseidon walked in with Janey's dad Liam and triton"daddy"Janey screamed "bro you are so whipped"Liam said "uncle Corey being mean"she cried "Corey pushed me behind the couch"lex said as Liam hugged her "ewwwww daddy"Janey squirmed around and yawned.

"happy birthday"Liam whispered to her "ok all you kids out but you"I told Corey "oh no I'm not liking this sh*t"he said

Poseidon's pov

"can we get her out of here"kym whispered to triton "still pissed at her"he asked "yep too many years and too many hits to forget about"she said "hit"I asked "yep when I was 19"kym said "and you bitch can get the f*ck out of here"Athena told Amphitrite as she glared at kym "you might want to listen because I don't think Brantley would hold back"Teagan said "Brantley wouldn't hold back for what"Brantley said hugging Teagan from behind "told you"Teagan said as Talia and caylie walked in with Charlie's brother Easton and Talia's friend autumn "sup dude"Corey said "hey vivy is looking for you"Easton said "yea I'll find her later"he said.

"so what happened the other night"I asked kym "the night about b"she said"yea that night"I said " I was completely trashed"she said "so he's not forcing you to do anything you don't want to"I asked "nope and he's going to be here in a couple hours with a surprise"she said "autumn when you're dad going to be here"Talia said "eventually"she said.

two hours later

"knock it off you two"kym told Anthony and Keke as Briares walked up with a one year old little girl "momma"she said "you two need to listen to your mom"I said as kym turned around and saw them "hi dezi baby"she picked up the little girl and sat her on her lap. Keke smacked dezi "hey enough of that"I said "tired"dezi leaned against kym "ok baby"kym kissed her head "I'm not watching them"Briares said looking at the older kids"guys find your dad"kym said "bye mommy"Keke said and they ran off "I'm going to go find Athena" I said.

kym's pov

"momma bottle"dezi asked "Briares can you"I snuggled closer to dezi "you owe me"he said getting a bottle "daddy bunny"she mumbled "you and daddy brought bunny"I said"yepppp"she grinned.

"here we go" Briares said handing me the bottle "oh yea baby"I pushed dezi's hair back as she closed her eyes and Briares kissed me "shhhh she's about to go to sleep"I whispered "momma"dezi held out the bottle while keeping her eyes shut "are you ready to sleep"he asked dezi "dadda"she reached out her hands "I'll take that as a yes do you think momma is ready to sleep too"he said as I yawned "oh yes I am"I handed dezi to him.

Athena's pov

"babe"I said while Poseidon just laid on the couch "what"he said as autumn and Talia showed him a video. "is he always like this"Paul asked "only most of the time"I said throwing a pillow at him "damn"Phoebe laughed "you won't be laughing when a certain someone show's up"Hephaestus said "oh damn is Ganymede showing up"hebe laughed "bitch f*ck off"Phoebe lounged for hebe only to be stoped by triton "easy girl she ain't worth it"he said "now why the hell would you laugh about that"I yelled at hebe "because it's funny that her ex left her ass for her grandfather"Hebe said ( it doesn't mention which parent is her godly parent and I always felt that Phoebe was Apollo's daughter because she is good with medicine and healing).

"first off you don't know sh*t about what happened"Zoe yelled with Thalia and Artemis and Phobos behind her. "I'm going on a walk make sure that little bitch doesn't follow me"Phoebe said as Zeus walked in "what did you do"he looked at hebe "well we all know she's going to lie about it so truth is she started sh*t about Ganymede and laughed about it and Phoebe lounged at her and if triton didn't hold hold her back Hebe would be on the ground "I smirked at hebe causing Zeus to glare at hebe.

"but daddy Phoebe is constantly a bitch to me and I'm your baby"Hebe tried to puppy dog her way out "nope that sh*t is not going to get you out of this now because you have been doing this sh*t for years and I mean years"Zeus looked at me.

"Phoebe is a bitch to me to but if it wasn't for her Jason piper or Leo wouldn't be here"Thalia yelled.

I walked into the kitchen and Zeus followed "you ok princess I should have done that years ago" he said "yeah I'm ok "I hugged him "well I should probably get Thalia out of here"he said "well I got that movie you and aphy likes"I said "the one with Piper's dad"he asked "yea that one"I walked back to the couch with chips and sat on Poseidon's lap.

Jason, charlie, piper,Leo ,silena, Clarisse,Chris,Luke walked in with Luke's and Chris's little sister hayle "come on girly"Luke wrapped his arms around her neck "bro I'm thirteen not six anymore"hayle said "does it look like I care"Luke said hugging her

phoebe's pov

i ran out into the woods and stopped once I felt that no one would follow.

"you shouldn't be out here by yourself"someone said sitting down next to me"Ganymede"I said looking over at him"yea I get if you don't want to hear what I have to say but you really shouldn't be out here by yourself when there's a whole bunch of random people here"he said "what the hell are you talking about"I said "what I mean is random people equal no good they could physically hurt you so bad that your aunt won't keep you in the Hunters"he said.

"so what do you want to tell me since right now might be your only chance since I'm being understanding" i said. "the reason I did what I did with you know was to protect you now you don't have to believe me but it's true if it wasn't would I have gotten a ring for you"he said pulling something out of his pocket "damn ok remember Apollo's kid here"i laughed when I saw the ring

one hour later

"I think we should get out of here"he said brushing my hair back "yea we should"I said

Thalia's pov

"you comfy baby"luke asked me "yea I'm fine"I cuddled with him as he kissed my neck "want me to keep going"he asked"not like I can get pregnant again"I smirked "well baby that is very true"Luke said.

Poseidon's pov

"hey uncle sy" a girl around 19 said with two other girls "danaë rae"I said hugging the older two girls "hi daddy"rae whispered "ok let me see my brother" Amphitrite's little sister Libby said.

"sissy"Elle ran up to rae "hi girly you being good for daddy and mommy"rae picked her up "where Spencer, ajax, Christos at and ur mommy and daddy's"Elle asked "well bay and Cassandra are waiting for Leon and Thanos to get done looking for something really really special and they don't know what it is"rae tickled her.

"what kind of surprise sissy and what about Spence and the other two"Elle asked "the boys will be here soon"danaë said "and the surprise is"rae pointed at a ring on her hand.

"did you get a surprise too by Spence"Elle giggled "shhhh daddy will go a little crazy"rae said as Elle laid her head on her shoulder. "yea where the boys" Elle asked closing her eyes "they are asleep don't worry for a bit"Libby tickled her keeping her awake "rae"rae five year old little sister molly yelled running to her "what are you doing here Molly"rae asked"grandpa told Spence he had to take me because daddy wasn't home and if Spence didn't take me grandpa would of made him leave"Molly sat on my lap frowning as Spencer walked over and wrapped his arms around rae "he's really being like that"she said"yea I wouldn't be dealing with his ass if my dad was still here"Spencer said and rae looked upset "hey uncle Spence you said a bad word and you wouldn't be living with me"Molly said crying.

"come here girly"Spencer said and Molly ran to him and he picked her up and I pulled rae on my lap. and she started taking pictures on her phone "you ready for graduation babe"Spencer rubbed Molly's back "nooo"Molly said "my bitch danaë is moving with me"ajax said "how your mom agree to that" I said "she only agreed because sis and my uncle were going to be in the area of us"danaë said.

"hell sis is going to be in the same house"ajax said"could we calm down with the cussing"Paul asked "oh sorry"ajax said "scute over rae"Libby sat on my lap next to rae "have you talked to your brother"I asked " yea Avery is getting really really serious with Althaia"Libby said "ok you two move he's my bitch right now"Cassandra said making Libby and rae move then sat on my lap as Amphitrite walked over with Doris and Nereus.

"oh great you bitches are here"Amphitrite said "hi daddy"Libby hugged Nereus. "so who are they"Percy asked "well one of his uncle raped my mom alot when she was 17"danaë said as Cassandra scuted over for rae to sit "i don't want to say dad"she whispered "it's ok you don't have to say anything"i told her

Athena's pov

"ok so your his cousin technically but he's your uncle"Percy said "yep that's what she said and you've met my dad"Libby said hugging Nereus and when she was talking rae was hugging Poseidon as a golden trident appeared and everyone noticed when Spencer picked her up and spun her around.

"Spence why is everyone staring at me"rae whispered to him "well now they know who your dad is baby"he said "can you put me down"she asked "rae you ok "Spencer said "yea just going to talk to your mom That's all"rae said when he sat her down.

rae walked over to Poseidon and I. "ok will you just get it over with"Poseidon told me "fine babe"I hugged rae so tight "that was the longest you two went without talking"Poseidon laughed "oh shut the f*ck up"I said "can we go to sleep now"Libby jumped on Poseidon

Chapter 15: chapter 15

Chapter Text

i don't own pjo or hoo or toa rick Riordan does

Athena's pov

3 hours later

"babe"I ran my hands through his hair "yea what's up"he asked "any chance it could be your kid"I asked trying not to cry "thena I doubt there is a single chance that Amphitrite's pregnant by me not this time baby"he said pulling me close to him as I started crying "yea babe"I said "it's ok baby I'm right here"he kissed my head. "momma Amphitrite saying she's taking Ella"Elle said crawling on the bed.

"looks like you're not the only one crying"he said rubbing his face and getting out of the reached out for him"daddy"I said getting off the bed "what's wrong"he said turning around and seeing Elle. "she wants you to pick her up and carry her"I kissed him. Poseidon picked Elle up and went out to the living room with me following.

"well look who decided to show up"Amphitrite glared at me"I already f*cking told you your not taking Ella"Libby smacked her "dad she just hit me"Amphitrite yelled "about f*cking time and I'm pretty sure he doesn't want you alone with Ella after what you did to Libby when she was ten"Nereus said "you had all f*cking day to see her why now is your f*ck boy actually working and wonder how he got a damn job"Poseidon yelled and he hit his fist against the counter. "give me Elle before you drop her"I whispered to him "I got her "he whispered to me as Elle wrapped her arms around Poseidon's neck.

"wow do you have to be such a ass"Amphitrite said as dezi walked over "hi"dezi said pulling at Amphitrite shirt "oh f*ck it touched me"Amphitrite yelled "i's not an it "dezi said "unless your Keke or Anthony then your an it"Amphitrite said making dezi run outside "now you can get the f*ck out"Poseidon said handing Elle who was now sleeping to me as his best friend Dennis and parthenos and her boyfriend/Dennis's son Cyprus walked in "oh damn whor* in the house"Dennis said laughing as Poseidon and I took Elle to her room"is daddy ok"she asked "yea baby I'm fine"Poseidon hugged her tightly against him.

"ok you time for bed"I said looking at Poseidon "five minutes"he asked when Ella walked in rubbing her eyes "please mommy five minutes" Elle and Elle asked "fine two minutes then bed both of you"I said sitting next to Poseidon.

"ok get in bed you two"he said laying on the laid next to him and Ella laid next to her "night night daddy"Ella yawned and fell asleep. "daddy momma bottle"Elle asked as Ellie walked in "heyy Elle"she said "hi sissy"Elle got off the bed and ran to her as Ellie checked her phone "so why aren't you asleep"I asked "dad and Anaya are still fighting"she picked Elle up "and what about you and Hudson"I asked "good actually"Ellie said tickling Elle "I'm hungry"Elle said

Poseidon's pov

"hey daddy"Rae said hugging me "hey baby"I said "daddy food"Elle said holding Ellie's hand "come over here"rae reached her hand out "Chase"Spencer called out to two people "hey Egypt and Hero" rae said "Maverick should be here soon"Egypt said "hopefully soon Corey is an ass"Talia said"what the hell happened"hero said "ask mav he knows"Talia said looking at her phone.

"do I need to text your dad"Egypt asked "her dad"Paul asked "yea her dad is my cousin"Egypt said "he's lucky I don't f*cking kill him right now"hero hugged Talia who was now crying.

"yep I'm texting him"Egypt said as her dad Jaxson walked over "nope I don't do crying"Jaxson said "you don't do anything but f*ck right"Talia and Leon said "shut up bro and what the f*ck happened to her" Jaxson asked "Corey"Talia said "ares kid"he said "yea "Egypt said "oh damn who in their right minds let you go out with him he has like five f*cking kids"Clarisse said "that's what mav said"Talia kept hugging hero.

"so is he coming or what"Talia yelled "yea mav is with him "Egypt rubbed her back "ok and India"Talia asked "yep and my mom"Egypt said as Talia saw maverick "mavie"Talia yelled and jumped on him "hey you ok"Maverick wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up "I am now that your here"Talia looked into his eyes "well in that case they're going to have fireworks you want to go with me like a date"he asked "wow right after I find out my now ex has five secret kids"Talia laughed "well at least you know I don't have any secret or known kids so do you want to go out with me again"Maverick asked "oh damn"mayim said with Teagan's two oldest baylee and Gage and my two kids Sofia and Kirk "daddy"gage's and Sofia's daughter Lucy said "yes Luce"Gage shook his head.

"up daddy"Lucy put her arms up "yea baby"he asked picking her up "is grandpa going to be here"Lucy whispered to him "yep"Gage said

Thalia's pov

"come on babe lay down"I said

Chapter 16: chapter 16

Chapter Text

i don't own pjo or hoo or toa rick Riordan does.

"Ok babe come here "Luke sat back down on the bed and pulled me close to him. "babe "I said "yea "he covered the blanket over us. "I love you "I said "yea I love you too baby "he kissed my head.

the next morning

Athena's Pov

"Momma " Elle crawled over to me." yea baby" I whispered "momma bubba Wyatt and Derek "she asked " what about Derek and Wyatt baby "I picked her up. "get here "she asked yawning as Poseidon's sons Wyatt and Derek walked in " Derek "Elle screamed and ran over to him "hi baby can I talk to momma for a second" he asked "what bout me "Elle gave Derek the puppy dog look "u can watch my phone until momma and I get done ok "he handed his phone to her "ok "Elle ran out of the room "hey how's Kiara and Cheyenne and the girls "I asked "Sheyenne and josie and them are good but Mickayla is pregnant now "he said "smooth dad real smooth "a girl said "are you really pregnant Mick "I asked "yea Jonathan was way more happy when I found out "she said

"momma "Elle ran into the room "yea girly "I asked "Aaarti and Ezra and Dante and Alayna and ate and Anina and Madison and Angelo are here "she said "race Ya "I told Derek. "you're on girl "Derek said as I ran past him "momma where Jojo "Elle asked "I'm sure she'll be here in a little bit she wouldn't forget about you "I said picking her up as my phone started ringing. "Mommy who is it who is it" Elle and Ella asked as I answered.

"Hey jo" i said.

"Hey Thena" jo answered.

"what's going on" Poseidon asked taking the phone from me.

"Oh, just going to see my mom since you know "she said, and Poseidon got up and went into the room.

"Yea has she told him about you yet even though he knows you" he said.

"Yea she told him last night, but I don't know if he put two and two together, but I need my mom and my mom needs me" jo started laughing.

"You still going to convince them to come here" Poseidon said as i walked into the room.

"Yea but my aunts and uncles need to explain all this to my mom, but my dad might accept it more easily than my mom since this is more up his alley" jo said.

"She relies on evidence and not the story and he goes with a story and not the evidence. "I said.

"Well, she is a cop, and he is a writer "Poseidon and jo said at the same time.

"How he take the news of your mom already having a kid "I asked

" My mom said that he was mad at first but then he was happy about it but his daughter Alexis and his mom weren't so happy about it stating that it should have been told to my dad before like when then first started working together but it's not like he could possibly be my biological father"jo said.

"damn girl" poseidon said

"Thena aren't you going to the dinner uncle Aiden said you were " jo asked.

"yea we'll be there why wouldn't we"I said

"I know you and my grandmother had issues when she was alive and wasn't sure if it passed on to my mom"Jo asked.

"no your grandmother just thought something very stupid and wrong and wouldn't back down from it that's why we didn't get along all the time" I said.

"ok ..." jo stopped speaking for a little while.

"jo you ok"Poseidon asked

"yea just everything with bracken and I think I found something that doesn't make any sense that might make it that my grandmother is really alive"she said.

"well you know you need to tell your mom about all that and im sure she won't be mad or upset with you just be honest with her like you always are and im guessing if he doesn't know your her daughter then she doesn't know that you call him dad" Poseidon said.

"no they don't ughh why does it have to happen to me" she sighed

"its going to be alright"i said

"well i got to go and get ready for tonight"jo said

Poseidon's pov

"Where are you at" i asked.

"Sy" Athena smacked my arm.

"what im just asking" i said.

"just leaving school so i should be at grandpa's soon"jo said.

Ok just be careful hun and finish talking to sy" athena said handing elle a blanket and took them into the room

"ok what is it that you want to know"jo said

"its actually what the three of us want to know hows your mom doing"i asked

"well i haven't really seen her but she is definitely doing a lot better especially after she got her space away from everyone so hopefully tonight goes well"she said.

"good im going to check on thena and the girls but your going to try to convince them to come to camp tonight right"i asked

"oh yea im sure my mom would immidiately say yes since she is already off for the next three or four months and my dad can write from anywhere"jo said

"ok imma get off see you in a little bit love you jo"i said

"love you too sy"she said ending the call

Jo's POV

"jo" Alexios said from the other room

"yea pappous it's me "i walked into the kitchen

"how was school hun"he said

"it was boring but we got to get ready for dinner with mom i heard alyx and thena going to be there" i hugged him

"oh its going to be an interesting dinner tonight then"he said

"yea especially when xo shows up with will"i walked to my room

"like will as in your mom's ex"he asked

"yep the same backstabbing will that left my mom and i for boston only to come back a couple years later and decided he wanted my mom"i said gtting dressed

"but don't you guys keep in touch"Alexios laughed

"yea but doesn't mean he's not a backstabber"i said

"ok ok we should go right" Alexios said as I walked out in a crop top and short shorts

"yea pappous we should"I said walking out the door waiting for him to follow so I can lock the door

20 minutes later

Kate's pov

The Loft

"oh come on dad all she does and have done is lie to you"I heard Alexis say from the bedroom

"will you f*cking stop she's literally sleeping and I would like it if she didn't get woken up by you screaming about her and you know she needs all the f*cking sleep that she can get" Rick yelled getting louder with each word making me jump back

"who knows what else she has lied about she could have a side dude"Alexis went to continue but Rick cut her off

"now Alexis stop right there"he continued to yell and i wrapped a blanket tightly around me on the bed as I started crying

"but dad it's true she could be lying about so much that we don't know about" Alexis said

"that's f*cking enough Alexis im going to wake her up so she can get ready and you can go somewhere away from her" he said tiredly walking to the room

"whatever dad" Alexis stormed upstairs as rick saw that I was awake and crying. " kate" rick asked full of concern. "rick we need to talk"i said pulling castle down on the bed

"come on can't i catch a break for once "Castle said immediately regretted saying it. "sorry I'm so sorry"i cried even harder "no no im sorry I shouldn't have said that just tell me what is on your mind babe" he pulled me against his chest.

"your probably going to hate me"i said "i could never hate you kate"he whispered against my hair "ok where to start" i said laying my head against Rick's chest and wrapping my arms tightly around his waist "start where ever you would like"he said kissing my head "i spent the last fifthteen years getting justice for someone who gave two f*cks about me" i said clenching my fist in his shirt "kate are you talking about your mom"rick asked "yep but she's pretty much wasn't my mom she didn't even want me her dad's friend was the one who raised me because they were to busy sleeping around or" i stopped and cried harder "hey or what baby or what"rick asked pushing my hair back "my dad raped two people and no one could mention it to anyone and anyone at all the only other one that knows is will and even i don't know how he knows' i said

"damn kate damn"rick held me tighter against him "i know rick stupid i know" i tried to pull away from him "no not stupid i get why u never told a lot of people about your kid and you don't need to go around your dad if you don't want to anymore"he whispered. in my ear 'it was actually my kid's decision to not want you to know especially after josh and even she never been around my dad " i said trying to keep the disgust hidden

"woah wait what about doctor motorcycle boy"rick said glaring at the wall "oh other then after i got shot he tried to screw her and my cousin and i walked into it"i laid against him as i started to calm down "so that's what lead to you breaking up" rick said "yea that was the final straw and i geuss i have to get up and dressed also sorry about alexis"i said before going to get changed

"babe don't worry about alexis she really needs a reality check and to respect my decision to be married to you and since she can't she can live somewhere else" rick wrapped/his arms around me as we heard the loft door open

"mom"jo said

"ready castle"i said grabbing his hand "yea come on"he said as i pulled him out of the room and jo jumped on rick and hugged him tight "ok i'm definitely missing something she's your kid" castle said shocked

"yea why are you shocked"i asked

"because me and him know each other he's my dad mom"jo said looking scared

"well then i definitely owe you babe"i whisphered in his ear smiling

"ewwww mom gross"jo started laughing

"there's no way that you heard what was said"i said

"no but dad's expression gave it away for damn sure you think you two can manage to keep your clothes on for dinner?"she asked

"totally can kid" Rick said as i started to feel nauseous and lightheaded.

Rick's pov

"Mom, you okay?" Jo waved her hand in front of Kate, who shook her head no. "Kate, what's wrong?" I asked, leading her to the couch. "I feel lightheaded and nauseous," Kate said as Jo grabbed the trashcan and sat next to her, starting to rub her back.

"You probably got up too fast," I said, grabbing a bottle of water and handing it to her. "Probably," she said, and then Jo started giggling.

"What's so funny, Jo?" I asked. "You sure she isn't pregnant? I mean, it has been a while since everything with Loksat and you two are having sex like crazy."

"Kate, could you be?" I looked at her as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "It's a possibility I got really lightheaded and nauseous when I was pregnant with her," Kate whispered to me.

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