Chapter 663 - Chapter 663: Blue Planet’s Master, Lin Shatian, (2024)

Chapter 663: Blue Planet’s Master, Lin Shatian,

Eavesdropping on Human Sovereign Lin

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Lin Chen quietly left his home.

At the same time, he left Dragon Sea City.

So much for the memories of his hometown.

However, Lin Chen did not leave the Sea Conqueror Province yet.

He came to the river.

Here, Lin Chen met Sussman.

He was now the ruler of the Sea Demon Kingdom.

Sussman had also prepared good wine for Lin Chen. It was said that he had obtained it from the brewing families in the Central Battlefield of Gods and Demons. This wine was called Burning Fire… From the name, it was obvious that it was very strong.

Lin Chen took a sip and smiled. “At that time, I didn’t know that you were the one who provided us with the information… But now that I think about it, you’re indeed the only one in the entire human camp who has such ability to become the strongest spy in the entire universe!”

“Hehe, Human Sovereign, aren’t you being too humble?”

Sussman smiled and said, “Actually, if you weren’t the leader of the entire human race, with your ability, I’m afraid no one could compare to you if you were a spy. Of course, the reason why 1 can do this is that I have a power that no one knows!”

“What kind of power?”

“Lin Chen asked.

“You’ll see.”

Sussman turned into his human form and asked, “Can you see my true form?”

Lin Chen looked over with rapt attention…

lie really couldn’t tell!

In the universe, many races could indeed transform into humans.

However, there were still some flaws in those transformations, or they still retained some of their original racial characteristics.

For example, after some pigs transformed into humans, their ears would become especially big, like ears.

But on Sussman’s side, there were no flaws.

Even if he used holy power to observe, he could not find Sussman’s main body.

“How did you do that?”

Lin Chen could not help but ask.

Such a method was indeed very novel.

“Haha, 1 like to study these unorthodox methods! To be honest, I can even transform into any race, and I can’t see any flaws. It’s precisely because of this that with my cultivation base, 1 can deceive those Heavenly Gods.”

Sussman took another sip of wine and continued, “Later on, I found out that my grandfather was already at the heavenly god-level, rank six, and my aunt. It’s the same… They’re all following you. It’s equivalent to saying that 1 was the only one who wasted that golden time. And now, 1 still have to rely on myself to cultivate step by step. Human Sovereign, you have to compensate me.”

Lin Chen smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll compensate you with 10,000 resplendent Holy Crystals!”

“Can 1 use that thing at rank four peak stage?” Sussman rolled his eyes.

“Ten thousand Holy Crystals then.”

Lin Chen immediately changed his words.

“Human Sovereign, be a human!”

Sussman immediately said, “Then 1’11 still choose the Bright Holy Crystal!”

“Haha… Alright, I’ll give it to you.”

Lin Chen threw a spatial ring to him.

At this moment, Sussman said, “Human Sovereign, do you want to take a look at your loyal underwater kingdom? I heard about the legend of Atlantis from the Blue Planet and found it very interesting, so… 1 recreated an underwater kingdom, but 1 haven’t thought of a name yet.”

“I won’t go. It’s good that you’re ruling the Sea Demon Tribe. At least during your reign, humans and the Sea Demon Tribe will definitely be able to coexist peacefully.”

Lin Chen rejected Sussman’s invitation.

Most importantly, he was now a Human Sovereign.

Therefore, he had to maintain some distance.

This was also for the sake of ruling.

If Lin Chen was too friendly, it would naturally be a good thing, but it would cause a loss in terms of dignity.

That would not be worth it.

When the Human Sovereign lost his prestige, then so many races under him would definitely bring disaster to the realm in the future.

Therefore, he should have a sense of distance.

At the very least, Lin Chen had come to see Sussman to give face to the sea demons.

Lin Chen still had a lot of things to do.

For example, the Immortal Spirit Kingdom…

Lin Chen also had to show up at his brother-in-law’s side.

However, Lin Chen still maintained a proper distance. lie invited his master and senior brothers and sisters to the palace of the Immortal Spirit Kingdom to express his closeness to them, but Ji Wei did not appear.

This could also be considered as a sense of distance.

It was also Lin Chen who told the Immortal Spirit Kingdom that their Eldest Princess was now the concubine of the Human Emperor.

Family love was family love.

These were not the same thing.

It was the same for the elves and angels.

And after Lin Chen made this trip, the result was…

Within a month, the Ice Nation, the Immortal Spirit Kingdom, and the six angel kingdoms had all sent their princesses to the capital of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

This was a marriage alliance!

Lin Shatian, who was still unmarried, was suddenly surrounded by a group of beauties.

On the Immortal Spirit Kingdom’s side was the current emperor’s eldest princess.

Ji Wei’s niece.

The ones from Ice Nation were the granddaughters of the three Elf Kings.

They were also princesses.

Of course, this was because Lin Chen and Mo Yi still had no children.

Mo Yi even gave a letter of credence, intending to merge the Elf Kingdom with the Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

Lin Chen did not interfere in this matter.

Lin Chen not interfering was the wisest choice.

This was because the concept of unification was deeply engraved in the bones of the people of the Blue Planet.

Hence, Lin Shatian’s wedding was very lively this time.

There were even people who suggested coronating Lin Shatian and making him the ruler of the Blue Planet.

This suggestion was actually logical.

After all, he was the ruler of the universe!

Was his son not qualified to be the ruler of the Blue Planet?

And how could Sussman miss out on such a thing?

This guy had always been there wherever there were benefits.

Hence, when Sussman heard the news, he gritted his teeth and sent his own daughter, the princess of the Sea Demon Tribe, to the Human Tribe… However, this made Lin Shatian a little nervous.

The sea demons…

Wasn’t that something strange?

Fortunately, Sussman’s wife was the newly promoted Mermaid Queen. His daughter was a mermaid. Most importantly, Sussman had taught his daughter a secret technique that allowed her to transform and be no different from humans.

Only then could Lin Shatian accept it.

“Shatian, I’m a generation older than you. Logically speaking, I’m your uncle. Do you know why? It’s because your father kidnapped my aunt. Until now, my aunt hasn’t returned to the Sea Demon Clan! So, we’re closer than ever, do you know?”

Sussman actually told Lin Shatian a lot of gossip about Lin Chen.

And so…

Lin Chen’s voice came from the void. “Sussman, if you continue to make up nonsense about me, I’ll whip you. Why? Do you want to learn from the War King and go to the depths of the universe to suppress the dark void for us humans forever?”

Sussman was dumbfounded!

Lin Chen was indeed the most shameless one!

lie had already said that he didn’t care about what happened on the Blue Planet.

In the end…

lie had actually been eavesdropping?

Chapter 663 - Chapter 663: Blue Planet’s Master, Lin Shatian, (2024)
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